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  1. A bit up and down but the main thing that lingers with me is Oberyn. Pedro Pascal has been amazing in this role and has really brought life to the character in that way that a tv show (or a movie) can do better than a book - if the actor is up to the task. It's been a bit different but that's fine by me as a good book will always tell a longer story better so I'm happy with getting to experience this story in a different way, so it's not just an inferior version. The death of Oberyn touched me more than I thought it would and that's all due to the presence that Pascal has brought during this season. Well done. As for the mentioned thing about he signaling his death by saying that he's not going to die, that's no different than Tyrion and Jaime doing the standard build up of the seemingly insurmountable threat so the victory will be "surprising" and even sweeter. So I don't buy that the show told the ending in advance.
  2. A lot of great acting in this episode and it feels like it's one of my favorites in the show altogether, especially for not being a climax episode. I don't think that scene needed anything more than it had. I like that we don't have to be shown why Ramsay has blood all over himself because we know he's crazy enough to kill the girl he was with, and the point of the scene wasn't really anything about the Ironborn but to show that Theon is perhaps damaged beyond repair as not even his sister could snap him out of it.
  3. You do realize how immature your first line is, right? It's not really the kind of thing that helps me take you seriously. Neither does your tendency to confuse your opinions with facts. I'm answering anyway but I'd prefer a more mature tone. I understand where it comes from but it also needs you to think in terms of race and not just people. To the person that doesn't care about race she just happens to be somewhere where the inhabitants have different colored skin. Some of them behave badly and keep slaves, just as some of the Westerosi people act bad in their ways. I agree that D&D didn't think it was important enough, which is a view I would share as I don't take it as a comment on that brown skinned people are inferior. The people they used were probably just the extras they got in Morocco. As for how Dany knew she wouldn't be harmed? She didn't know (even with visions you don't truly know until it's done), just like she didn't actually know how Drogo's funeral pyre would turn out. She's done plenty of things as leaps of faith and she's often confident to the point of arrogance. The costume part can have several explanations but one that's sure to be relevant is the cost of creating tons of more fancy ones. Why would she fear for the dragons near the walls of a city she's already conquered? These questions aren't very hard to answer. You don't have to like them and may want it to be differently but that's really a different matter.
  4. I agree. The only racist tones I see are from the ones that bring in race into the discussion. Clearly they are the ones seeing races instead of seeing just people, which would be the truly non-racist view. It becomes even more silly when you think about what kind of extras you can easily get in Morocco.
  5. That goes for quite a lot of us here in regards to the books.
  6. I guess this sums up your method of arguing quite well. At least you're not playing the emo victim though.
  7. When you do things like go from saying that Oona is a horrible actress, or me saying that I think Sibil is worse, to stating that you think that Dinklage, Dance etc are better. Unless you find the latter ones to be so mediocre that being worse than them means that you're bad it's just irrelevant and an attempt at making it valid that you state opinions as fact through stating something that most think is true. I don't have any problems that you dislike the things you mention about the character and actress. The problem is that you are the one that can't handle that someone thinks differently (otherwise you'd not state your opinions as fact). And if you don't want to talk about Talisa then perhaps you should stop being the one bringing it up. I didn't mention the character at all in my first post to you, I spoke about the lack of worth of anecdotal evidence and I pointed out something about the relationship of Dany and Drogo. You then started to ask me questions related to Talisa so you have only yourself to blame here. And even if someone else starts a discussion, if you don't think it's fun to discuss it then just stop. And again, I've said right out that I have no problems with you not liking the character. It's you that are saying that my opinions are wrong (or "extremely hilarious" or some other juvenile thing), so if anyone is jumping on anyone it's you.
  8. It's far more ridiculous that you don't grasp the concepts of objectivity and subjectivity and that you try to twist the subject to fit what you're saying. I don't care that you think she's a horrible actress, it's your attitude that's putting me off and so I have no reason to keep discussing. I haven't even defended her, just stated that I think Sibil is worse. That's because I don't think Sibil can deliver lines naturally on a consistent basis. When it comes to range I guess Sibil has an advantage since she's done a different kind of movies before.
  9. My prerogative is to get fed up with someone that still can't separate opinion from fact after being told about it several times. There's no way this discussion will lead anywhere until you learn that. Have a nice day.
  10. Of course I expect you to have reasons for your opinion about her. It would be pretty weird to dislike something if you hadn't. That doesn't mean that I have to agree with you. Yes, I think Shae is a worse character than Talisa and I think the actress is worse than Oona in these two respective roles. I didn't say that you dislike her because it's a change. If I wanted to state that I'd say it outright and you're being overly defensive, especially for someone that keeps stating opinions as facts.
  11. It's a fact that you think she's not a very good actress, but it's not a fact that she is. And it doesn't really matter that you said that there's seemingly more people that dislike the character since there's just no relevant evidence to base it on. Stating opinion as fact is one fallacy, using anecdotal evidence is another. There's nothing "of course" about those two being the worst. Some people like show Shae, even though you or I don't and I think she's significantly worse than Talisa. As said I also disagree with you since I think Tyrion and Shae in the show (and maybe Jon and Ygritte) are worse than Robb and Talisa. I don't really know the reason why they changed Jayne to Talisa now that I've seen the entire arc, but I have bigger expectations on myself as a viewer than to get stuck harping on that so it's not much of a factor anymore. Of course D&D ideally want everyone to like everything they do but I'm quite sure they expect people to have varying opinions, especially when things differ from the books since some readers are bad at letting go. George has the same problems as he for example says he doesn't understand why there are so many people that dislike Catelyn.
  12. I'll say it again, anecdotal evidence is worthless. The show has many millions of viewers and neither of us have a sample that can be relied on to say what the majority thinks (I've heard plenty of people like the romance and Oona in reviews, podcasts and real life, just to show that there's anecdotal evidence in both ways). Therefor it's far better to just state one's own opinion and let it be what it is, just an opinion. I just pointed out something that many readers actually forgot when they commented on how that romance was on the show. Dany and Drogo is the most special romance in the series this far so all other romances are less interesting than that in my view. I prefer Robb and Talisa to Tyrion and Shae on the show, to make a contrary example. Possibly more than Jon and Ygritte as well (it's up and down on the show). My point was never to state my opinion about it though, I primarily wanted to point out the fallacy of using anecdotal evidence.
  13. You can never make opinion into objective fact (no matter how much you keep trying), and even if you could anecdotal evidence would certainly not be the way to go about it. That's completely useless. In the books the first time is sweeter but he then proceeds to rape her to the point of hurting her until she learns some tricks. The show just avoided going back and forth because there wasn't time for it.
  14. PC? That made me laugh. Because he's a halfwit and that killing women and finding them disposable is PC? Because a show that's killing children worries about PC?
  15. Well, if she says anything else she's spoiling the reveal so she has to say that in both cases. I think she's in. If Varys could be on the show that she's signed on to then she should be able to do both as well. Especially as her role will become far smaller.
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