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  1. I want to know everyhting! But mostly I want to read about the dance of dragons and the blackfyre rebellions. I really hope we get the first book next year!
  2. DreadedNorwegian

    Endgame roles for all major characters (TV only)

    in respons to ops first post: Sansa isn`t a virgin anymore.
  3. This could be badass, and we would be able to sethe giants and cotf in their prime. It could require a lot of cgi though, and maybe they would think it to expensive.
  4. DreadedNorwegian


    Nah, but reading the World of Ice and fire books gives us a lot of clues about the Ibbenese and other humans races.
  5. DreadedNorwegian


    Yeah, it`s pretty much confirmed that they are like our Neandethals, and that in the asoiaf universe multiple races still exist.
  6. DreadedNorwegian

    Where does Danny land?

    I would assume Dragonstone. Seems like a good place to start. Though if she has taken the role of a certain dude from the books she might start somewhere else.
  7. DreadedNorwegian

    So who rules now in the 7 Kingdoms in the show?

    It`s chaos again. might be a war of the 3 kings and 3 queens or something.