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  1. I am hoping the Starks and the Lannisters will completely destroy themselves. That should open the way for a smoother restoration of Targaryen rule.
  2. Brandon was tortured. Aerys might not think of doing that but his advisers would have. Brandon talked. There was no reason to send for Robert and Ned if their families had not engaged in conspiracy. Brandon's squire was spared. So we know the executions were not done indiscriminately.
  3. Bran will see what happened to his brothers after they failed to do their jobs. He will have no excuse if he should choose to leave that cave.
  4. Call it a guilty pleasure for some. It's not forgiving to enjoy the death of anybody even if it was necessary. An execution should only be considered after the guilt has first been established. Then precedents have to be considered, like were others who were similarly guilty also executed? The taking of lives is taken lightly in Westeros. It's even worse in Essos.
  5. Awesome connection between the Maiden and the sun. Quaithe may know where to get more dragon eggs. She wants Dany to hatch them. That is what Dany will find in the east.
  6. 1) Marwyn will perform desperate necromancy on Victarion. Vic is important to Dany's cause. They need him to lead the Ironborn. 2) Quaithe is Farman. She will show Dany another way to Westeros. 3) Sansa will not make it out of the Eyrie alive. Feet first is how she will leave the Eyrie. 4) It will be the white walkers who resurrects Jon into a wight. Jon will become a wight. He will never be human again. 5) Jon Connington will spread greyscale and the people will persecute him. 6) Darkstar is a bastard of King Aerys. He will make a public claim and put himself in Aegon's crosshairs. 7) Barristan will win the battle for the city of Meereen. Victarion, Jorah, Brown Ben, and Tyrion will help. 8) Arya will further descend into madness when she hears of Jon's execution. She won't care about his crimes but only about getting what she thinks is revenge. 9) Stannis will start losing the battle and call for Shireen. 10) Dany will find her two wing men in Jorah and Daario. Rhaegal and Viserion will have their riders at the end of the book. Dany on Drogon, Jorah on Viserion, and Daario on Rheagal. I really want Missandei to ride a dragon but I don't think she will.
  7. This list of yours looks like a wish list on your part. Not mine. Definitely not mine. but perhaps yours.
  8. I like your reasoning. It's a good alternative to my own theory.
  9. Was Patchface a victim of necromancy? I looked at suspected instances of necromancy for clues. Khal Drogo The khal was supposedly at death's door when Mirri Maz Duur tried to save him. He came back in a state of coma. An infected chest wound will kill but not necessarily result in a coma. A simpler explanation is the lack of oxygen. Easy enough to accomplish even for an old woman. She cured his fever and she suffocated him to put him in a coma. A paralyzing drug is another possibility. Terrifying thought to think his brain was good when Daenerys had to kill him out of mercy. Mirri wanted to get even. Can you think of anything more nasty to do to someone? But, what if Drogo actually died and Mirri brought him back to life? She knew what the results would be but did it to spite Daenerys? Drogo was just a victim of necromancy. Beric Beric died from combat trauma. He was revived by fire. His brain is not right though. Death causes permanent damage. Necromancy can't bring back the person as they were. Weymar Died from combat traume and was revived by the Others. Ice magic. He got wighted. Stoneheart Died from a serious knife injury to the neck. Spent time in the water. Revived by fire magic. Her brain is not right. Her last human thoughts were anger, hate, and revenge. Patchface is generally not taken seriously. Shireen finds him funny. Pyke assumed him simple. Mel considers him dangerous. Does this remind you of this scene in the House of the Undying? Patchface died. He drowned and was revived through necromancy. His brain, like Drogo's, Beric's, and Cat's has permanent damage. That would make him easier to control. Whoever revived him are using him like the Others control Weymar. The naked woman is Mel getting assaulted by the rat men. She can already feel the threat but do not quite understand where it will come from. The necromancer is the hidden enemy.
  10. Stoneheart is what happens to those who are consumed by the thoughts of revenge. She is what Arya is becoming and will become. They are both grotesque. Aegon Frey and the old insurance man are collateral damage to their madness. Martin wants to show how obscene revenge is.
  11. George Martin carefully introduced us to the rules of skinchanging. He also gave us examples of direwolves dining on decaying wights. That should give us clues as to how the Starks will survive the long night. There will be no working farms; therefore, no crops to harvest. There will be no game to hunt. The Children even tell us, the Direwolves will last longer than man. The Starks will die but continue living as a pack of Direwolves dining on the wights. There won't be any going back to human but they will at the least survive.
  12. Bran will be the next seer. He will have a place and a role for the future. No, I don't think he will be fathering any children but he will be alive at the end. Somebody has to take Bloodraven's place on that tree. Bran seems the only one with the ability. Rickon has not done anything to deserve punishment. Manderly is already plotting to place his butt in Winterfell. He is the one who will have the highest probability of inheriting the family castle. I cannot say the same for Jon, Sansa, and Arya. Punishment is called for in Jon's case and Bowen Marsh delivered.
  13. He's not Sansa's type. She goes for the meaner boys. Joffrey and Harry. Their like.
  14. Some of the Starks will die. Hopefully Sansa and Jon will die. The Starks won't all die though. Rickon and Bran will survive to carry the blood line. The time remaining may allow some of them to have children before they pass. Sansa can get pregnant right now. Jon is no stranger to breaking rules. Bran has the hots for Meera, if only his junk is working.
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