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    All sorts of things, I like reading (of course) lots of rock and metal music, video games are my favorite thing to do, just above reading, but only by a little bit.

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  1. Oh man, I that is freaking sweet about Winterfell. I had no idea there was a metal band based on the series! When I read that paragraph, I lmao, and my bro, who is sitting in my room playing Fallout 3, was like, whats so fun- oh damn it Andrew, you caused me to die, whats so funny? And I read him the paragraph, and we both started laughing, and he died again, haha. Anyways, I looked em up on iTunes, and you know they wanted 10 bucks for their album Winter is Coming? I mean, wtf, it only has 4 songs! So I bought the 3 that I could, cause one is an album only buy, and started listening. They are amazing! I am so sad to hear that the band has broken up, and I hope that they get it back going again, I love it so much. Reminds me so much of Iced Earth, it rules!