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  1. After last episode they trashed enough story lines I felt it indifferent to the characters this episode. I was mainly left annoyed at how badly Danny vs Cersei was handled last year to force a change in the balance of power. I see that's continued on ...
  2. What would they need protection from? They'd be in more danger in KL, Cerci blew up a Sept full of people not too long ago. If Danny had been consistent to character in Season 7 she wouldn't have even attacke anywhere else and made it clear she was looking to depose Cerci. All she had to do was seige KL.
  3. This episode circles back to the beginning of season 7 to me. In particular how I didn't like how Danny changed from getting the locals to revolt and supporting the revolt, to listening to the nonsensical advise they had Tyrion give her. Add on to that shifting plot armour to fit narrative needs. So, instead of getting the word out for people to leave KL her "advisers" blame Danny for the deaths of people who chose to stay in KL knowing Dragons et al would be gunning for KL. This just reeks of more the same bad writing in that the writers seem to change a developed character to meet bad plot development.
  4. no_one_...

    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    Here' the problem, you were most righ in saying Jon fails. Needed to add Bran to that list as well. The NK would still be stuck on the other side of the wall if not for Jon. Tbh, if not for Bran going North of the wall Hodor, jojen, old 3eR, Summer,and CotF would all be alive. Jon was so bad at reading the room, he never saw the coup coming and died. Don't get me started on his battle "plans." He should have stayed in the cave, and Bran should have never went North of the Wall. Both of them have been made pointless. btw, all that time Sam spent researching and he came up with what?
  5. no_one_...

    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    Through first 4 seasons and a few episodes since, the show was not about "look cool to the viewer" . Bad writing has been inexcusable precisely b/c it focuses on "looking cool" at the expense of all else. They chickened out and went for the the low hanging fruit.
  6. again sarcasm ... but to continue along those lines the murder of crows can make a lot of noise if needed and Bran should've sent them out at the very beginning before the dumbass charge. Regarding your other quote the NK was clearly alone and had to take time to raise the dead which he couldn't have done if Drogon attacked after the spear missed.
  7. no_one_...

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    Can't speak for others, but I tend to rate them as stand alones, then discuss overall impact elsewhere. Since season 5 it became obvious to me the writers went away from what Martin richly developed to a more all sizzle no steak effot. For that reason I gave it a 7, but if I rated the show overall as a 7.5 coming in then incorporated this episode it would drop to 6. Basically, it's a high budget popcorn matinee at this point. My concern is it will become a complete parody of itself and undermind the underlying character development and social commentary. Even last episode Arya was laying in bed emotionally detached after what should have been a very intimate experience. This was in character to me given all she's been through and the evil she's done, aside killing all the male Freys was in the kill them all territory. Now if all she is shown to be is badass hero all that goes out the window.
  8. My earlier post was sarcasm. Danny and Jon didn't follow the Ravens, and Bran's arc has been completely pointless.
  9. His plot armour aside, he was dismounted. He had a single spear and a sword after, as an aside there was no reason for Danny to fly away after the NK missed Drogon could have torn him in half. While plot armour prevented dragon fire from hurting him no reason to think 1 to 2 dragons and Jon with his sword couldn't finish him off. The writing was just lazy.
  10. Didn't you see Danny and Jon follow the Ravens and tear the NK a new one? Oh wait then Bran may have actually had a use and we can't have that.
  11. no_one_...

    What was Bran doing the whole time?

    Iirc the ravens were in the treeline with the WW. They flew over the field of battle over Winterfell and where the NK was commanding the Wights. He then directly engaged . He was commanding the entire time until Bran discovered his position and Wights were getting torched by dragon strafing.
  12. no_one_...

    What was Bran doing the whole time?

    He got the 3 eyed raven, jojen, Summer, Hodor, and the last of the CotF killed for no reason. Almost as bad as giving the NK a dragon to tear down wall. I can't think of one thing he provided that wasn't obtainable by another means ... oh you meant in this episode.
  13. no_one_...

    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    1. They both kill undead, V steel and dragon glass kill WW. 2. They had all of season 7, I'd say at least a year. 3 .I thought they were defending multiple walls.
  14. no_one_...

    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    I mentioned in another thread, but this seems more appropriate. Start you defensive battles at WF if you must, but the Great War should have been over several retreating battles at locations where the dead army can be bottle necked, eg the Twins, the Moat, the Vale, etc. The Dothraki and dragons could hit and run them during their March. The WF battle plan made no sense starting with the silly pretext motivation they gave the NK for wanting to kill Bran personally.
  15. So, why did they make a last stand at Winterfell? The Twins had a natural bottle neck, the Moat, Godseye, and Vale also had better defenses vs superior numbers. They could have defended Winterfell with smaller numbers to bide time and take out the Others or NK if the opportunity arised. Dothraki could have hit and run the Hoard as it moved from point A to B. Less plot armour this way imo.