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  1. This what I mean by content and writing. And dont be embarassed at all please. You are only relating what you see. When viewed all together, and in the context of Jon's parentage, it's not quite subtle is it? Which is why all the subterfuge is necessary. Why the use of subtext over express text. Because otherwise it would all be less exciting overall.
  2. Articles started coming out in season 6, after Jon and Sansa reunited and most of their scenes seemed to have romantic undertone. Regardless of whether or not there is "chemistry", which is entirely subjective, the writing seems to point in this direction. When season 6 ended, they played up the look exchanged between Littlefinger and Sansa saying that she would steal Jon's kingship under Littlefingers tutelage. Instead Sansa had Littlefinger killed. Jon gave up his kingship all on his own. Following season 7, they played up Sansa's "undermining" Jon, saying that she wants the North for herself. I firmly believe that season 8 will continue to show Sansa as being in full support of Jon. The parentage reveal will change little in that regard. When she finds out he is the heir to the Iron Throne, she will make sure his ass sits on it. They keep deflecting from the true source of tension and want us to be blindsided by what actually happens. D&D are all about the moments. And they are very clearly working towards a big moment with Jon and Sansa. And again, I'm not talking chemistry here, I'm talking content and writing.
  3. It's happening before our eyes people. Jon and Sansa didn't so much as look at each other this episode - but Jon took Sansa's side in the Great Hall with regard to Jamie. They stood side by side around the war table. I wonder what he told her when she asked him if he knelt for love or for the North.
  4. This. Yes, I feel this too. She found out this situation isn't the worst case scenario. She laughed, actually laughed when Dany said "Who manipulated whom?" She was the stand-out character for me this episode. By far.
  5. Sansa and Dany's conversation brought me major Margeary and Cersei vibes. It was not a friendly conversation, despite all their twittering and hand-holding. The vibe they ended with is the true vibe. Sansa manipulating Dany almost the whole conversation. Notice how she subtly got Dany to admit that she came North to fight "Jon's war" alongside him and that she will never let the North be independent. ding ding ding - Aside from that, can we please discuss how beautiful Theon and Sansa's scenes were? I wish we got some Stark sibling scenes, but I guess it's a good sign. If they don't get a goodbye that's probably because they all survive the battle. Sansa was brilliant throughout this episode and I just loved her. Her fashion, her words, the way she carried herself.
  6. Didnt GRRM say love and sex are one the main motivators of human behaviour? And that his one criticism of lord of the rings is that hobbits are made to seem almost sexless? A Song of Ice and Fire is an epic fantasy series. Epic means everything, including romance. Hell, the hero of the story was born of a forbidden romance.
  7. Claiming that there is no sexual tensiom because you don't perceive it is problematic because if you don't want too see it you won't. There is a reason Jon's father is Rheagar and not Ned. There is a reason Jon and Sansa took back Winterfell together. And there is a reason why someone who knows how to keep her mouth shut (Sansa) finds herself unable to around Dany. Subtext.
  8. @Kajjo Those were my impressions. You have a different perspective. Everything is happening at the same time after all. But can you honestly tell me Sansa and Dany aren't being set up as romantic rivals in light of Jon's true parentage? Even if Jon and Dany end up married and in blissfull love for thousands of years to come, I see what I see, and that is a love triangle. The layers you mentioned just make it that much richer.
  9. It is really so surprising to me that people are so in denial about Jon and Dany. Jon himself keeps speaking from a script in his head and I loved how his scene with Sansa laid that truth bare to us. It's a script, it won't stand the survive the trials that are looming ahead. But now Jon knows the truth. How will be feel once he knows that his and Dany's relationship is doomed? How will he feel once he knows Sansa is not his sister? The parentage reveal is also important because it will knock him of his set course momentarily. Jon will be taken aback and the script he's been following ever so loyally, will be lost in the chaos that Sam's words creates in Jon's head. I think his heart will take over and it will be fantastic. maybe.
  10. Yes, Jon and Sansa have a very high likelihood of marrying. This episode does nothing to convince me otherwise, and everything to encourage this line of thinking. The dividing lines are too strong. Jon's feelings are hidden, and his motives clearly on display. He didn't kneel for love, he did it because he had to. And that fact is so vividly clear. Note the following: Jon, Sansa and Dany are framed and treated like a full on love triangle this whole episode. From the scene in the Great Hall, with Jon in the middle and both his women on either side to Sansa and Dany issuing each other threats and glares. It's all in the subtext. His ally and his sister. His convenient lover and his forbidden love. Jon rides a dragon and doesn't once smile or whoop with joy, but rather rides Rheagal with great hesitance. Yes, it was played comically, but why not have him slowly like it instead? I mean if he and Dany are supposed to run off and have a baby in the woods somewhere, shouldn't he love all her children? Instead he looks terrified the whole time and lands first. He then keeps one eye-open on Drogon (who salivates at Jon like he can't wait to torch him and chew him) while making out with Dany. Jon and Sansa's scene involved Jon walking in and taking off his gloves - I'm given to believing this type of late night chat happens all the time given the ease with which they slip into it. They are so easy with one another, I can't help but compare this ease with the unease Jon shows around Dany. I can't help but notice how weak his argument is - "She will make a good Queen". And Sansa's face, like "really, bro? Her?" She takes a deep breath to calm herself, because why even respond to that inane bullshit. We're left with a question - which Jon doesn't answer for the audience. Why hide his answer? We know how Dany feels. We don't know how Jon feels. And that is key. They let Kit's face say it all. Jon doesn't feel what he wants to feel. He doesn't believe the things he's saying to Sansa. While Davos contemplates a marriage between Jon and Dany, we are told alongside his proposal that they are old men who don't know anything. They do not know. This is key. They don't know that Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, and also "nothing lasts". While I hate being told things, we were told expressly that Sansa is smart in this episode. She is smart not to trust Cersei and she is smart to not trust Dany. How? She asked what dragons eat, and later on we get a scene where we're told how the dragons are devouring livestock with winter upon them, and Dany is concerned about the dragons not hardly eating. I contemplated it was because of their grief, but no, it's because they don't like the cold. Like daaamnn. Dragons = trouble. Dany = insane Targ. God flipped a coin. Dany got the bad side, and Jon the good. 50/50. Her values are so so far from Jon's values. I won't mention Dany's heartless chat with Sam. Sams' chat with Jon however was gold. Jon knelt for his people. Dany would not, if required. Jon is the rightful heir. Dany is not. They are rivals. Lovers now, but not for long. There will be children, and their will be King Jon. But his wife will be a woman who received a long first period scene, not the woman who was told she could no longer have children. Arya chooses Sansa over Jon. She makes her loyalties clear. Why include the first scene when Jon doesn't notice Arya? Because for Arya, Jon is the Jon the Jon she left behind. He's changed, and he is no longer her brother. It's an awkward space they are going to live in emotionally until Jon abandons Dany. Why? Dany is the wrong choice. There are other elements to why Arya chooses the words she choose, but I can't but feel that she senses the tension between Jon and Sansa - the dismissive way Jon spoke about Sansa, like they were still kids. This was Arya's way of telling Jon to snap the f* out of it. This is for real, bro! All of the above draws battle lines between Sansa and Dany. The triangle is so in your face the entire episode that it's funny how hard people work at explaining it away. Even the promo had Sansa and Dany charging at one another Jon consumed with the war. That is his priority. He did not kneel out of love, not even remotely. Hope, maybe. But not love. and that makes all the difference.
  11. Lady Ren

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    There is no separation of monarchy and court system if the "judges" are the monarchs siblings and emmisaries. Jon and Dany are present by proxy if alive. I dont see Dany agreeing to any system of checks and balances. Jon himself accused Sansa of "undermining" him when she wanted to punish Bolton bannermen. The wars in Westetos happened because it is time for the dawn of a new era. I agree. I dont see how Dany waging war on Cersei is her breaking the wheel though. Even after seeing the Wight she refused helping jon until cersei agreed to a truce. Thats excelent "for the common man" ruling. Not. She is a god in her own eyes. Not sure how that works in the favour of her followers.
  12. Lady Ren

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Thats why i think the betrayal is to the Starks. Starks --> Dany. I am sticking to the belief that this meeting takes place in 8x04. 8x06 is too late for Tyrion's execution. This also lines up with the legit spoilers about Jamie possibly dying in 8x04. There is a skirmish causing death for which Tyrion is held responsible, maybe. Otherwise I can't come up with a logical reason as to why Dany and Jon arent there. The show has not forshadowed Jons second death. Thr opposite, Jon is not allowed to die. Thorne at his execution - "you will be fighting their battles for years to come". Maybe I got that wrong?
  13. Lady Ren

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Maybe this is when Jon is with Cersei? Could this take place in the midpoint of the season rather than the end? And Dany could be with her people. Greyworm and Missendei arent there right? Nor Varys? This scene is turning into another Stark judge jury and executioner scene (Sansa Bran and Arya). Thats the only explanation i can come up with. Either Jon and Dany are dead or their allegiance splits. The former is possible, but crappy. Do we know that it is 8x06. Could be 8x04 or the like. I.e.: Jons parentage reveal, moves are made, people get sentenced, dust settles and then we have the "end".
  14. Lady Ren

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Cersei payed for the golden company. And if Im not mistaken, Sansas head was a priority. She tried to get Sansa to KL by invitation too.
  15. Lady Ren

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I agree. He is helping family, Jamie. Cersei benefits by association. Its not just about Dany and Cersei. The Starks are alive and kicking.