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  1. Going to Essos, as he said. Yes, it was very unlikely that she'd survive. Or maybe not. She could negotiate either exile, or that she'd be allowed to return to the Lannister lands. These things happened in the Middle Ages. It was unlikely that Dany would allow that, or that Jaime could make Cersei sneak away with him, but Tyrion was right in trying. A small effort, for the chance to save countless people. Soldiers and civilians.
  2. That's not true. She was never cruel. She protected women from being raped by the Dothraki, even though it put her at risk. She had a great sense of right and wrong in the novels and the show. She risked her life again by waging war on the slaver cities, an immense task. The cities in the east offered her ships so she could sail to Westeros, and leave Mereen. She refused, as she wanted to protect the people from being enslaved again. Even though she knew this meant war, and without control of her dragons, and without larger forces, she'd most likely lose.
  3. Yes, a king who got there by birthright can be a bad ruler. But for one, they never rule alone, as Cersei lectured Joffrey about in the first season: If he'd invade the North because they refuse to pay raised taxes, why would the other Houses follow him? Almost all monarchs had to consider such things. It's still true as I said that they had no efficient way of choosing leaders in the Middle Ages, without people being able to see or know the candidates, without them even being able to read or knowing what things looked like outside their own valley. So any contest between candidates would be a joke, and it would inevitably end in war.
  4. We saw how she approved of Tyrion's request that if they ring the bells to open the gates, the attack would be called off. She nodded to Grey Worm about that, so that was his order. He broke that order - an Unsullied, taught to obey 100% for every day of his life. Disobeying the queen he worships. Yes, then she started burning the city, but that was after he disobeyed the order.
  5. So much better writing! Or at least, the other dragon being killed by the Iron Fleet right before attacking the city, so her rage would be fresh. Then she'd be temporally insane. Instead of what we got.
  6. Yes, raping and beating people. That's the Middle Ages. But all of them MASSACRING A CITY? That's different. That's the Mongols when a city wouldn't surrender.
  7. But before that, he has a lifetime of being obsessed with Cersei. Old habits die hard. He was always together with her, year after year near her. It wasn't so much love as it was that they were almost the same person. You gotta try for that one last time.
  8. There is a reason all countries chose birthright in the Middle Ages and most countries in the many centuries before that. If another system had worked better, it would have been tried here and there and won out in the competition. Instead birthright won. Because there was no media, no communication from village to village even, so the people had no idea of knowing who the better ruler is. So if power can be fought over by people claiming they are the better ruler who the people should follow - it will without fail end in war and blood. Which it did, from time to time. And after that horror, people were more than happy to let the next ruler be decided by birthright instead, and let that become a deeply ingrained rule, to avoid future war. Not such a bad idea in a time of little education and communication. You have a guy who is taught from childhood how to rule. And he knows that the country better be as prosperous as possible, because his son and his other descendants will take over. He has to make the country work for their sake, if nothing else. And he knows they will write about him in the family's books.
  9. The things we do for love. Jaime has always been obsessed with Cersei. He told Edmure Tully what things he was prepared to do for Cersei's sake, such as firing Edmure's infant at the Tully castle's walls with a catapult if Edmure didn't get them to open the gates. He has always come back to Cersei. Not in the novels - he ignored her plea for help when the church has imprisoned her and she sends him a letter, after she has been sleeping with a younger guy. But in the TV show it is entirely in character for him to come back for Cersei.
  10. The wildlings I can understand, and of course the Dothraki. It's not their country. But it's the Northmen's country. Some of them might loot, but there's no reason for them to go on an extreme mass murder of an entire city. When Robb Stark led them they never did that or showed any tendency in that direction.
  11. They just needed to give her a reason, but it was a bad one. She has ruled people, she should know the masses far better than this. Back in Essos they weren't always easy for her to control. Remember when she executed one of her loyal followers because he had killed a nobleman or two. She executed him in public and the people screamed in anger, and then they and the nobility hissed at each other. So Dany knows that people will not always do exactly what she wants them to do - and she still doesn't kill them. Really, if you have to lead a large group of people, as Dany has done, you get some perspective. She was always a good person, and there's no way a good person who has gained perspective from ruling would say "The masses in that city are garbage because they haven't revolted and thrown themselves on the Lannister swords on my behalf yet."
  12. They started killing because Grey Worm did, and Grey Worm did so because Cersei had killed Missandei. So then we suddenly realize why Missandei was captured and thrown off the city wall. But that is still unrealistic when it comes to a soldier who has been 100 percent disciplined his entire life. And he never did anything to prevent the killing of civilians, from what we saw. On the other hand, maybe he heard the dragon and thought his queen had already started the killing, so he might as well help. But still - better watch and make sure that she wants the city to be destroyed. He had no such orders, after all. And she hadn't started burning buildings yet. Well, on to Dany being killed by Arya. Which is why we got to see Arya so much in the streets. She suffered through the horror, saw what it did to the people, and now it's payback time. Remembering her training she'll use the face of the horse to come close to Dany and then stab her with a hoof.
  13. Plot twist: One of the Faceless Men has taken Daenerys' place. That's why her personality seems to have changed from breaker of chains to breaker of necks. He had a contract on the entire population of King's Landing. He cashed in. Next, he returns to Braavos with Drogon to teach him how to kill in more subtle ways. "A dragon is no one."
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