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  1. Bam Rodriguez beat up Srisaket Sor Rungvisai last night. That kid is so good at boxing already. There's some question over how much SSR had left with how long he was out coming into this, but even with that, it was such a good performance. I mean look at this shit just for a taster
  2. But also I can't think of a situation where 'ahistoric' wouldn't get its own indefinite article in a situation where 'historic' would. ie 'an ahistoric' is easily distinguishable from 'a historic'.
  3. They, particularly Sterling, are squad rotation players because City can afford a stupid squad, and that very wealth also means letting them go for free isn't a big hit for them so they're comfortable demanding a good price now. In any case both, especially Sterling, are pretty definitely starter quality for any other team
  4. I notice you've started framing things I've never said in quotes to make my argument seem weaker: Fuck it, I'm going to watch Paprika.
  5. It's quite literally the whole premise of what a kick is. Unless you're suggesting that waking up from that feeling of falling is voluntary. I was so excited for Inception that I gathered a massive group of people to go see it for my birthday and when I only quite liked it the first time I saw it again a couple days later to see if a rewatch would up it in my estimations. So it definitely wasn't that.
  6. To be fair, I didn't say I found it confusing. I said it set rules and then broke them. You can disagree with whether that matters since it was still understandable- my main problem with the film was I thought the pacing in the third act got a bit wonky, not this stuff, there's a reason why I named Tenet when I was reaching for an actually nonsensical film in my first post- but if it's been hashed out that any of the stuff I mentioned was justified beyond 'meh, we need it this way for the action to work' I haven't seen it.
  7. Well, since I'm whining justifiably, I guess we're good. Interstellar is kind of a mess in many ways, but I do like that one. And the 'no time for caution' scene is so good it makes up for a lot. TDKR frustrated me because it isn't far from being a really good movie, and has a lot of really good individual scenes and moments, but it made some choices at the end that really just got on my tits. Tenet is the only really bad one he's made, though.
  8. He's really high profile and does things that gripe me. It's not that surprising he comes up now and again when I'm talking about SF or superheroes.
  9. At the risk of incurring the wrath of DMC, and running a bit from memory and summaries: Why does it annoy you so much that I don't like all of Nolan's films?
  10. I mean it's definitely fair to say that at times the film just goes 'fuck it it's funnier/cooler this way' but it never does it in a way that derails the premise or is confusing to follow. It's not like - to shit on Nolan again- Inception which set up a whole bunch of very rigid, very specific rules and then broke basically all of them in the finale.
  11. On Everything, Everywhere: it's definitely a movie with a specific enough tone to it that I don't blame people for not vibing with it, but I don't understand complaints about incomprehensibility or nonsense. Like sure, it's nonsense in the sense that there's no real science and its rules are completely about what they need for the plot or want for the show, but as far as narrative goes, everything follows on quite nicely. It was one of the things both me and my brother noticed as we left the cinema- for all the noise and weirdness, the actual story is surprisingly simple and elegant beneath the show. It's not Tenet, is what I'm saying.
  12. Blaming past Labour governments for things that they've caused is one thing but blaming a hypothetical future one for something literally happening now?
  13. Neither of them are antagonists. The antagonist is the opposing force to the protagonist, which they both are. No rule says the protagonist has to be nice, or even good. Glotka is a bit more complicated I suppose coz he does occasionally conflict with the other PoVs, but I'd say all of their actual antagonists are other people.
  14. I do not understand our apparent desire to get Christian Eriksen. His best two positions are where are two best players are, and even as a depth signing it barely makes sense because no10 is covered not just by Bruno but, presumably under Ten Hag, Van de Beek, and while we could use a bit more cover on the left, our two most hyped academy players both play there so you'd have thought other positions would take priority.
  15. Was saying with my brother, Sainz is that kind of driver who's steady and consistent, but lacks the precision in the really tight moments sometimes. Leclerc is so much fun when he's in the pack.
  16. I started Neon White, a new indie game which is very much the sort of thing that happens when developers remember that games are fun. It's a first-person card-based-shooting-platforming-speedrunner which I don't think gets across the sheer joyfullness of the play. I've only just started and I doubt I'll be good at this, but it's a totally loopy delight so far.
  17. I'm sorry to hear that you've gone insane, mcbigski.
  18. Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. What a great fucking movie. I guess 2022 is just the time for films that are completely unapologetically about being fun and awesome. I can't believe I've seen this, Top Gun Maverick, and RRR within like a month of each other.
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