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  1. Some thoughts about Eurons "info channel options". If he wargs the Dusky woman it would have been very effective for him thanks to the fact that Vic tells her everything - even things he doesn't teell his captains, its explained in the book. But - it has been told that warging other people isn't that simple, same goes with great distance. Isn't Arya the only one we know of warging over seas? It might be that Euron Wargs the monkeys on the ship, instead of the Dusky woman? Another thing; I don't see the reason to why she reacts so negative to Moqorro, even if she would be warged. Could there be another reason?
  2. Have you discussed the reason behind the strange timing of this chapter? I mean, why did he not include the Theon chapter in ADwD if it happened before the chapter with Jons assassination? My feeling is that the Theon story is tightly linked to the upcoming battle of WF and that the reason is that it serves well as an introduction to the battle. Can there be a specific setup of the Theon execution at the islet with the weirwoods that leads to a series of events?
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