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  1. You could make that argument but you will also need to accept that any commander would have executed Mance Rayder for past mutiny, desertion, attacking the wall, etc. You can't justify killing Slynt unless you also kill Mance. That was gross misconduct on Jon's part. He allowed his personal feelings to determine the sentence of two men who were under his command. I don't blame Bowen Marsh for attacking Jon. Jon deserved it.
  2. Tormund should be smart enough to let Jon's death go. There are other more important things to do. The wildlings and the watch should make peace and work together to protect the wall from the others.
  3. Dany's lightbringer will be the three dragons and the glass candles. Drogo was her Nissa nissa. Viserys and Rhaego were not enough to resurrect the dragons. It took the third sacrifice to create her lightbringer.
  4. Viserys needed a disciplinarian from a young age. Daenerys has the intelligence to do what she needs to do. All she needed was a protector. Which she found in Ser Jorah.
  5. Arya can't tell what justice is because she is already crazy. Sandor and Juaqen made her worse.
  6. He was the king and could write the law. The dance happened because Hightower wanted his family DNA on the throne.
  7. So Lord Tarly was not the first person to do this kind of thing. Different method of encouragement but the principle is the same.
  8. Gilly will be one of the voices begging Queen Daenerys to go west. It won't necessarily be Gilly thinking of the larger picture of what's good for the world but because she wants to be with her baby. I can totally see that happening.
  9. This is standard for a woman of high birth. She is expected to put family ahead of the welfare of the peasants and plot to avenge her family. It isn't right but this is a tale of otherwise normal people making really bad, really selfish decisions which lead to a lot of collateral damage. It is not ethical and does more damage to Westeros. But there are people who aren't even zombies who would do what Stoneheart does. Cersei doesn't need to be zombified to do horrible things for revenge. Arya still has a pulse and warm blood when she murdered those men in Braavos.
  10. I don't think she has. She is like Sansa in some ways. Arianne is a braver and bolder version of Sansa. She will commit Dorne to Griff and manipulate him into heading to war with the Lannisters. A war which I do not believe they have a chance of winning.
  11. I am hoping the Starks and the Lannisters will completely destroy themselves. That should open the way for a smoother restoration of Targaryen rule.
  12. Brandon was tortured. Aerys might not think of doing that but his advisers would have. Brandon talked. There was no reason to send for Robert and Ned if their families had not engaged in conspiracy. Brandon's squire was spared. So we know the executions were not done indiscriminately.
  13. Bran will see what happened to his brothers after they failed to do their jobs. He will have no excuse if he should choose to leave that cave.
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