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  1. Daenerys said something about that on the sixth episode when she was chatting with her Hand... Dany : Do you know what I like about you? Tyrion : I honestly don't Dany : You are not a hero... Tyrion : Oh? (...) Daenerys : Heroes do stupid things and they die (foreshadowing upcoming Jon's death? After defeating the threat beyond the wall, he will die?)... Drogo, Jorah, Daario. Even this... Jon Snow !They all try to outdo each other... Who can do the stupidest bravest thing... So even characters said that Jon was doing stupid things... Leaving WF... Sansa told him it was dangerous... Suicide! Going beyond the wall... It is stupid! Even Dany said that a hundred times... So he is stupid... Actually, he is not stupid... Being the hero makes him do stupid things... Sadly... Hero's duty
  2. In the end, The army of Vale came to win the BoB... So she could have never entered that house it would have been the same... She would have heard something about Jon being dead... And then "Jon is fighting to take WF back..." Oh Let's join the fray! Don't know... Maybe she was important next to Jon in order to convince him to march to WF... But apart from that, he never listenned to her... So what was the point?
  3. I counted 8 'stupid' in your post... That was very stupid!
  4. SO the Night King, instead of killing Jon and make his war far easier, he keeps him alive so it will be a fair combat? mmmh... Or is he in Love with Jon? Alliser to the NK : "You and your lover Jon Snow..." But, yeah you might be right... One more question... Why did they show us what was written on the letter Jon recieved? unless they wanted us to talk about it... After reading it, Jon said "I didn't know Arya was still alive, I didn't know Bran was still alive..." This is a good news... Right? But before Jon read it, Tyrion asked to Varys "What does it say?" reffering to the message... Lord Varys said "Nothing good"... I tried to read what was on the letter... And Bran actually told Jon that he saw the NK and the army of the dead marching on the wall, near Eastwatch... That's why Jon went to Eastwatch instead of Castleblack... OK... I don't even know where this is going to take me... I will just stop here... OK. D&D wanted the NK to have a dragon... OK. Done!
  5. He finally knows something... Jamie can't even convince himself ... He can't convince himself that He is the Kingslayer and he has to be the Queenslayer now... Who would he convince? since Season 1... Even in the books he is crazy! Better have him than Robb ... Robb was strategic but also stupid...
  6. Ok. I take your point. But anyways I don't think D&D would tell us straight away "It was a plan! The NK decided he wanted a dragon ..." Maybe I'm just overthinking...
  7. No way! Season 3 was good... Plus the books are the books... The show is something different... It is based on the books... Based on... So it can be different... The main ideas are the same...
  8. Yeah ... The show was good from season 1 to season 5... Season 6 it started changing... and this season is just too much
  9. Well? That episode was mind blowing at any points... Jon could have easily sent a raven as a response... Because he recieved a raven but he could have easily answer and say he is well, he is glad Bran and Arya are back... He would be back as soon as he can... Keep the north in one piece little sister. I trust you... That's it! But as he's a complete fool, he cannot think of doing something like that...
  10. Interesting point... It was very simple and easy IMO... When Dany arrives with Rhaegal, Viserion and Drogon, the Wights that are underwater have long hair... So maybe those were women.?I can't wait to see Summer, though... Can Bran wrag into wight SUmmer or wight Hodor?
  11. Ok If that was the case... Dany is coming but Jon&Co are now dead and are now wights... What would the NK do? Turn his back and go... It wouldn't make sense for him to keep waiting there... That would mean he knew Dany was coming. So The show runners are trying to give the WW another reason to sustain their waiting... Otherwise, it would be very Obvious... Very bad... Instead they chose that unkown terrain... Unless Bran told Jon with his raven that the NK was near that place... Because the message he recieved was telling him that the NK was marching near Eastwatch... I don't understand! I'm done! Lord Cerwyn : The Boltons are defeated! The war is over! Winter is here! If the maesters are right, it should be the coldest winter in a thousand year... We should ride home, and wait out the coming storms KiTN : The war is not over. And I promise you my friend, The true won't wait out the storm... He brings the storm... Ok When Ghost was at Craster's, that coward played with the water and soon enought it became ice (clearly because a WW was coming to take the baby he left) . But at Hardhome when the NK showed his power off (maintaining eye contact with Jon Snow) the "sea" was still on fleek... Otherwise they couldn't go back to castleblack... So this show, is just a show in the end... I also thought about that... Because when Bran wraged into the ravens from WF to that lake in episode 5, they did a pretty good Job... It didn't take too much time... I was like "OOH Jon! WHAT are you doing, stupid! Stop fighting! Go!! Get on that dragon, you fool! OOh! Jeez! Jon? JON! Orgh look at that! haha! Tell me how are you going to escape that? Oufh they don't know he's still alive... *turn their backs* OMG!! JON! I'm out! He's dead! Defenitely! Dead! Oh Uncle Benjen!"
  12. Maybe the person was reffering to the capture... They didn't bring horses... They were expecting to catch one of +50 000 and go back to eastwatch skiing or what? That's the prior question... Then if they really thought it was possible (by walking or running), then, yes they thought it was easy.... Are you expecting a bunch of people taking one wight and make it back to eastwatch without any arms? So from the beginning they knew Dany would come?No. But then? That is a suicide!