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  1. The deaths of expendable characters like those you described are, ultimately, unimportant. However, the deaths of ancillary characters like the Blackfish with meaning in the story are completely necessary and very important. This is why book readers get pissed, because unsullied show watchers overlook important points like these.
  2. This is why I think Blackfish will take over for LSH, becoming... Blackheart I think this was Jaqen's plan all along, and he used the Waif (whom he knew was not FM material) as a necessary casualty and gift for the many-faced God to instruct and educate Arya in becoming someone who could successfully carry out the assassinations of the names on her list. The books have already developed the plot much better than the trainwreck of terrible writing that has happened on the show (especially Dorne and Braavos).
  3. Glad the Waif is dead, she was beyond insufferable. Love the Jaqen approval at the end too. Arya going back to Westeros after learning the ways of the FM, the names on the list are in trouble...
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