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    If there was season 9...

    Arya deals with hardships on her exploration. First her ship hits a big storm, nearly capsizing the ship and knocking a significant amount of her men overboard to never be seen again. There's also some in-fighting and frustration amongst her crew as it's not quite clear what the objective of the mission is. Food stores and fresh water are running low, but Arya's ship eventually makes landfall on a continent (unbeknownst to her it's the other side of Ulthos). She explores the land, finds out it's devoid of people. But she does have some run-ins with strange creatures. She eventually colonizes the new land, and names the first town/colony "Needle." Jon never returns to the Night's Watch. Instead he ventures out with the Wildlings helping them reclaim some of the territory that they abandoned, and helping them get settled in. Since he's loved, the Free Folk name Jon their king. Eventually a new kingdom is added to Westeros, Winterlands, where Jon is king. Hardhome is the capital.
  2. A Time for Starks

    Jon's first chapter

    I've come full circle on Jon's ending. I have to admit that at first, I was disappointed by the ending for Jon Snow. He had gone to such great lengths to save everyone. First the wildlings by letting them south of the wall, then the North by convincing Dany, her army and her dragons to come fight for the North, and then the rest of Westeros by killing a tyrant whom he loved. He was willing to sacrifice himself at each turn because he knew what was right and was willing to make the tough, selfless decisions. For this, I thought Jon deserved the crown. He was not only the rightful heir to the throne, but he was in my mind the rightful king based solely on the actions he's taken for the realm. This was my initial thought. However, I've had time to digest (and re-watch) and I've thought about it more. It's evident that Jon never wanted the crown. So more so than deserving the crown (which he doesn't want), he deserves to be happy. And where would Jon be happiest? North of the wall with the wildlings that respect him and probably even love him for saving them. He can just be free and live his life how he wants to. So I've come to peace with Jon's ending. This was the ending he deserved. And because of this, I find his ending to be more sweet than bitter.
  3. A Time for Starks

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    I'd like to think he was riding out with the Wildlings to ultimately settle down with them. Possibly become the new Mance Raydar. Him becoming King Beyond the Wall and living with the Wildlings is a lot more satisfying to me. For him to be Lord Commander of the Night's Watch (which I feel like is a useless organization at this time) would not be a satisfying end for me.
  4. A Time for Starks

    Bran Truly Was The Best Possible Choice To Rule

    Bran should have been Master of Whisperers. That would have been the perfect role for him as he knows all. But to be king? To me Bran is not a king. He doesn't inspire love. He doesn't inspire fear. He doesn't inspire... well anything really. He's not a leader.
  5. A Time for Starks

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    I thought the first half of the episode was really, really good, up until and including Drogon burning the Iron Throne. I've been predicting that Jon would kill Dany very much in this fashion, and was glad it played out like it did. But in addition, I thought the scene was well done. When the scene began and Jon and Dany started talking, I was thinking why is Jon continuing to be so weak. But the reason is because at that time, he knew what needed to be done and was emotional because of it. I found it more powerful the second time watching it knowing what would happen, and reading into Jon's emotions. I also really enjoyed the scene right before, the Tyrion and Jon scene where Tyrion had to convince Jon of what needed to be done. But the second half was... disappointing. The main thing that I keep coming back to in my mind as to why it is so disappointing is that: Bran is not a king. He doesn't inspire love. He doesn't inspire fear. He doesn't inspire... well anything really. He would have made a great Master of Whispers as he knows all, but he is not a leader. I also couldn't fully grasp why Jon was being punished. He just saved the Kingdoms from a tyrant. And it appears that the Unsullied left for Naath anyway, so they wouldn't need to appease them by punishing Jon and sending him North. Didn't make sense to me. I guess in the end, I really felt that Jon had earned the title of king and should've been nominated by the council because of it. At the end of the day, he saved the Kingdoms from Ice and Fire. He convinced Dany to fight for the North to save the Kingdoms from Ice. He personally killed Dany and saved the Kingdoms from Fire.
  6. A Time for Starks

    Daenerys: Analysis of psychology and foreshadowing

    Great post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I'll add that Viserys finally snaps when he realizes that Dany has won over the love of her people during the horse heart eating ceremony. Sure, he had always been a dick, but I believe this is basically the last straw for him. The realization that she is loved, and he is nothing. The love of the people (or lack-there-of) pushes him over the edge. There are the obvious parallels with Dany. She had lost a lot recently, but I think what pushes her over the edge is this feeling of not being loved, when she came to Westeros and fully expected the love of the people. And not only does she not have it, Jon has it instead.
  7. A Time for Starks

    Kings Landing Revolt Theory

    The more I think about this, the more I like this as a possibility. It would be poetic justice for Cersei to lose this way. She never cared about the average person, and in addition are using them as human shields to protect herself. On the flipside, Tyrion and Dany are going to great lengths to save the people of King's Landing.
  8. A Time for Starks

    A Time for Wolves

    I do think the story is primarily about the Stark children. I had always thought that he changed the title because it was too much of a giveaway to the end of his story. A Dream of Spring is more vague, less easy to draw conclusions about.
  9. A Time for Starks

    Kings Landing Revolt Theory

    Interesting theory. It would be an interesting twist if some of Dany's men slip into King's Landing to arm the regular civilians (similar to how they slipped into Mereen to arm the slaves). They should have plenty of arms leftover from all their recently dead soldiers.
  10. A Time for Starks

    Game of Thrones, A Tragedy

    I enjoyed reading through the OP - thought-provoking and well-written. Having said that, I'm not sure what everyone expected. This is Game of Thrones we're all watching. The book/show that brought you Ned's beheading, the Red Wedding, the list goes on. As Ramsay pointed out (and someone else in the thread already) "if you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention." Bittersweet is still in the cards. I think we just have to adjust our expectations of how much of it will be "bitter" and how much of it will be "sweet." Characters we care about may go mad based on the circumstances they face. Characters we care about will die. Characters we care about will be damaged, possibly beyond repair. I can't talk to the "sweet" part since I don't know how it ends.
  11. A Time for Starks

    Speculation for fun: How will Arya be rewarded?

    This is certainly true of Nymeria as well. Do you buy the Direwolf = Stark destiny theory? I ask because I wonder what your thoughts are on how this aspect (Nymeria leading refugees to foreign lands) would fit into Arya's story with only three episodes remaining? Perhaps it plays into Arya asking "What's west of Westeros?"
  12. A Time for Starks

    Speculation for fun: How will Arya be rewarded?

    Haha! A shaggy dog is a term used when there's no resolution - essentially a meaningless story. From Wikipedia: "A shaggy dog story is an extremely long-winded anecdote characterized by extensive narration of typically irrelevant incidents and terminated by an anticlimax." This is Rickon.
  13. A Time for Starks

    Speculation for fun: How will Arya be rewarded?

    I know this is going to sound like a bit of a reach, but I think Arya will be rewarded with becoming Commander of the Northern forces. What do I base this on? The direwolves. I believe that each of the Starks are destined to become the names of their direwolves. In the case of Arya, she has named her direwolf Nymeria. Nymeria was well known for commanding her armies on the battlefield. (I won't get into the other direwolves names and Stark's fate as that would be off-topic, but I feel like each direwolf's name will fit with each Stark's destiny.)
  14. A Time for Starks

    Death scene: Jorah Mormont

    I thought the scene was well done, and his character arc ended how it should, with him saving Dany, the one he has loved. I don't have much to add regarding the scene. But I have some related additional thoughts: A part of me thought he would live on and become the 1000th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch (follow in his father's footsteps). But now with the Night King now defeated, the Wildlings intermixed with the Northern population and a part of the wall fallen, the Night's Watch is no longer needed. With Lyanna's death as well, it appears we have lost House Mormont. Dany has already seemed isolated in her relationships. With the death of Jorah, she will be even more isolated now.
  15. A Time for Starks

    Theory: Bran Told Tyrion About Jon

    What else are we going to do until Sunday??