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  1. I read this from a comment and it summarized the season pretty well: Fan-Service, the season. For me, the quality of the season has dropped harder than the stock market will this lovely day. Ever since season 5 the show has been building up to a grand finale, merging characters and having characters do things that don't make sense for their motivation, but the writers need to tick these "boxes" on their list of events, making the quality sloppy while staying mostly true to the show's themes and plots. I liked the "Hold the Door" episode and the Euron episode mostly, i'd wager the season finale was my 3rd favourite because of the cinematogrophy and soundtrack, some pretty cool shots here and there. Still, when you really sit down and think about the episode, it's just as messed up with plotholes as the previous ones: How did Cersei become Queen? She was Queen Cersei Lannister, so if it was the Lannister name than Jaime Lannister should come first, and are you really telling me after this entire season showing how much the people loved the Sparrows and the High Sparrow, there wasn't an open revolution againts the Lannisters? Unbelievable. Varys teleporting this entire episode was freaking hilarious.
  2. The theme of the episode was "might makes right" and its especially strong on the notion that "foreign might makes right" with the episode opening with Daenerys Stormborn slaughtering anyone who opposes her with her nuclear weapons, Yara asking for foreign invasion to place her as a leader in the name of Daenerys, and ends with a foreign army invading the North, so the North can have its puppet leader Sansa placed there by Petery Baelish. This is all played in a straight manner, never does the show question the motivations of Daenerys, Yara or Sansa, all these war mongerers who want to use their might to make things right, because: "we want to leave the world a better place". In the episode where Balon died, Yara questions and detests the Ironborn way but since the Kingsmoot episode she has been regressed into the same reaver she used to be, but now an outside force is telling her to set things straight. Why couldn't they just have had Yara's character progress naturally this path, why did she need Daenerys to tell her this? Did her own experiences count for nothing? Sansa and Jon are both terrible leaders, just as bad as Ramsay Bolton. How many good men died out there in the battle? Thousands, and these people are now set to rule Winterfell, no questions asked? Just horrible. I hope Jon tells Sansa that Bran is out there somewhere in the North.
  3. What an absolutely terribly put together episode, not only was the writing abysmal but it just felt disjointed. Was I watching three seperate shows? Poor politcal drama, bad comedy and just... Shaking my head, fam! 2/10 at best, points given for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's acting. I don't get why they had to make characters like Lemon Cloak into villains, they could have just had a random mercenery thug kill Hound's friends and the BWB would find these thugs first, atleast the fan theory of Hound becoming a Faith's champion was sort of confirmed now, as he might become the Lord of Light's champion.... Hound for Azor Ahai anyone? That Tyrion, Missandei and Greyworm scene was so abysmal, let's not forget Arya having super healing generation, I guess her warging abilities in the show have translated into a regeneration capabilities, what a terrible payoff to last week's cliffhanger that had fans either come up with creative answers or already know it was bad writing. Poor Blackfish, another great actor they had cast for the role gets the biggest insult out there, a off-screen death. :[ Edmure Tully's character gets ruined at the same time and yeah, how on earth did Blackfish ever control the Tully forces? Edmure Tully's political "skills" had good men surrender, noone wanted to put up a fight anymore? Even though they had supplies that lasted for 2 years? Next episode looks like a big boring battle scene, is this what Game of Thrones has been reduced to since last season? Everyone just waiting for that 9th episode, blow the budget and hope everyone likes it despite the entire season being so dull?
  4. I just wanna start my thoughts on the episode by beating a dead horse, once again: poor Stannis, he was the single character who suffered from any snow storm in this entire show. Peter Baelish can take the Vale Knights to Mole's Town or Moat Cailin without anyone knowing about this, Jon Snow and his friends can travel from Bear Island to House Glover to Stannis' ex-base without any issues and noone has heard from Ramsay Bolton or his 20 good men, poor Stannis. Now on to the episode itself, a 2nd episode i've liked this entire season! Episode 5 was the first, this was the 2nd where the good outshined the bad. Ian Mcshane really elevated this episode, that's the charm of Lovejoy and his acting ability, his talk about religion was fine but I really wish they had stolen more of Martin's dialogue. I was highly disappointed that his character and all the peasants had to be murdered, especially having them murdered by the Brotherhood without Banners!!! Why not the Freys? Why the character assination of the BWB just to motivate Sandor? Why even have people murdered to motivate him? Sandor already had a bad feeling, he could have just taken that bad feeling into consideration and tell Lovejoy that his insticts are encouraging him to make a move. It was spotty writing. Lady Mormont was cute, but once again were really seeing the warmongering Dark Sansa coming through. Let's recap: she dismissed The Vale Knights, she continously doubts and mocks Jon Snow and now is seeking Baelish' help once more and the most important thing that noone has said outloud except the fans: Why are they planning an open siege battle againts Ramsay Bolton? Theon Greyjoy took Winterfell, because he knew the castle and could sneak in. Are you telling the audience that Jon Snow doesn't know the castle as well? I mean, Ramsay has the heir of Winterfell as a captive, they need to sneak in for the sake of his life.
  5. 4/10 It was a rather boring episode.
  6. I thought this was the first good episode of the entire season, were the good overweighed the bad. Here's some random ramblings for me to share: Lady Sansa lets her emotions get the best of her, she could have added the Vale army to North's cause and perhaps the North together with Vale could have placed Boltons under submission with minimal casualties, and even with a bigger army you'd think Jon Snow with some espionage northerners could sneak into Winterfell, as Jon definitely knows Winterfell better than Ramsay. I really enjoyed Brienne calling out Davos' and Melisandre's plot this season as unexpected and you'd really have to question their logic, even the battle map scene was just silly, Davos is a smuggler and wouldn't think to suggest getting someone inside to murder Ramsay? Melisandre killed Shireen but doesn't have any shadow babies or anything to fart out? The Kingsmoot scene was a disappointment, because the show is not consistent with adapting the song of ice and fire. Okay, we got a religious/traditionalist old man who doesn't want a woman as a leader, but this same person is totally okay with Kinslaying? These are the most hardened, traditionalist and religious hardcore people out there, Christ! None even bats an eye with Euron wants to murder his niece and nephew. Also, how did Yara and Theon loose the Kingsmoot when they clearly had an entire fleet full of supporters? :S That was just baffling to me. But man, the best part about this episode? <3 Time travel baby! Song of Ice and Fire confirmed for Science fiction? I see them as the same, but this was just glorious, just think of the possibilities?! Bran whispered to Bran the Builder to create the wall? Bran made the Mad King Mad? Bran told the 1st Starks about Winter coming? The possibilities are endless and pretty much destroy prophecies and gods. I also liked to see the origin of the White Walkers, they're just pawns of the Children who want to break free from this time loop. 6/10