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  1. I give this one a solid 10/10 grade, cause it was awesome! This is one of the best pieces of TV I`ve watched recently, it was damn good. I know that there were without a shadow of a doubt some plot holes, but the atmosphere was quite realistic for an upcomming battle - we saw some great deal of strategy discussions, Jon being worried about the outcome of the battle, Sansa being...a cunt as usual, dumb ass as fock, Mel being all weird and kissin Rhlor`s butt as always. There was a good quantity of TV drama in this episode. Fisrt I wanna praise the decisioon of D&D to stop the lock-out of Danny, cause know she finally has no option than to come to Westeros and take her place as the rightful heir of the Realm and sit on the Iron throne and rule as she has been ment to be. I was disgusted by the attraction she and Yara showed both for each other, but I can live with that. Theon seems very humble still, but there is hope for him. I think he and Tyrion are gonna make one pair of good ol buddies once the Imp gets the info that Theon doesn`t have a cock device, in other words - that his snake has been atrociously cut off. We all know that Tyrion has a special place in his heart for cripples, bastards and broken things. The dragons were great and I really enjoyed the scene. They burned those assholes to the ground and Danny starts to look more and more lioke a mad version of a Targaryen. I like it. The BoB was pretty damn good. It had drama. I expected Rickon to get killed but they made his dead on-screen and it actually meant smth, which I can not say for Bkackfish, even though he deserved it. Jon for a moment I thought was dead, so there was some suspense, I think. The end of Ramsay was dellicious. I enjoyed his fall. Great episode.
  2. The Lord of Crows

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    Well, folks, this one sure wasn`t the best episode so far this season, but it was decent. It had some nice moments. I didn`t like the fact that The Blackfish was killed off backstage, so to say, without getting a proper heroic goodbye. He was a nice fella and deserved a cute death scene. The chat between Brienne and Jaime, the whole interraction between these two was awesome, The dialogue wasn`t great as hell, but id did the most important thing - showed us that they both have mutual respect towardas one another, but still support their proper cause. Brienne is loyal as fuck to Sansa while Jaime wants to bang Cersei and that`s his aim in life \sadly this great character has been diminished to these desired mainly in the TV-series/. Tyrion scene with Turco Nudo and the black whore back in Mereen was terrible. I like the dwarf so much, but still can`t stand this pointless secne. Danny arrived form outa nowhere but I enjoyed that. The Hound gets too much air-time, I wanna see UnGregor destroy that little puppyq save is GRRM. In King`s Landing the story gets even more interesting from my point of view. The boy-king must die soon. I didn`t expect that twist with the ban of trial by combat and it`s a nice idea. But I should say that Tommen is very annoying. On the other side Margaery`s titts are perfect and she deserves a better and bigger cock to fill her. I wanna see Tyrion bang her brains out. On a more serious note, the best part of episode 8 was the Arya arc. As a big fan of her I am happy enough that she is still among the living and is now probably goin in the direction of Sansa the stupid twat and her bastard brother Jon fockin snow. Arya killed the Waif and you can`t teach that. It was nice that we saw Jaquen was content with Arya Stark not being no one, but becoming Arya Stark once again, this time ready to fock all the bad guys.
  3. The Lord of Crows

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    Well, folks, I give this episode a 6. It wasn`t the best by far, I think it had the slowest pace by far, but it was decent, cause it had some good character development. The only thing that bothered me was too much Sandor The Hound out of nowhere. Don`t get me wrong - i do not deslike him` but to be true - he also isn`t one of my favourites. I guess whoever he was it would`ve been awkward as this one, to show him at last, after a long hiatis, and just show some carnage after he has finally find a place to live happy. The BwB did smth that just makes me angry - this isn`t the BwB I know from the book - they ain`t angels of heroes` but they also ain`t villains like those. I enjoyed the return of Theonq the Prince \or a shadow of him at least|, but the scene with Yara was too much drinking and no story telling at all. I expected to hear from Theon smth about being tortured by Ramsay, only to be interrupted by the Lesbian princess who would make him remember who he was /...no one from the begining - the only surviving son of the king who bend the knee after a rebellion which was an utter joke/. But now we have a part of good ol` Theon Greyjoy back again and this is better than Reek for sure. Also I think his character is gonna be much more likeable in comparison with the guy with the cock, cause back in the day he was so damn annoying. No Sam - i wanted a brief scene with him. I liked the Arya scene - i expected some tricky move by the Waif but it was nicely done. Now we are seating on the edge of our seats - this isn`t the books, anything can happen.