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  1. Daemos

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    It's one of the few things the last episode got right TBH. Dragons are magical creatures, so what we saw is not a stretch. Many cultures and myths have depicted Dragons as extremely intelligent.
  2. Daemos

    Will Dany Resurrect?

    Only if she comes back to succeed in killing everyone this time. Writers included.
  3. Of course she had a right. the Targs forged the Iron Throne and everything that revolved around it. It was her right to bring it all back under her family. She just didn't have THE right. Jon would need to be formally recognized as a Targ, and then formally abdicate for her to have THE right. But since everything relating to this happened behind closed doors, him saying in private that he doesn't want it is as formal an abdication as we were going to get given the circumstances. This is all irrelevant though. Once Robert took the Iron Throne by conquest from the Targs, the line was broken forever. Therefore unless you were a Baratheon, the only right anyone had to the throne after that was by Conquest or marriage into Robert's line.
  4. Jon didn't want the throne, and Dany is actually taking the throne by right of conquest. Her bloodline's claim is just PR spin. You can't steal something that people surrender to you.
  5. Daemos

    Was Sansa aiming for Jon?

    Both Bran and Sansa used Jon to further their ends at the expense of his Jon's well being and happiness. They are both monsters for it. Arya is the only living member of that family that truly cares about Jon's feelings. Dany is the only person who actually loved him. Jon is a stupid fucking idiot, so he probably deserves his fate.
  6. Spare me your amateur psychology. Everything can be a choice including death itself, and the Tarlys chose their demise over submission to their opponent. /nuffsaid
  7. And the Tarlys got their karma to deal with too is what I am saying.
  8. Abused? The Tarlys are not innocent. They had a choice. They made it. How is this any worse than Arya's mass murder?
  9. No. I cheered Dany in the books and the show knowing full well there is a Tyrant inside her. A tyrant she struggles everyday to keep in check, and succeeds. That is a realistic take on a hero. The idea that one day she was going to slip was ALWAYS in the cards and that is what made her interesting. Our complaining is about the absolute SHITASTIC way we were lead to the character's conclusion. Utter shit. It says nothing about us and everything about the writers.
  10. Yeah cuz the ending we got does not reek of Disney bullshit. Besides this is about who is the best ruler not best ending. Learn to read.
  11. Daemos

    Were you expecting something different?

    Not only is it the worst season in the show, but relative to how good the show was and could've been, it is one of the worst final seasons in Television history.
  12. Daemos

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    Those Starks have no honor!
  13. Daemos

    No one really cares about KL massacre

    Tyrion wanted Dany dead to save his own life as usual. Varys just wanted to be on the winning side as usual. And Jon is an idiot. The lies these people tell themselves and others, when their only concern has always been themselves. Dany has sacrificed everything for her cause and those she loved.
  14. Bullshit Ending for the Wolves.
  15. More or less yes. I don't think anyone has a problem with the bottomline of each character, it really comes down to execution. If there are elements in the story that I would change they would be: 1- Dany isn't mad, she's a conqueror. Her "evil" comes from a calculated deliberate place rather than insanity. 2- Jamie actually attempts to strangle Cersei moments before they both die from the collapse. 3- Cersei has a bloody miscarriage in her final hours before she dies. 4- Tyrion, Sansa and Bran are darker characters with their motivations instead of the goody two-shoes we were presented with. They are not heroes for what they did and thus should not be presented as such. 5- Arya actually tries to kill Cersei and fails because of the Red Keep collapsing. The Mountain is actually trying to defend Cersei, and Sandor is actually trying to distract the Mountain to create an opportunity for Arya. 6- Bran is actually possessed by Bloodraven.