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  1. Prince Jon

    The Last of the Disappointments?

    Excellent post overall but this part really matched my disappointment with how the show has changed. GOT used to have pacing. Events/characters evolved naturally according to the 'logic' of the GOT story. It was beautiful how we would be totally surprised about something but then, upon reflection, realize how the surprise made sense. This effect is long gone. I am enjoying this last season. Still not the same....
  2. Prince Jon

    "There is only One Thing We Say to Death"

    Yes, good point. I guess I keep hoping there is a tie into Syrio but dead seems to be dead in his case.
  3. Prince Jon

    What was Bran doing the whole time?

  4. Prince Jon

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    Bad battle strategy. Unbelievable survival of some of the main characters. But my rating is a 10/10. This is a fantasy TV show that has to wrap up two major conflicts in a few episodes. You want realism, join the masses watching Avengers.
  5. Prince Jon

    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    Crazy stupid battle plan from so many fronts. But let's face it, the core of the strategy from Ep 2 was basically to just hope the NK left himself exposed and to somehow pick him off.
  6. This is the question that Syrio posed and answered to Arya at their last lesson. How does Melisandre know to quote this back to Arya? I get all the prophecy stuff of Mel seeing the future in the flames. But this would have been the past by the time Mel/Arya met. Not Today!
  7. Prince Jon

    So Now We Know...

    Agreed. Everyone who was 'pure' evil or good seems to have been killed off. We are left with a bunch of characters who are stuck somewhere in the middle of the morality scale.
  8. Still a good question. I lean that he cannot see the future but realize that there is some limited precedent in the greenseeing visions.
  9. Prince Jon

    Tyrion talks

    Tyrion needs to show us something soon. As this episode reminded us, he has made a series of bad calls. Hopefully, something from his Bran talk will trigger an old school Tyrion masterstroke.
  10. Prince Jon

    What kind of weapon will Gendry make for Arya?

    My guess is that it is something to kill the Ice Dragon with.