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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    Gave it a 5. Mainly deducted points for them making Sam dumber yet again. He's always been well read and perceptive, but since he's been in Old Town they've made him dumber and dumber. No reason he would not remember Dragon Glass at Dragon Stone, tonight he's been given work by someone researching the War of the 5 Kings, his wife mentions a Prince going to Dorne for an annulment. Given this context and the Stark history and his best friend being a Stark there's no reason he wouldn't be interested even if it doesn't seem to relate to the Dead Army et al. No reason to trash this aspect of his character like they have.
  2. on a curve I gave it an 8. -1 point for being only 50 minutes (these episodes should all be an hour at least). -1 point for continuing Cersi plot armor and conveying any sense of timing of events.
  3. no_one_...

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    Yeah the ice shield was tongue in cheek along with the iced snow balls. But, they've already shown him breaking down a door on his own at castle black, he would just need cover to do so. Not that hard imo. Also, how many troops would Ramsey really have left? Other than Bolton and Karstarks weren't most of them killed at the Red Wedding? They had recently fought Stanis and would have been somewhat depleted from that fight it seemed their numbers held up for show plot reasons more than anything. It would have been better if Ramsey thought the Vale army was coming to re-enforce him than to have an Army that never seems to run out of troops.
  4. no_one_...

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    This hit's a bit of a nerve w/me indirectly. The Wildlings had a "Giant" siege engine walking talking potential artillery all in one. They just forgot to arm him or give him any armor because if they had that entire battle plan of Ramsey would have went to crap w/the Giant using a tree as a flaming Bo Staff if nothing else to smash the shield wall. Which they basically already showed a Giant using during Hardhome. Any type of scaled armor/decent shield and those arrows would have been pin pricks at best, but they wanted/needed to kill him off. He could have spent the night make iceballs to chuck and he would have been more effect in that battle on the field. In your scenario, it's Winter they could have melted snow and made a shield out of ice even for him and use that for cover as he breaks the gate, assuming they didn't want to take the time to make a full length shield out of trees as planks for him. But, why break the gate when he could chuck things over the gate to let others scale walls/take out archers. Really, he was the most underutilized/under-protected resource in that entire battle purely for plot reasons.
  5. no_one_...

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    Regarding the Hot Pie scene - The Inn (Inns in general) has been a crossroads of sorts throughout the show and a dangerous place to draw attention. Initially it felt like she was trying to get in and out as quickly as possible w/o drawing attention (despite stealing someone's order). She also seemed to be trying to maintain focus on a No One's type mindset and not lose focus from the task she's working towards. Hot Pie draws her out a bit, but she does her best to keep "Arya" at bay. When Hot Pie mention's Jon Snow becoming King of the North she does break from the mindset and it's not until she rides off that she's made her choice. Thb, this felt more in character than the Frey Mass Murder/feeding Frey his on the last 2 episodes she was in. Quick Edited a Typo.