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  1. 867-5309

    Ned wasn’t a true Stark

    The old Kings of Winter were of the aggressive and savage persuasion. That's how the Starks conquered the north and got rid of their rivals. They fought and then slaughtered the Warg king's family, killed all of the boys, and took his daughters for their own use. Taking daughters of the vanquished is what they do and it is not any different from what the Boltons did with fake Arya. The OP is mostly correct, Imo. Where I disagree, being more savage would not have helped the Starks in the south. A savage may attack The Twins instead of making that deal with Walder. That savage would have lost the rebellion right then because the lions would come in behind to finish them off. I am also of the opinion that all of these families have savages in their ranks. What the Lannisters did to the Reynes, that is savage as well. What may separate the Starks is their willingness to get their hands dirty. The Lannisters will order the deed and the Starks will do the deed. Though Jaime is an exception because he has no qualms with doing his own violence. My reply to the op is this, the long night is coming, the comforts of government and rule of law will end, and those who can do their own dirty work, from hunting and dressing their own game, to defending themselves, will have the advantage. Tywin, Cersei, Walder, sansa, and Mace better have people with them who can hunt, dress game, fight, and defend them. Their clean ways works when the social system is intact. Savage to me doesn't necessarily mean better or worse. It's just being unpolished and uncouth. It doesn't mean more or less violent. Clean doesn't mean better and less violent, it just means more removed from doing the actual work and having someone else do it for you.
  2. 867-5309

    What would Robb do if Ned took the Black?

    Robb will have no choice but to accept the decision. Ned will take the black and live at the wall for his remaining years with his bastard son. He becomes LC if he lives long enough after Mormont. Robb will have to withdraw his troops and go back home. He will renege on his oath to Walder Frey, both for himself and for Arya. It's something he didn't want to do and would have found a way to break his oath. The Lannisters will get their boys back and Sansa goes back home. Two fathers, Karstark and Frey, will be pissed at the Starks. The situation is better at the wall and in Winterfell. Hell in King's Landing because Joffrey remains in power. Stannis and Renly will continue to go at it. Balon will stay home and nurse his bitterness. Theon remains a hostage of the wolves.
  3. 867-5309

    Greywater Watch

    Yes, this could be the answer. Floating shacks and hovels made of reeds.
  4. 867-5309

    Greywater Watch

    George recycles names and this one came from one of his short stories, the men of greywater station. I doubt the Freys and the Reeds even remember what started the dispute. It looks to be an old disagreement.
  5. 867-5309

    House Targaryen, the First Family of ASOIAF

    Not necessarily. The Dothraki are the major force in Essos. All she need do is take control of the khalasars and most of Essos will be hers. The Dothraki + The Unsullied + Former Slaves Training to Be Soldiers + Three Dragons = Power. The new capital will have to be built elsewhere but it can be done.
  6. 867-5309

    Dragons, missing, sleeping or prolonged life?

    The lifespan of a dragon out in the wild is unknown and its best to leave it at that until we have more information. Maybe Martin wanted to tease his readers with the possibility of the Cannibal still living. Waking dragons from stone already happened when Dany hatched her petrified dragon eggs.
  7. A good portion of TWOIAF is devoted to the Targaryens. GM's upcoming book is about the history of the Targaryens. The main character of the current time period in the story is Daenerys Targaryen. House Targaryen is the only member of the ruling class to survive the Doom of Valyria. They are my favorite family. The timely dream from Daenys and a father having faith in his daughter saved the family from doom. I don't know if we will see a New Valyria but it is something I want to happen. Dany will have control of a good portion of Essos if she can win over the Dothraki. Volantis is practically hers for the taking. A New Valyria built on a foundation of freedom instead of slavery. I would like to see that happen. Dany ruling in the East. Aegon/Griff ruling in the West.
  8. 867-5309

    Daenerys Targaryen's Power Plays

    Vogarro's Widow is the old woman's nickname. The slaves outnumber their masters. The leader of the church, Benerro, supports Dany. Volantis is as good as Dany's.
  9. 867-5309

    Fatherhood: Jon Arryn and Randyll Tarly

    Easily. Walder Frey. Ser Stevron was a fine man of courage and honor who valued his family.
  10. 867-5309

    Daenerys, Quaithe, and Asshai

    Magic vs. Science. We are seeing this war playing out in Westeros. Essos seems to accept magic just fine. Mellissandre won her confrontation with the maester. Magic is on the rise again. It is possible Bloodraven is corrupted and chose to hide himself from Aemon. A part man-part tree has a right to distrust a maester. Necromancy. Dany was thinking of bringing back Drogo's mind when she thought of powers so old they predate Asshai. Necromancy is a good guess. This is one method to keep the city peopled even when they have no children. What happened to the population is a great mystery. Maybe fertility was sacrificed for longevity. The inhabitants gave up the ability to have children in exchange for long lives and the secret to necromancy. The population will go down because people can move away, necromancy is not completely successful, and war. Quaithe is most like Mellissandre. She can only see a little of the future. It's like looking through a small keyhole. Dany handled her advise properly. She was warned to distrust Quentyn and yet she didn't overreact and treat him like an enemy. She was cautious but she still gave him a chance at friendship and alliance. Dany handled Quaithe's advice better than Jon handled Mellissandre's advice. Let's see how well Stannis handles Mellissandre. It's normal for Quaithe to take an interest in someone who hatched three dragon eggs without a dragon. The birth of Dany's dragons is not how dragon eggs normally hatched. Dany practically incubated those eggs herself. She really is the Mother of Dragons. If there is any truth to Bran's vision of dragons in Asshai, perhaps Quaithe has eggs that she wants hatched.
  11. 867-5309

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    You can't get Jon out of this. He has no excuse. Mance Rayder is working for Jon. Jon supplied him with who he needed for the mission. Jon is responsible because if it were not for his orders, Mance Rayder would not be in Winterfell to start with. Mance Rayder couldn't leave the wall without Jon's leave. Dolorous Edd didn't decide on his own to bring the women to Mance. It was all Jon's doing.
  12. 867-5309

    Failure Analysis: Ned and Robb

    Ned suffers from the same tunnel vision as Tywin and Doran. They don't really know their own children. A father close to his daughter would know Sansa can't be trusted with this kind of secret. I don't blame Edmure for taking the fight to the Lannisters. It is his call to make unless specific instructions were given. It was risky to send detailed instructions but Robb should have done it anyway.
  13. 867-5309

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    Jon sent Mance on his mission. As mission commander, Jon takes responsibility for his operatives. Mance would not have rescued fake Arya if Jon had not ordered it. As a matter of fact, that was his reason for being there.
  14. 867-5309

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    The wildlings murdered Roose Bolton's serving people. Mance and his spearwives definitely violated guest rights.