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  1. TheSerb

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    It's obvious that they don't give a shit anymore. No matter what they do, it's still gonna be a huge success and they're still gonna rake in piles of money, so why even bother, let's just rush and half-ass everything and get it over with already.
  2. TheSerb

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave with Impunity

    Wait, the super secret way to cure this supposedly uncurable disease is to just scrub it off with a trowel and apply ointment?
  3. TheSerb

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    Euron Motherfucking Greyjoy
  4. TheSerb

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    Obviously in the next episode, or the one after, Arya is gonna get attacked by someone and will almost get killed, but Nymeria will come to the rescue. Also, why was she such a distant bitch to Hot Pie? Last episode, she was all warm and cheerful with Ed Lannisteeran, now she sees an old friend and treats him like he has dogshit on his face. The Grey Worm/Missandei sex scene was probably the fillerest filler in the whole show. But at least we saw the actress naked. The timing of the Dany/Varys scene was awkward, but I understand that they wanted to do it, yet couldn't find a place in S6 to squeeze it in. But they should haveiat least had Varys wait for her in Westeros instead of travelling with her then.
  5. TheSerb

    Jon Stark or Snow?

    Well he's still a bastard, only now he's a bastard in charge. Considering that he's currently fighting a war to save the world from evil, I don't think Jon is too preoccupied with whether he's actually Snow or Stark now. There are more pressing matters. Besides, it's a thing of habit I guess. He's lived 20 years as Jon Snow, I imagine it's a bit hard to just suddenly switch names. I mean, he's not transitioning genders or anything.
  6. TheSerb

    Definitive List of Plot Holes [SPOILERS]

    Why is the Gendry thing a plot hole? The reason we don't see him again after the rowing scene is simply because he's not important to the plot right now, so why waste time explaining where he is and what he's doing. He's somewhere, doing something, if he's even alive.
  7. So the Hound looks into a fire for 10 seconds and already he's spewing out prophecies like a red priest?
  8. Am I the only one to eyeroll and cringe every time Lyanna Mormont speaks? I mean, my God, I'm already a bit annoyed by the constant need for witty sarcastic comebacks and punchlines in every second scene, but what is the point of this character, other than to be an Internet meme?
  9. TheSerb

    [Spoilers] EP701

    I think it's just that there are no more book/show differences to complain about.
  10. When Roose betrayed Robb and made a deal with Tywin, he was named Warden of the North and the North was returned to the rule of the Iron Throne. After Tywin is killed, Roose makes a deal with Littlefinger and marries Ramsay and Sansa, therefore rebelling against the Iron Throne. My question is, why did he continue to bear the title of Warden and not crown himself King in the North? You could say that Roose didn't want to piss off other houses in the North even further, but Ramsay just didn't give a fuck about such things anyway, so when he killed Roose, why did he continue being Warden even though his ties to the crown were severed?
  11. Anyone notice the slight retcon in the Tyrion/Theon conversation that I was annoyed by, honestly? When Tyrion remembered his conversation with Theon all the way back in S1 at Winterfell, the show made it appear like Theon had been a total asshole to him then and laughed at him, and Tyrion was now smirking at him for it and getting a bit of payback. However if you look back at that very conversation, it's precisely the other way around: Theon addresses him with only a slight tone of mockery, and then Tyrion completely destroys him verbally, makes fun of him for being a ward, makes fun of his family and then humiliates him by tossing a coin at his feet to buy him hookers.
  12. Yeah I noticed that too. When King's Landing was able to learn news from all over the world, it was due to the omniscient Varys and his little birds. But what I hated is how news from the Wall and beyond also travelled to the rest of Westeros, despite the fact that it was almost completely isolated: no-one ever went up there (those who did stayed) and no-one from Night's Watch or the wildlings ever rode down south, except for the recruitors. I remember when Tywin knew back in Season 3 about Mance Rayder and his plan to attack the Wall and even contemplated sending someone to talk to him even though he had no actual fucking way of knowing any of that considering there wasn't any connection through which such information could travel.
  13. TheSerb

    [Spoilers] EP609

    LF is not a warrior and he's a manipulator who's definitely not stupid enough to go into battle himself and risk losing everything he's obtained. Lord Royce could have been, but I don't see him as a particular soldier either. Sweetrobin...lol. I won't even make a comment on that. As for Sansa keeping it all a secret, it's simply more entertaining for it to be a Big Damn Heroes moment.
  14. 10/10. Fucking awesome. And that's what matters. Yeah yeah, the battle isn't tactically well done, blah blah. It's not a freakin documentary on historical battles. RIP Rickon and Wun Wun