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  1. Randyll Tarly is an interesting person in regards to his loyalties to the Tyrells and the Lannisters. He seems to be their loyal man but they are a old family and might have similar feelings about the tyrells being up jumped the Targaryens. He answers the call whenever they send a task to him, but he wastes no time to run back to King's Landing and take control of Margery. Is this a power play? What if Sansa had ended up in Tarlys hand or evenually does? Would he turn her over to the Queen, or the Tyrells or would he try to marry her to Dickon pending he gets both of them out of their current marriages? What are the odds that the Tarlys make a play to control the Reach or the Stormlands ?
  2. House Beaudreau

    Why would Stannis ever marry Selyse??? WHY?????

    It just seem like so many houses would have been jumping at the chance to marry into the Bartheons. Renly too, even.
  3. House Beaudreau

    Why would Stannis ever marry Selyse??? WHY?????

    this a fair assessment of the reason for marriage but there had to be other Women in the reach that were better suited. Selyse isn't even the Lord's Daughter, and the Florents didn't support Stannis anyway even with Selyse being married to him.
  4. House Beaudreau

    The Trial of Roose Bolton

    if i am defending Roose i would take a few different angles. But ill lay out what I think would be the best defense for him. I would try to argue that he so at least be restored to lord of Dreadfort. Not all of my reasons are factual but I think these points could be argued and possibly sway Reach and Dornish lords Tell the Jury that Roose learned of the Plot late, and by the time he reached the Twins Robb and the Northmen had already gained guest right and he didn't think Walder Frey would ever break guest right. During the Red Wedding, Roose realized that it was too late for the Northern cause and was offered a chance of changing his allegiance, as long as he killed Robb Stark himself. He was offered this chance because of his recent marriage to Fat Walda Roose Bolton had recently married into the Frey's and was just as betrayed by Robb Stark for marrying Jeyne Westerling. Roose hands were somewhat tied because of Vargo Hoat's decision to cut off Jamie's hand, this is why he freed Jamie, just incase the Lannister prevail he didn't want an automatic death sentence from Tywin. He also may Jamie swear to return the Stark girls to Lady Catlyn. Lastly, He must come clean about Ramsey's action's at Winterfell and what he did to Lady Hornwood. Tell the Jury that he felt Robb would blame him for his bastard son's actions and had the Northern Cause succeeded Roose may have still had his lands and titles stripped and executed or sent to the Wall. Wanting to prevent this from happening the choice to betray was hard for him but ultimate he made it for his house and the North. I think all of this would at least save Roose's life if not have him restored to Lord of the Dreadfort. The Reach Lords could probably at least understand these arguments see how they all changed sides multiple times during the War of the Five Kings, not to mention probably alining with Dany at the End.
  5. Recently, I have been wondering why would Stannis ever marry Selyse Florent??? At the time of their marriage, Stannis would have been quite a prize in all of the seven kingdoms, he was probably still Robert's heir. I don't know if Joffrey was born yet but still. You would think every high lord in westeros would have been offering up their daughters to Stannis. I have looked long and hard at the florent family tree and their is literally no reason why stannis would ever accept. Even if Selyse was a great beauty and Stannis was in love with her, Robert and John Arryn probably should have realized how important Stannis was, and married him to at least to a lord's daughter. I don't think this betrothal happened before the rebellion, or during the rebellion for that matter. WHY THEN? WHY??????? All this has lead me to believe that Stannis' marriage to Selyse was for duty and there was some sort of political reasoning behind it.... I have some pretty outlandish theories about why but ultimatly I just want to know of any reasons why Stannis would marry Selyse.
  6. House Beaudreau

    Great men and what they accomplished

    I think this question has a lot to do with the persective of the smallfolk and how the history is written down by the maesters. For example Sansa is quite fond of the tales of Florian the Fool, if such a person even existed, he surely was a battle comander of skilled at arms, however he is remember as a great hero for his deeds by singers and smallfolk. Stannis and Randyll Tarly are thought to be two of the best living military minds in Westeros, Tarly is half credited with deafing Robert at Ashford, and Stannis for burning the Iron fleet, to great battles, However they aren't particularly loved by the smallfolk and the Maesters will probably never study and write any books dedicated to their deeds. Hence their memories will die out. When it comes to Mance and Drogo regardless of what they may have accomplished in Westeros they would probably always be viewed has invading savages and never gain the love of bannermen, smallfolk, the faith, the Citadel. I see them being viewed as someone like Haren the Black, Not well loved even tho they accomplished a lot in their life time.
  7. House Beaudreau

    What will happen to Gilly Craster and Aemon Rayder-Steelsong

    I think sam was speaking here in the sense that Aemon Steelsong is actually Mance Ryder's son but will be pretending to be Gilly's babe and in a messed up kind of way Craster is the Boys grandfather (and father too) because Gilly was his daughter. Or the Mance's Mother was one of Craster's daughters stolen by a Crow which would explain why the Night's Watch would take Mance. Craster was also fathered by a Crow but wasn't taken in by the Wall? Maybe by the time Mance was born, the Nights watch knew what Craster was doing to male babies
  8. If you haven't read or listened to all TWOW preview chapters, i would highly suggest you do. They're great. But not only do at least three of the POV's happen somewhere I don't think any of us we're going to be able to guess like Mercy, The Forsaken, and Arianna. It seems like more and more as the books go along the and now especially with TWOW chapters, it seems like George is separating out the POV characters not only by region but by time as well. I'm wondering what people think, if this is just a product of how George tell this huge story with so many different characters, or some POV stories are much shorter than others or happen over much longer periods of time? or is George intentionally trying to deceive us with how he has released these preview chapters. Here are some examples about some weird things I have noticed but I might be crazy. In the Forsaken Chapter a lot of time passes from the beginning to the end. By the end of the Chapter Euron and Aeron are on there way to meet the Redwyne fleet, but this would be months probably meaning that Sam would have been at the Citadel, the Battle at Storm's End has probably already happened, and Cersei's trial probably already happened. in the Arianna chapter we get a report that a Reach host is on its way to Storm's End to meet the Golden Company in battle. Meaning, if this is true, that Cersei's and Margery's trial have already happened. In the Mercy chapter, just basing this off the dialoge and how the POV thinks and acts it seems like Mercy/Arya is much older than the last time we saw her. In the Alyanne chapter, a couple weeks have passed since we last saw here, and this isn't really anything about the timeline per say, but has Sansa not heard anything about what is happening in the North with Fake Arya? seems like she would probably care? it seems like these previews are not mean to take place right at the beginning of TWOW that there is probably a lot to happen before these chapters. Is there gonna be a big Tarantino reveal of the matching up of timeline and give us a big unexpected result or are timelines going to just continue to low down and speed up at will?
  9. House Beaudreau

    POV's You'd Like to See?

    The Blackfish i think would be a really good one, and Sweet Robin for sure, i want to know whats going on in his mind.
  10. House Beaudreau

    Euron Greyjoy and his Obsession with Mutes????

    Yeah on the surface is makes sense to cut out the tongues to cut down on the sailers gossip but how can a crew of mutes successfully sail a ship without vocal communication. Vocal commands are a big part of sailing. Also if he is cutting out there tongues why are they sticking with him? Why not just knife him while he sleeps, or throw him into the sea? The cruelty factor doesn't make sense unless he has some sort of control over them?
  11. House Beaudreau

    Strange Thing About the Twins

    The Iron Bank doesn't have to be loaning money to the Manderlys to be in White Harbor, they could be collecting debts from this lord or that lord or any of the merchants that are in White Harbor or they could have been negotiating something with Manderly and Glover to hedge their bet on Stannis, because it makes no sense whatsoever to loan Stannis money in the situation that he's in if they don't know something we don't. The Iron Bank isn't just giving money to Claimants they don't think have a chance. Stannis and Tycho don't make any arrangements or meet until the crofters village in Theon I of TWOW. Tycho had already made a deal with Jon at the Wall and then went to Deadwood Motte and made some sort of deal with Lady Glover to buy her Ironborn Hostages. And I believe he had already visited White Harbor and possible Maidenpool. All these things relating to the Iron Banks involvement in the events happening in the north seem like more than just random chance. There are things that don't make sense unless there is some sort of Northern conspiracy between Stannis, the Iron Bank, the Manderlys, the Umbers, Mance and the Glovers. the Coincidences are staking up if there is no conspiracy involving the Iron Bank and the Northern Lords The Ships the Manderlys are building are irrelevant, it only shows that the manderlys and Umbers have been in cooperation since ACOK The Umbers are definitely working some plan because they split up there forces, the young boys with Mors dug pits outside of Winterfell that the Freys fall into, but the Manderlys go out a different gate. Mors wears a Snow bear pelt as a cloak which only comes from North of the Wall meaning there is some trading with the Wildlings, and some of the northern lords refer to Mance as "the Mance" like The Little or The Norrey or The Flint, Mance seems to be trading with the northern lords. Mance only gets into winterfell because the Manderlys don't bring a singer with them, and Mors horn signals the Spear wives where to escape with Theon and Jeyne Poole. Manderly has already told Davos that they will support Stannis if he gets Rickon, but they don't really seem to care much for Arya meaning they probably know she is a fake, and Mance would know what Arya looks like. He would it at least know that jeyne poole doesn't have the Stark look. so it seem that the whole plan inside Winterfell was to rescue Theon. The Glovers release the Ironborn captives even though they hold there children at harlaw, but Robett Glover is at White Harbor with Manderlys and might know that there is already a plan in place to get Theon which would make a far better trade for his children which could be the reason his wife allows the Ironborn to go with Tycho. If Tycho was making a deal in White Harbor it would surely be in Stannis's favor considering the Iron Bank was getting ready to back Stannis. And long shot if Tycho was in Maidenpool he was probably treating with Randyll Tarly, possible unrelated to the North but could a deal have been made that if Stannis wins the North the Tarlys will change sides and support his claim. They probably don't have a lot of love for the Lannisters and with Marge in prison, Loras possibly dying on Dragonstone and Willis a cripple they might think that there time is now to become the Rulers of the Reach... like I said this is a longshot, but Tarly does race back to King's Landing and take Margery back from the Faith, either to protect her or as a hostage maybe??? And Stannis sending Justin Massey to Essos to hire sellswords even if he hears that Stannis is dead tells me that the Iron Bank gave some sort of assurance that in the event of Stannis's death they would back Shireen's claim. Really willing to do anything to get their money back from the Iron Throne.
  12. House Beaudreau

    Strange Thing About the Twins

    that's a fair point, but is the presence of only one ship more curious considering we would expect far more Braavosi ships? Just like the the single braavosi ship in Salt Pans that takes Arya to Braavos, I always thought it was odd that a single Braavosi ship was in Salt Pans, Considering how messed up the Riverlands were at the time it seems like Gulltown or somewhere else would make more sense. but maybe it's just a coincidence that the one ship Arya needed was in the closest port to her almost like they were waiting for her.
  13. House Beaudreau

    Euron Greyjoy and his Obsession with Mutes????

    Yes, but speaking directly about the mutes. We see that he has made even more mutes in Winds, and collecting holy men, Euron has mentioned hearing prayers multiple times in the story now, He speaks of knowing all the gods too. Is it possible that someone has been messing with his mind? someone like Bloodraven? or someone like Quaithe or Marwyn with a glass candle? Or is Euron on the same level as them and he has some sort of Warging/Green seeing/ telepathic dream powers of his own and cutting out tongues and hearing mute thoughts is his own kind of power system thing? and is he serving the others? is He serving the Shrouded Lords? Is he the Corsair King?
  14. House Beaudreau

    Strange Thing About the Twins

    So in no way do you think that Davos seeing a Braavosi ship in White Harbor has anything at all to do with White Harbor joining Stannis around the same time the Iron Bank is going all in on Stannis
  15. Throughout our introduction to Euron we learn that Euron's ship the Silence is crewed by Mutes, He gifted the Dusky Woman to Victarion with her tongue cut out. In the Preview Chapter in TWOW we see a newly made tongueless mute. My question is this, is this some sort of fetish for Euron or is there some darker purpose? Does he have some sort of Telepathic connection with his mutes? Meaning he could be spying on Victarion with the Dusky Woman. We see similar things in the story but they all seem to be fetish or reputation driven and no more, like Vargo Hoat and taking hands and feet, the Weeper cutting out the eyes of his foes, The Boltons and flaying, Shagga cutting off manhoods and feeding it to goats. But Euron's mutes seem to be more than for fun, mainly he is doing it to people that work for him and continue to work for him. Does it have any connection to Varys' little birds and their tongues getting cut out???