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  1. This has been bugging me since last season! Why is Jon King in the North as a Snow? I do not understand why he did not use royal proclamation to make himself a Stark. Is he going to create a new dynasty in Winterfell as the House of Snow? I struggle with the in-story logic. I assume that the out-of-story explanation is that they want to make him a Targaryen instead. But Jon wouldn't know that!
  2. Euron's Mom

    What is the role of Gendry?

    I feel that the show is getting ready for a lot of neatly packaged happy endings! One that I predict is that Gendry will be legitimized as a Baratheon and made the new Lord of Storm's End, restoring the family line. Gendry in the show is more Edric Storm than Gendry Waters at this time. Will he marry Arya? Possibly!
  3. Euron's Mom

    What would your role be in GoT?

    If I got to choose any role? In a dream, a spearwife champion who gets to kill a walker. I'd need some actual muscle first and 3 inches of height. Otherwise maybe a red priestess who gets to burn something.
  4. Euron's Mom


    Isn't Dickon like 5 years old in the books? I feel that the show is setting things up for a lot of neatly packaged endings. Sam will use Heartsbane to be a hero, will be dismissed of his Night's Watch vows, will become the new lord of Horn Hill, will marry Gilly and live happily ever after!
  5. Euron's Mom

    The best of GOT music

    I absolutely love Rains of Castamere by Break of Reality. I use it as my ringtone.
  6. Euron's Mom

    What happened to the Hill Tribes?

    I just reread A Storm of Swords. Sandor and Arya had to abandon their journey to the Vale because Timett has made the high pass impossible to travel. I thought this was an interesting story development and was disappointed that the show did not follow up!
  7. Euron's Mom

    Where is Arys Oakheart?

    We don't have information, so we have to make it up: Maybe Ellaria Sand poisoned him in Season 5 off-screen so he wouldn't be able to protect Myrcella. He was sick and bedridden the whole season so couldn't take part in any of the action. After Myrcella's death, he went back to King's Landing to protect Tommen. We definitely see him on the boat with the princess in Season 2!
  8. Euron's Mom

    What happened to the Hill Tribes?

    This I think is a question that's been bugging me since Season 4! Tyrion gave them superior weapons, so they'd be a force against the Vale. He even promised them the Vale. Why did they let Sandor & Arya and Brienne & Podrick through unmolested? If Littlefinger took the full force of the Vale's army into Winterfell, wouldn't this be a prime opportunity for the newly armed Hill Tribes to wreck havoc? I found Shaga, Timmet, Chella, etc to be interesting and fun characters!
  9. A little piece of me dies inside with every episode after Season 4 (The Children is my favorite episode of the show so far). Fortunately the first 4 seasons gave me such strong reserves that I can go on for a while yet. This is not the same show as what it used to be. I will still ride it out though since I have so many years invested emotionally.