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  1. The first thought would be that the Dothraki would kill Jon immediately. But this is the Dothraki, they're a strange group. Not entirely sure how the Dothraki handle succession but since Jon killed the Khaleesi, wouldn't he then become the new Khal? And wouldn't Dany's blood riders have to kill themselves upon her death? Again, not super sure how all that works. Aside from all that, It seemed like D&D really had no idea what to do with the Dothraki once they got to Westeros. Other than attacking the wagon train from Highgarden they were little more than mounted extras.
  2. I certainly hope you're right. My prediction that he won't finish the series is definitely one I would be happy to get wrong.
  3. I too think the show has earned some legitimate criticism which is why I come here and comment here. But I try to also have a degree of realistic understanding. Game of Thrones is a massive undertaking, something that expansive is going to have ups and downs, good stuff and bad. Not many viewers are going to like every moment of every episode. Coming to forums like this to discuss our likes and dislikes can be informative and entertaining which is why we do it. But what I'm not going to do is stomp my feet, hold my breath and go on a hunger strike until the writers do things the way that "Rory Snow" thinks they should be done. I accept that not every bit is going to suit my personal tastes. It's their show, it's their story. I can watch it or I can watch something else. I don't tell McDonalds how to flip their burgers either, if I don't like them I just go to a different restaurant. Do fans have "the right" to file a petition? Sure they do. But once again they have to accept the good with the bad. The good is by filing a petition they get heard and people like us give them the attention they crave, the bad is they have to act like petulant children screaming "I want, I want" in order to be heard. Maybe it isn't an act, maybe they actually have such a sense of entitlement that they expect the world to cater to them, in which case I doubt this is their 1st petition or their last.
  4. Frankly I think a petition is just whiney. Which is fine to a degree, as fans we can whine if we want, that's what a board like this is built on. But a petition? Eh. If it bothers people that bad, just don't watch. If folks insist on watching then how bad can it be... come in here, piss and moan a little and be done with it. But a petition insisting on a re-do? Just sounds like a bunch of petulant children stamping their feet and crying that they didn't get their way. It's not surprising tho', there seems to be a lot of that in society recently.
  5. I'm not confident GRRM will even be there for the ending. Reportedly the 6th book is mostly finished so I suppose we'll get that eventually, but that will be it from Martin. He seems to have lost interest in the story. If ASOIAF ever gets finished, my guess is there will be a new author for book 7 much in the same way another writer finished Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series after Jordan died. I'm not predicting GRRM will die mind you, it just seems his desire to finish this tale has perished. A decade without a book speaks volumes.
  6. Not to be nitpicky, but didn't there seem to be entirely too many Unsullied still alive in KL after Winterfell?
  7. Am i the only one that hated Gray Worm in this episode?
  8. There is no Night's Watch... what would they watch for? Jon is a free man
  9. Yup, i got the feeling there was something nefarious happening with the food as well. The way the little girl was so paranoid made it seem that way. As for the rings, someone else mentioned the ring was his seal for sealing the wax on messages. Leaving the ring behind would be a way for people to verify the messages came from him later, which seemed pretty plausible to me.
  10. Originally I asked... Just a few little nagging thoughts i had about Varys.. why did Varys take off his rings when he got 'arrested'? Was there some significance to the rings? Who was he writing to? Does he have yet another co-conspiritor? Except the letter was detailing Jon's origin and existence. That information came to Varys indirectly from Sansa so they'd be no reason to write it if the note was going to her. There has to be someone else.
  11. Just a few little nagging thoughts i had about Varys.. why did Varys take off his rings when he got 'arrested'? Was there some significance to the rings? Who was he writing to? Does he have yet another co-conspiritor?
  12. Was gonna start a new topic then decided this question prob'ly isn't topic worthy... So what happens to the Glovers now that they refused to honor the call to arms from Winterfell? Wouldn't imagine there's enough time to show anything regarding them but I would have thought it was worthy of at least a post battle mention.
  13. Dany needs the ships tho' so burning them all wouldn't really serve the greater purpose. One would think decimating one ship and it's crew with dragon fire would settle the rest down a bit
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