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  1. Greetings, everyone! I've been a rather solitary fan (started with show, got into books and here I am); I was at Balticon and met some of the Brotherhood who said I should come along--and so after some lurking and shyness, here I am. It's a pleasure. thank you. I have fibromyalgia which can be painful, isolating and lonely. I do stuff when I can and travel as much as I can. I do photography (I run a doll photography series on IG), all kinds of art, read, love to travel when I can and love tattoos (I have one Lannister arm piece (design is my photo) and one Lannister chest piece in progress done by the amazing Aaily Rose in Vancouver as well as other pieces). I'm dividing my time between the Washington DC, USA area and Vancouver, BC, Canada because of the things I do for love:) I love fan art, lowbrow art and pop culture, drag, performance, costumes and sparkly things as well as food on sticks. I'm hoping to enjoy some time with other fans and hope to add something good to the mixture as well. Thank you for having me. Jessie LM
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