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  1. Killing the nk half way season 8 disappointing as hell. I would have love to watch Dany trying to prove Jon was not legitimate but view him as her brother’s son. Then more proof shows up. And more proof.
  2. Jaime was pardoned and continued to be kingsguard. Jon could have been pardon after taking the black and returned to Winterfell and serve Sansa as a queensguard member(?). He would have given up his claims.
  3. I like your ending. A House of Lords would be good. The king and small council would answer to them. I would have the writers explain why the NW exist and have the Lord Commander of the NW in the small council or report to the House of Lords.
  4. I thought the Lannister parents were cousins. Tyrion killed his father/cousin.
  5. You can have an election or make Gendry the heir.
  6. Dany on the throne after she freed the Kings landing without burning it down. Jon abdicates and takes the oath of the queensguard. He serves his queen for the rest of his life. Doesn’t have children and the Targ name dies because Dany doesn’t have children. Dany frees the north and Sansa rules the north. Bran stays North and is on Sansa’s council. Arya goes on her adventure but returns and takes her place as a princess of the north. Arya has a bastard with some random lord who isn’t Gendry. And he is legitimized as Eddard Stark, the next king in the north.
  7. Rhaegar has been a scumbag since they showed the wedding with Lyanna. I know for Jon this is great but his birth father had another family and left them to die. And Uncle Ned had to pick up the slack.
  8. True. He could have stopped after she wasn't raped and I will tell you the story if we survive. But he is Jon.
  9. She didnt take the hint. He didnt want to talk to her. She was in his business. Dude wanted to sulk in peace.
  10. Jon seems to know it all now. He fully accepts Bran’s powers. Or he’s just happy he’s not a bastard.
  11. Jon is no longer invited to the Stark Family reunions and had to return Ghost to the Starks.
  12. As his cousin Bran should have been in the room when Jon was told. I just viewed it Bran being slightly disconnected from his family and pursuing his own agenda to fight the Night King.
  13. It looks like Sam is trying undermine Daenerys by trying to make his BFF king.
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