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  1. Spoilering this because, well, it's incredibly offensive and some people may just not wanna read it just like that, but: what context could possibly be added to this that would make it not horribly transphobic? (per this Variety article)
  2. I made a post about Gervais' position on trans people and dude responded to it with 'you can claim to be an animal if you want'. He's defended it by saying it was reductio ad absurdium - which isn't a defense at all because making being trans out to be absurd is exactly the problem. Especially when you try to imply inhumanity. I'm not sure what other interpretation there's even supposed to be.
  3. It's that long standing misunderstanding by conservatives, isn't it: the freedom to say what you want does not mean the freedom to say what you want on whatever platform you want to without being called a cunt.
  4. That is... not at all analogous to what happened here and pretending it is is some disingenuous bullshit.
  5. So pricky Ricky has released a new transphobia special, because for some fucking reason, standup comedy is the frontline of this particular battle of the culture war. It's proper baffling that someone whose self-identity is so about being a free-thinking atheist is willing to throw in with the conservative pricks behind this campaign but... At least he's being called out for it. I learned of this one today: it's too angry to be properly funny to be honest but it's still satisfying to hear.
  6. Turns out there were multiple 'good guys with guns' on the scene before he ever got into the school, but he did and murdered children anyway. Won't stop the arseholes claiming they should just arm more, though. .
  7. That'd risk people thinking Justin Lin made it
  8. I can't see any reason to think otherwise. ATK's original premise was that it must be before coz Wong grabbed them to, I assume, defend Kamar-Taj - but that just means he left before the mid-credits scene, because we know Wong got them to discuss the rings and then go do karaoke. Despite its breadth the MCU isn't complicated- there's no reason to believe the films and shows are set in anything other than release order except if it's explicitly a flashback film or Loki time-travelling all over the shop. Hell, the fact that they changed Dr Strange to account for his being in No Way Home when the order was originally the other way says that Marvel themselves are pretty keen to just keep it simple in that way.
  9. I had high hopes for this given I mostly rate the Russos and the two leads is a dream pairing, but the trailer isn't great. I dunno, maybe it'd pop more if it hadn't hit a day after that Mission Impossible trailer, but just seems a bit flat. Still hopefully it's just a meh trailer and the film works out.
  10. It's sad to see people in here saying that Ukraine's got to give something up they don't wanna just because they personally are uncomfortable with the idea of other people fighting for their ideals/homes/lives. There's being a pacifist and there's being a bootlicker, and the latter is not a position it's plausible to respect.
  11. It has kind of amused me for a while that the first Mission Impossible was a kinda Bourne-before-Bourne 'more realistic' counter to what Bond was doing at the time then as Bond itself followed Bourne down the 'grounded' track MI took its space of unashamed daftness.
  12. If it's an engineered weapon of war it's a really fucking shit one so far.
  13. I plan to see Gaslit largely because of this https://twitter.com/davidclewis/status/1514314705011200006
  14. It's currently comfirmed in just under 200 cases in the world. The number is likely a bit higher than that because most of the nations with cases confirmed only really started finding and confirming them so there'll likely be a few not yet confirmed and other nations that haven't found their outbreak yet, but at the moment it's still such a tiny number that while it should be of concern to people whose job it is to deal with these things because a new disease suddenly showing community transmission in places it has not before has to be dealt with, the actual chance of it affecting me or anyone I know right now is so low that I'm not gonna start worrying till it does look like maybe it's broken attempts to control it. So no, I'm reading the news with a little extra attention but I'm not scared.
  15. Balotelli just wiping out whole family lines.
  16. Dock 'em points. I mean, they won't, but...
  17. Steve Gerrard Gerrard He brought on Nakamba He let in Gundongan Steve Gerrard Gerrard
  18. While true, Liverpool might have won the league in 09 at least if Captain Wow had been less selfish and gloryhoggy. He won a few draws out of games they could have won and narrow wins they could have dominated if he hadn't been hell-bent on being the main character all the time.
  19. We're all going on a conference league tour
  20. Yes. In response to you saying there's nothing stopping them just pulling out. Clearly that is stopping them. Obviously something needs to be done about FIFA but asking a good portion of the worlds national organising bodies to just sacrifice themselves for the cause is not just unrealistic but a completely unviable way to try to solve the problems FIFA represent and are a symptom of. If you did that the game would only get more commercial and centralised. It'd probably lead to the formation of not just a club but a national team super league.
  21. Sure, but 'it would be too expensive so let's not do anything' is not at all what Mormont said, so that response in reply to him pointing out that most national associations can't just stop working with them like EA did does have the implication that it doesn't really matter if they fold.
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