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  1. Uh Jamie murdered a Targaryan and nothing happened. KL just allowed the North to become their own kingdom. Therefore, KL has no jurisdiction once that border is crossed. So, again, after the compromise was made there was nothing stopping it from NOT being enforced once Jon entered the North. And to your response that KL would respond with War is not possible. Bran king (brother). Tyrion hand (doesn't want war and actually likes Jon). Vale are all related to the North. Riverlands are all related to the North. Stormlands are under Gendry and I imagine he doesn't want to go to war. Dorne has no reason to go fight a war since they've sat out the last several. And Iron Islands are a joke at this point. So, again, there was nothing stopping that from happening. It would have been more satisfying if it were offered to Jon and it turned it down after killing Dany. Could have believed that more.
  2. ' Lol see that wasn't in the recap prior to the episode so that means it never really happened. Also, where is the logic in Jon going to the Wall after what he did? If the North is a separate kingdom and the Unsullied are leaving, why isn't John just named KotN once he gets to Winterfell. They're a separate kingdom and don't have to follow the 6 Kingdoms. The Eryie would follow them if war happened and so would the Riverlands (even though there wouldn't be one since Bran is King).
  3. King Perkis

    Tyrion's Trial Round 2

    Lol that is the question. Also, what about Drogon. Not sure how the show will get around those 3 roadblocks for Jon to be King. Or at least for Jon to kill Danny and then not want to be King. I don't see Drogon jjust switching to Jon. We have seen Drogon appear and save Dany several times throughout the show and not sure why that would stop now.
  4. King Perkis

    Tyrion's Trial Round 2

    I just see a possible trial or discussion of what to do with Tyrion being turned around on Dany. She already told Tyrion if he failed her again it would be the last. Well, you could argue he failed her even though Dany still won. So, I am guessing this final trial/discussion would involve bringing everyone relevant back to the table where Jon is outed publicly for being Targaryean and then it goes form there. If not, there has to be something else in order for the remaining relevant characters to brought together.
  5. King Perkis

    Tyrion's Trial Round 2

    I assume there is no way Dany doesn't figure out that Tyrion released Jamie, and therefore he is put on trial for treason. Anyone else? Tyrion is the only adviser remaining so nobody to talk her out of it (this excludes Greyworm b/c he obviously will go along with). That really only leaves Jon to defend Tyrion and then what? I'm assuming Vary's letters come into play at that point.
  6. For what it is worth, it was nice seeing the Lannisters lose power in the same way that they gained it. Tywin took Kings Landing through false pretenses and then sacking it. Not saying it was made clear in the show by any means, but no way what happened to her family wasn't something Dany hadn't thought of prior to this attack. Also, somewhat nice seeing the North have a chance to finally butcher the Lannisters in the same way they have been butchered throughout this entire damn show.
  7. Lol agreed. Whether through bad writing, poor choices, or her own craziness, Dany finally found a way to break the wheel. She just won't be around long enough to see that it stays that way.
  8. King Perkis

    Cache's of Wildfire

    Agreed. I thought the people moved into the keep for 2 reasons: 1) to protect from dragonfire, and/or 2) if that failed to literally kill everyone and help burn it down so there was nothing. As shown over and over again, it was clear that she only viewed the people as tools for her gain. Whether it was to get the Tyrells to give more of THEIR food to the capitol or manipulated them into believing Dany was murdering people for no reason (I'm referring to when Dany first landed) in order to stoke fear. So, I am not sure why she didn't actually place those all over the city. Also, really disappointed that Qyburn hadn't mentioned this at a minimum to her prior. I mean he was all for the prior use of it.
  9. King Perkis

    Cache's of Wildfire

    Same. when all hell was breaking loose, and if she had actually planted those, I assumed she would have mentioned that "they'll never get past the caches." Just like she kept saying that the keep would never be breached, etc.
  10. King Perkis

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Eh. Idk about them "admitting she has sacrificed more." I will agree that she brought a larger army and everyone seems to agree that they needed her to win. But it largely appears that to me that everyone sacrificed pretty evenly in terms of the Long Night. That being said, I am not sure why Dany isn't listening to the "let everyone rest" advice and simply build up her army again. She just named Genry Lord of the Stormlands to secure that. We then learn that Dorne has declared for her and yet she doesn't want to bother with them.
  11. King Perkis

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Or it could be that the North literally do not like outsiders, which has been repeated in every book written on Westeros. Has very little to do with racism.
  12. King Perkis

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    What more did she sacrifice? The episode showed everyone (North, Eryie, Wildlings, Unsullied Dothraki) losing half their forces in the fight?
  13. King Perkis

    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    That was my thinking in terms of having someone besides Jon kill the NK. But D&D obviously thought there plan was better.
  14. King Perkis

    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    Eh. That was more LF's doing to please Sansa than the Vale doing so to save the North.
  15. King Perkis

    Dothraki and Unsullied

    Statement was more a joke but the plan (a table showing positions and putting Bran in the Godswood with 20 Ironborn to protect him) was also a joke.