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  1. In Catelyn I there's a "conversation" between Catelyn and her father. In his delirium, he mumbles on about someone named Tansy. I'd like to think this person is/was important. Why else would that be on his mind during the final stages of his life? Does it hint that perhaps Catelyn and/or Lisa aren't true born? It'd be kind of ironic if Catelyn learned after all this time she was a bastard like Jon. She has a pretty big role in the books so it makes me wonder if there's more to this paragraph.
  2. Lady Noble

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    I could not get through this book! I actually asked Audible to refund my credit I found it so bad.
  3. LOl. This killed me. I was waiting for the next scene to be Brienne in KL or very close to it.
  4. I bought his run, lol. I got the impression they were waiting for over a day.
  5. Lady Noble

    Did Tyrion have feelings for Sansa?

    Just finished (re)reading this chapter. I think he just wants to save her. Kind of like the Hound, but I don't think he actually loves/loved her. In comparison to him, she's weak. She doesn't have any family, money, or intellectual skill to survive and I think he feels like he's capable of taking care of her.