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    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    I agree, the whole setting in the end is stupid beyond words; has nothing to do with feudal society and how it works.. + I still don't get what the f* were Sam, Bronn and Brienne doing on the council? In real medival society they wouldn't get a presence in front of the kings (people who "matter"), yet here they consult and pick one? Who are they to say "aye"? Wtf? And all other lords just quitely accepting the rule out? No agenda of their own like Northern independence? Really? Ah right, it was convinient... "While they just kind of forgot"
  2. Women in GoT are far too "powerful" for a medival setting, From 50 pounds teenage girl pretty much owning hordes of undead / men to Queen that can bomb her city without any real consequences whatsoever. And that's just a beginning, I mean sides Jon, any other male leaders on the spotlight? And I would argue they way they wrote him - completely incompetent, he shouldn't be one? And to be honest, I don't care about genders and what they do, but importance must come organically, through the storytelling. It needs to have some logic behing, etc... And here my problem lies, at least in the show - I don't see this at all, it's nonsensical. This is what should be addressed and not what gender will win the throne.
  3. @StepStark I agree on a lot of stuff (though Rickon zig zag is not bothering me as much as the pure skill of Ramsey shooting, he should rather command an arrow SALVO) there is also one clash of logic with @Ingelheim said * Jon charging at Ramsey because /suicide * Jon caring more about others than himself Which one is it then? Because after a minute of stare down (cliche as f*) with Ramsey he decides the best course of action is to charge and abandon all the plans they made for battle and in effect draws so many of HIS people (who really went out of their way to support him btw) forward and into early grave. BoB for me was a really big disapointment. And even if I'm fine with Jon failing as general horrendously like that (I am not though), where are the consequences of his actions? Like, who in their right mind would still follow such commander? I'd desert, no doubt.
  4. I see where you're coming from, but I did not laugh at all. I was shocked, I was angry and felt insulted. How can D&D still be in the entertainment business after this fiasco is beyond me.
  5. Indeed, Battle of the Bastards was an insult to my intelligence. I cancelled HBO right after and I'm still pissed about it. Horrendous, 1/10 episode, a prime example how writing can destroy everything that other departments build.
  6. plastic throne

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Tell you the truth, the mistery around her makes her even that much more attractive. I was always drawn to the occult ;D I don't know, she really hits my spot.
  7. plastic throne

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Strong, seductive, sensual,...These kind of women have always been my weak spot. She's a beauty, no doubt. But like Emilie Clark, she really comes off 'empty'. I see nothing there, very mundane but when I look into Melissandre eyes... There's just pure fire. She really is perfect for Melisandre role.
  8. plastic throne

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Who can blame him? Hands down, she swipes the floor with all the younger actresses in GoT. And she's the most seductive person I've seen on screen in a long, long time; true femme fatale, ask Stannis
  9. Yes my friend, an even better example I am sure everyone can relate with
  10. I did point out specifically - of character development. One of the best. Ofc he has some flaws, never denied that. And I don't think the show will go down into history, tbh. Like everything in pop culture, this show will be forgotten as well. 5-10 years from now? Don't know, but I am sure, it will be. Only quality prevails on the long run and as it seems for HBO, they only care about the short one, that is quarterly earnings. +1
  11. I come from a family that really appreciates literature, music,... Actually everything in life, food, drinks, art,... We're true hedonists For me, to give a series/movie a 10/10 rating, it has to be something really really spectacular not just in terms of visuals, music, acting, story... But it needs to have a long, if not everlasting influence on me. To open a subject, to make me think, make me feel or challenge in some ways. ASOIAF, though it has its negatives, was up there. Characters, their interaction and development of those is really where GRRM is a true master and why this story caught my eyes at first. And then I really liked attention to detail; it really payed off (first few seasons), so I choose to read books and oh my did I like them very much because of it. Now, suddenly attention to detail is not preferred anymore due to popping up whole lot of questions that sadly cannot be answered. At least not within the frame show hands it to you. Was I ever entertained sometimes by a bad show/music performance/movie? Sure, but I'd never gave it a 10/10 rating because of it, because I understand the limitations of it, and I cannot ignore that. You watch, you forget, that doesn't deserve a fantastic rating. Example, it's like going to a concert (let's say Justin Bieber, though there's no way I'd go there, not even if you pay me), I get smashed and have a good time with my friends, OK, I had a good time but is he a 10 stars artist I'd recommend listening to? Nah.
  12. Anyone giving the show an 8, 9, 10 is effectively saying the show has high art writing (actually high art on every department). 1. I'm not a snob, thank you. 2. I'll write in threads I feel I have something to say/add. I don't see this thread is "What did you love about this episode?" My second post was meant as a reply to a rant about rants. "They don't get it", well, I don't get how anyone can give this show a 10, but hey. They still do - so what? 3. Bolded, talking about straw man arguments Who said that? The nitpicking is not nitpick anymore in many things, like it was in first few seasons, there are major plot holes and major nonsensical stuff, character butchering (Jaime, Tyrion, Jon "Tardaryan", Varys, LF, etc,...) I don't care about the height of Gregor Clegane, I can live with that (as long as they don't cast a 'dwarf'), but I can't live with the 'Great Wight hunt' mini adventure, which they effectively spent 2 hours on it, and just because they can't think of a way how to get the NK pass the wall. I can't live with Cersei (has zero bargaining chips) still being in power where she has been literally robbed of any. I can't live with ravens going with the speed of a Lamborghini,... Sorry mate, but these aren't minor nit picks. Even the battles (which are very nice visually) are spoiled by show's (now already a standard) deux ex machina (at least twice per major character per battle), then there's Hollywood cliches,... This does not deserve high score at all, writing is atrocious. Costumes, which so many love to point out, are great - no argue there, but are there any fashion guidelines all characters are taking into account? Like, winter collection, it's all about the black? Influenced by the watcher on the walls ? Music is great though, perhaps the best thing in the show.
  13. I could say some stuff for 10/10 posters and their reasoning behind it but choose not to. Some can ignore all the bad (and there's A LOT of it) and get hyped because some line of text or something (like dragons)... But many can't because it breaks their immersion. Many people ask question regarding the show they watch, seek answers and do not take everything and every explanation as the logical one. But saying that the show is high quality in writing, that is just plain lie, blindness or w/e reason. But mostly just being unable to recognize quality, after all, a quick glance at popular culture is more than enough for me. All surface, no depth.
  14. I gave it a 3 and that was, as always, being generous. Stuff happening off screen, character butchering, irregularities, fan service, cheesy dialogue, cliches,... I am glad we are in for the finale season, the less, the better.
  15. Guys, you are also forgetting. Birds (ravens) don't fly at night.
  16. I honestly wonder, no offense - but are you really this dense or do they pay you to write this stuff? Literally... 42 pages people trying to explain, from ravens breaking the sound barrier, distances traveled to 'deux ex machina' definitions and its implementations in the show... And we're still at the beginning, you brushing aside all criticism (and definitions) just like that. Seriously.
  17. Tbh, I'm with Yoren Luck, Darkstream and Dolorous Gabe when it comes to definition of "deux ex machina". So.. Yea But I don't want to argue over it, really. I just wanted to point out that it (imo) it is foreshadowed and suggested about her possessing such "powers".
  18. It's not tolerance when she doesn't get affected by it at all on more than one occasion. It's even suggested via her witnessing her brother being burned/killed by molten gold, by saying "He was no dragon, fire cannot kill a dragon". When you connect all the dots, certainly not deux ex with her walking into the fire pit. I was fairly sure fire cannot harm her.
  19. In the first scene we see Daenerys in (both show and books), we are shown how she cannot get burned by - almost boiled - water for her bath. The next time -> when she touches her dragon eggs that are supposed to be really, really hot (were next to fire or something, can't recall). Her "maiden" intervenes, she gets burned but Danny's hands are all fine. That's not deus ex machina, its all foreshadowed.
  20. Still, think about it for a second. Why does the NK need them alive if he wants the dragon? It is not like Danny is a green seer and knows whether or not Jon and the company is alive there. He could very well just kill and turn them all and put a trap for her there on the 'island'. Would make far more sense than this.
  21. ?? They don't need to make a couple of extra wall shots for me, the one they did was more than enough. There is Haunted forest outside Eastwatch, and it's big. Like, really big. And it is not just reusage of footage because we see it on the map in the (unique) opening scene and those two (map and ending scene) support each other. So Gendry did have to pass that, he wasn't just a few hours away. Sorry for what I am about to say, but I honestly feel like you are trolling me.
  22. For someone who constantly likes using argument "they don't have to put everything out there, we can assume stuff" you sure aren't assuming much (apologize if I mistake you for someone else, but that is a very common argument to counter those who say show did not portray well how much time has passed during wight hunt). I told you, there's a table map in scene with the forest stretching parallel to the wall, that same forest is named Haunted forest, even in the show (even if they haven't mentioned it - though I'm sure they did - the name does not matter much, it is till there, the forest). Map in the show is a map, it should relate to the actual terrain in show or not? El guapo added about the ending scene about Jon coming out of the forest as well. And not just that, in that very same scene there is a really good view on the outside from atop of the Eastwatch -> there are no mountains on the horizon, it is just forest, a really big forest. What more do you want? Honestly, if that's not enough evidence for you, we'll have to agree to disagree.
  23. The first scene of an episode, not a theme song. No, I can't link it to you as I have no idea where to get full episodes. It is a table-map, I'd say, similar to the one Danny has at Dragonstone.
  24. first bolded ... I just told you, in the opening scene -> the forest outside the Eastwatch, it is on the map and that map matches the one from the books. second bolded ... Are you making the fool out of me? They show the haunted forest at every Wall scene, there are no mountains in plain vision. This ain't from the books, it's in the show as well. And they spend in those woods for quite some time in previous seasons, hell, the shows starts with the scene in 'haunted forest', not to mention Caster's keep, Mance defeat,... third bolded, again -> they showed the map in show, in the opening scene, immediately outside Eastwatch there's forest that stretches on parallel to the wall.