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  1. Thesilea Greyjoy

    Why did they have to fight at the ToJ?

    Yes, you're right, following Darry flight was to late. But why would that matter if Rhaella was pregnant? Viserys was there. I not sure if a second son of the king comes in line after the son of the dead first son of the king or first, i couldn't found an example in WoIaF. But after Aegon died, i think the message about the sack of KL reached the ToJ somehow, Viserys was king anyway. But they only fought not trying anything else, fighting to death should be their last choice. Ned and his few men were probably the best opportunity to negotiate, if they wouldn't agree they could still fight. Ned was related to that baby, he wouldn't just kill it. He was her sister, especially when she can tell him that it was not rape. Arthur and Ned could have a nice talk about sisters and what a brother would do for them. Ser Gerold said : They had to flee anyway after Lyanna was dead with or without fighting Ned. There were no one left on Targaryen side but Martell(more or less) and Dragonstone, making a deal with Ned was their best chance, they would be more usefull to Rhargars heir alive, raising him like Young Griff was and even have a confidant in the inner circel of the new king. but why Toj in the first place they know Lyanna was pregnant for at least 7 month (if she didn't check it at first). why a lonely tower in nowhere, not a best place to get a baby or get help. The rebellion had a chance to win. So have a worst case plan, get to DS or Martell but not only 3 guys with a pregnant girl in nowhere. That whole story is fishy: Why were there 3 KG? and no one else? Why at this place? Why fight? Why fight out side and not entrench themself in the tower? How did Ned find it? How did they win? How did they bring down a tower? I would be surprised when in the end most things went differently than we think know.
  2. Thesilea Greyjoy

    Why did they have to fight at the ToJ?

    But if they had remained loyal to Aerys shouldn't they had fled to DS to keep Viserys save or at least see what happend to him. When he and Dany fled to Esoss they could have followed without trying to get in DS. IMO what they did, staying at the ToJ meant they were loyal to Rheagar and his idea of the 3 headed Drageon/Ptwp and leaving Aerys and his heir. after Aerys death Viserys was their king, they had to protect him. They acted totaly against what I think a KG should have done, they acted like dying fighting was their biggest goal, but shouldn't it be saving the life of who every they wanted to protect, even that meant diplomacy, fleeing or bending knees. What was their plan anyway, if they defeated Ned? I am sure there were more insiders to Rheagars plan. Where they would raise the baby? with or without Lyanna? had they proof for the babys father like a Targaryen ring or a sword, when Rheagar left he wouldn't know if the baby would look like a Targaryen? What was Rheagars plan? did he thing only because he could show the world a baby with Lyanna the Starks, Baratheons and Arrys would change their mind and stop the rebellion? or was he so convinced of him self that he never doubted he wouldn't kill/defeat Robert and Ned? I think to know why the KG fight at tToJ, we need to know was their plan was.
  3. Thesilea Greyjoy

    Why did they have to fight at the ToJ?

    Yes, I know that and I don't believe Arthur is still alive. I referred to Pikachu101 idea that Arthur told Ned and what IMO the consequences would have been. But there is one thing that makes me wonder if we really can trust Ned thoughts in that, one part of it was a dream under the impact of drugs, what is not always a 100% copie of the reality, and in the other he thought, quot: "...After that he remembered nothing. They had found him still holding her body, silent with grief..." (AGOT, Eddard I) So... Who are They? Reed and...? It could be someone boring like a random maester or a wet nurse. It would be very stuipd and irresponsible if there wasn't one or both. I don't think the KG know how to support birthing and taking care of a newborn. But where is that person now? I don't think we can trust GRRM statments fully. Would he lie if this is part of the big mystery and he doesn't want to point a finger on it? I would. And there is still the question how two men can bring down an entire tower...
  4. Thesilea Greyjoy

    Why did they have to fight at the ToJ?

    Why would Arthur Dayne tell him that? Especially when he didn't plan to surrender to Ned and fought him to death. This would support the theory that he is still alive and then all we know about what happend at ToJ is false. I also suspect Varys, who told him but don't know what he got out of that other than Neds and Roberts trust.
  5. Thesilea Greyjoy

    Why didn't Tywin re-marry

    I think because Joanna was his one true love. It's said she could even make him laugh and that they had a happy marriage. Perhaps Martin wanted to give Tywin one little good quality, that even Tywin Lannister was not total evil and unlikeable, and not as bad as Bolton and Frey. There are enough young Lannister left to be his heir. It was more important for him to honour Joanna than his heir being directly from his blood line.