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  1. 867-5309

    Worldbuilding Question: North Animal Husbandry

    The horses used by some of the smaller lords are more suited to winter. They are smaller and more sure-footed. So yes, they have an advantage in those conditions. On the other hand, they will not pull a plow as well as a southern draft horse.
  2. The story will end before that question is answered. It's beyond the time frame of the story. The title of the last book is the clue.
  3. 867-5309

    The North does not need the Other Regions

    If we are talking about the typical winter. The north has managed to survive in the past. It's a mean life though. What's coming is something they cannot survive on their own. A long period of winter will result in starvation. They either pack up and become beggars in the South or they import food from Essos. But they don't have the coin to purchase food from Essos. The north will have to hope for charity. And they won't get that unless they change their attitude.
  4. 867-5309

    The North does not need the Other Regions

    They won't make it past the trident. They are the armies of ice and they will get burned at the trident. They are basically the armies that supported the usurper and now turned to wights by the Others.
  5. 867-5309

    Armored Giants

    The mammoth and the giants will get turned to wights. Only Wundar is in the south and he will die from a case of too many arrows in the chest.
  6. The Baratheons dragged the kingdom into the dark ages. They ruined it all.
  7. 867-5309

    Why Drogon?

    Custom decrees that the khaleesi must ride a mount worthy of her place beside the khal. Daenerys graduated from horses to dragons. She promoted herself. The entire world will be her khalasar and she must ride a dragon worthy of her status. She no longer has the need to ride under the shadow of a khal.
  8. 867-5309

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    Hero. Protagonist. There is only one character in the books who fill those shoes: Daenerys Targaryen. All the others who had potential failed. They failed because they can't conquer their own hearts and gave in.
  9. 867-5309

    TWoW & aDoS - writers

  10. 867-5309

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Winterfell will fall to the white walkers. Otherwise there is no threat to the rest of the kingdom. Winterfell has to fall because it's in their path. The logical way to deal with an infested castle is to burn it down.
  11. I don't think Lady Stoneheart is an important enough character to end the 6th book with her pov. The last chapter will be the formation of the Dothraki khalasars into one.
  12. 867-5309

    Wake Dragons From Stone = Sword in the Stone

    Jon is still a bastard even if he is the son of Rhaegar. Rhaegar was already married, with children. His marriage was consummated. His claim will never be as strong as Daenerys' claim. He looks like a Stark. She looks like the perfect Targaryen. She can and has already hatched dragon eggs. Jon betrayed the Night's Watch. I don't think anybody outside of the Starks would support Jon.
  13. The direwolves are supposed to outlast men and the children during winter. The Starks will die. Their spirits will continue to live in their direwolves but they too will eventually die. Perhaps the direwolves will die right before the arrival of spring.
  14. 867-5309

    Varys' Genitals

    Magic happened that night but was it due to Varys and his balls. I don't think we will ever know. Lady Larra Rogare is my best guess for his ancestor.