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    And you've never made a prediction that didn't come true? You should play the lottery
  2. Rory Snow


    It's just a little foreshadowing, not an essay in the New England Journal of Medicine. Doesn't take an OB/GYN to question the motives of a vengeful witch.
  3. Rory Snow


    Jon questioning the source of that information is tho'.
  4. So they were guilty of what? Complacency? Last I checked complacency isn't a capital offense. Plus, given that the Iron Throne had essentially become a prop in a game of musical chairs over the previous handful of years and that Cersei herself was a certifiable tyrant as evidenced by blowing up the Sept of Baelor, who can blame the commoners if their course of action was to simply wait it out? History told them somebody would be coming after Cersei sooner or later and sure enough their complacency was rewarded when Dany obliged. Whether we like the writing or not, or even if we hated the arc Dany ended up with, the fact is, that with the story we got, Dany's actions after the bells rung are indefensible. I think Jon did the right thing just as Jaime did the right thing with the Mad King 15ish years prior.
  5. Rory Snow

    Jon and Val

    Love of who or what tho? Please pardon me if I confuse the books & show (been a while since i read them) but seems to me his problems came not from love but from disagreeing on the nature of his duty. He argued that protecting the 'realms of men' included the Wildlings, that the true enemy was the Others. It didn't appear to be driven by love of any one individual that I recall.
  6. Perceive as bad? She killed most of King's Landing AFTER they surrendered!! 500,000 or so innocent people, women, children & elderly died unnecessarily. Considering that much of Westeros was appalled at Walder Frey for ignoring guest right at the Red Wedding, one would imagine that Dany killing half a million surrendering people would be perceived as a war crime of the Nth degree. It wouldn't seem likely that they'd want her on the Iron Throne just because she might do better next time.
  7. Rory Snow

    A season of Jons betrayal

    I found it amusing that Jon kind of ended up where Jaime began. Jaime's story begins with him becoming the "Kingslayer" by killing the Mad King, Jon's story ends with him becoming the Queenslayer and under somewhat comparable circumstances.
  8. Rory Snow

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    The first thought would be that the Dothraki would kill Jon immediately. But this is the Dothraki, they're a strange group. Not entirely sure how the Dothraki handle succession but since Jon killed the Khaleesi, wouldn't he then become the new Khal? And wouldn't Dany's blood riders have to kill themselves upon her death? Again, not super sure how all that works. Aside from all that, It seemed like D&D really had no idea what to do with the Dothraki once they got to Westeros. Other than attacking the wagon train from Highgarden they were little more than mounted extras.
  9. Rory Snow

    Two Questions about this Episode

    Exactly. When Bran is north of the Wall living under the tree he learns the back story of the Night King. The entire story is very singular, they seem to have created one Night King only. Also Bloodraven and what's left of the Children never even hint that there is more than one. As far as the show is concerned it seems clear, the Children created the Night King, and he created his army.
  10. Rory Snow

    Two Questions about this Episode

    Jon was heading North with Tormund and the Free Folk. He didn't look to be taking any vows. As for the aliens, alot of the Southern lords prob'ly still don't believe the Walkers were real. Bran claims to know the origin of the whole thing and is satisfied killing the Night Kind ended the problem. Bran is all knowing now, if he's not concerned there's no reason for the rest of Westeros to be. We know the Night King was only a show construct, but even so, as the show played out the NK was the key. He's gone, there is no other. The books may play differently, but in the show, the Walkers are eradicated.
  11. Rory Snow

    Two Questions about this Episode

    Didn't really notice the Night's Watch gear, I just thought they were Northmen. Not sure it matters much tho'. Jon wasn't about to take any vows, he was going North with Tormund and the Free Folk and if the looks he was getting from the Wildling women was any indication he wasn't gonna swear off the ladies anytime soon either. There's nothing left for the Night's Watch to even do. The Free Folk are allies, the Others are dead. Sending Jon to Castle Black was just to appease Grey Worm and little else.
  12. Rory Snow

    Two Questions about this Episode

    good point... i stand corrected
  13. Rory Snow

    Two Questions about this Episode

    1. The North HAS BEEN independent for several years since Robb Stark was crowned King In The North. They never went back after that and the ruling Lannisters have considered them rebels and traitors ever since. This bit between Sansa & Bran is just the crown finally recognizing the North as a separate entity. 2. It wasn't explicitly expressed but I don't think there is a Night's Watch anymore. The Free Folk were occupying Castle Black for a time but they didn't plan to stay long term. "Banishing" Jon to the Wall is just a way to satisfy Grey Worm without penalizing Jon too badly for doing what needed doing. As someone else already mentioned, once the Unsullied sail for Narth, there's nothing to stop Bran from issuing Jon a full pardon.
  14. I certainly hope you're right. My prediction that he won't finish the series is definitely one I would be happy to get wrong.
  15. Rory Snow

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I too think the show has earned some legitimate criticism which is why I come here and comment here. But I try to also have a degree of realistic understanding. Game of Thrones is a massive undertaking, something that expansive is going to have ups and downs, good stuff and bad. Not many viewers are going to like every moment of every episode. Coming to forums like this to discuss our likes and dislikes can be informative and entertaining which is why we do it. But what I'm not going to do is stomp my feet, hold my breath and go on a hunger strike until the writers do things the way that "Rory Snow" thinks they should be done. I accept that not every bit is going to suit my personal tastes. It's their show, it's their story. I can watch it or I can watch something else. I don't tell McDonalds how to flip their burgers either, if I don't like them I just go to a different restaurant. Do fans have "the right" to file a petition? Sure they do. But once again they have to accept the good with the bad. The good is by filing a petition they get heard and people like us give them the attention they crave, the bad is they have to act like petulant children screaming "I want, I want" in order to be heard. Maybe it isn't an act, maybe they actually have such a sense of entitlement that they expect the world to cater to them, in which case I doubt this is their 1st petition or their last.