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  1. 867-5309

    Gregor vs. Ghost

    Greatjon is 7 feet. Gregor is 8 feet. Robb disrespected guest rights. The man arrived at his invitation.
  2. Jon would have slept with Jeyne if he had wanted to. Oaths and vows have never prevented Jon from doing what he truly wanted to do. He lacked the character and the discipline to do the job he was elected to do. Robb was broken from the beginning. He was going to war and it didn't matter that his father had already confessed. That is irresponsible to drag thousands of innocents to kill other innocents for the benefit of one man who already confessed to a crime.
  3. 867-5309

    Book characters lookalikes

    Daenerys - looks like a 20 year old Helen Slater. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000644/mediaindex?ref_=nm_phs_md_sm Jon - extreme version of Nick Sowell. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2119811/mediaviewer/rm2009305600 Tyrion - young Billy Barty. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000863/mediaviewer/rm2153879552
  4. That is her choice. She can choose to die quietly. But no. She is locked into revenge mode. Cat, Arya, and Jon will be locked into revenge mode which will turn them into something grotesque.
  5. 867-5309

    Game: You are Littlefinger, what do you do?

    Just because he took advantage of Sansa sexually does not make him a weak man. He knows how far he can get away with. He has her number. She is a tool for him to use, nothing more.
  6. 867-5309

    What should Robert had done with Reach

    What should the Reach have done with Robert? Bumped his ass from the Targaryen throne.
  7. 867-5309

    Why couldn't Robb send a team to retrieve Sansa?

    The Starks do not have a Barristan Selmy who can enter a castle and retrieve his king. Besides, Sansa and Arya are nowhere near as valuable as King Aerys was. They were just children of a noble who is in rebellion.
  8. 867-5309

    What now?

    GRRM is very possessive of his story. I can see him choosing to let the story go unfinished rather than allowing another writer to finish the series from his notes.
  9. 867-5309

    An Evil Name

  10. 867-5309

    Gender relations in Westeros

    That is all about to change.
  11. 867-5309

    Aegon VI as a ruler

  12. 867-5309

    How did Rhaegar get his reputation as a warrior?

    Mystery Knight had an example of Uthor running his scam. Can anyone prove it was Rhaegar who won those tournaments? Who was under that helmet?
  13. 867-5309

    Tactical Overview: Golden Company

    The Tyrells are fighting in familiar terrain. Would they be so silly as to not take that into account?
  14. 867-5309


    Catelyn's are the interesting chapters of the Starks. I much prefer hers to Jon's and Arya's boring chapters. Action is not the selling points of a Catelyn chapter. It may not be everyone's cup of tea.
  15. 867-5309

    Why Does Darkstar Matter?

    Look at Ice and Fire as a collection of many individual stories. They each have their own protagonists and antagonists. The Iron Born have Asha vs. Euron. Dorne then has Doran vs. the war party. The war party are the Sand Snakes and Darkstar. He is the antagonists to Doran and peace. The Arianne mission will lead to an alliance between the Martells and Young Griff. Darkstar and the Sand Snakes will be their opposition.