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  1. I say Arya is darker than Tyrion. Both of them have their darker sides but nothing Tyrion has done will compare to the murders of Dareon, Insurance man, and Raff. Tyrion is rather bad overall but not as bad as Arya.
  2. The Wildlings do not see Jon as their king. They were going to battle the Boltons to save their king, Mance Rayder. I support Mance + Lyanna = Jon theory. So it is possible for Jon to inherit the leadership of the Wildlings from Mance. However, that does not make him king of the north unless the Wildlings can beat the feudal lords, which is everybody in the north, in battle. No lord of the seven kingdoms would accept the Wildlings as the majority and a traitor of the nights' watch as their king. The most probable outcome is a fractured people. The north will be broken up into tribes. Jon will lead one of those tribes if they can accept a wight as their leader.
  3. All of the human races are not native to Westeros. The Valyrians, (specifically the Targaryens, Velaryons, Celtigars) are immigrants too. There wasn't always a Targaryen in King's Landing. KL itself is a new addition to the landscape. The Starks are also immigrants but they may carry the blood of the older species such as the Others. This merging of the genetic material may have taken place when the Nights King and the Nights' Queen mated and had children. This 13th commander was said to be Stark. There must always be a Stark in Winterfell, as the saying goes, could mean it belongs to the Others. The Starks own Winterfell because they are blood-related to the Nights' Queen. Winterfell is their seat. A better example for Fire is if there was a saying which says there must always be a Targaryen on Dragonstone because dragon fire built the fortress.
  4. There's a paragraph on page 459, A Storm of Swords (Kindle format), which confirms that the Others are the brothers of Craster's baby. There are two men in history who were able to reproduce an Other. The Nights King and Craster. I like the theory. Nights King was a Stark and his seed was used by the Others. If Craster's seed was also used, it could mean that they are from the same family. They're compatible.
  5. will all die from betrayal. None of her husbands will live long. They each have a purpose and they die soon after. She inherited a khalasar from Drogo. Hizdahr will leave her Mereen.
  6. Elevated body temperature would explain their effective immune system. They got sick less but we can't be sure if that compensated for death by unnatural causes. Warriors they are. It's a dangerous life and they were often on the battlefield. Priest is a safer occupation.
  7. Here is my opinion from an old topic on how Jon Iceman will be received. "They have seen the dead come back as walking ice columns. He will be seen as a wight. Those who witness will see his return as the work of the White Walkers. Jon will come back as a Wight Walker." Resurrecting Jon will be seen as a work of evil. He will be treated like a wight. Feared and hated.
  8. Definitely symbols of greatness. They are magnificent creatures. An experienced sailor like Quhuru went out of his way to see the dragons with his own eyes. The captain was not motivated by greed nor lust for power. He simply wanted to see Dany's dragons. I'm sure Dany's reputation for being very beautiful was additional encouragement to make that trip and deliver the wonderful news. Fighting the weather will be quite futile. Dany and her dragons will come in after the last frost and dispose of the remaining wights. The Others will have retreated back to their hell hole in the north at the first hint of thaw. The dragons will allow Dany to rebuild civilization and start the first great empire of the new age.
  9. Eddard ruled his lands easily because he was the top man at the North. He inherited and ruled by right of his title. He wasn't all that effective in the big city because he was below Robert and the Lannisters.
  10. Their history doesn't say anything about how long Valyrians lived. It's better to stay conservative and assume they lived as long as any human. Aemon's long life was mostly luck. The wall doesn't preserve.
  11. Maegor is to the Targaryens as Theon the hungry wolf is to the Starks. The family was being threatened and they got rid of that threat. To say Dany has a bit of Maegor is to say Jon has some Theon the hungry wolf in him.
  12. No on the iron throne but there are other kingdoms and thrones. The ancient Kings of Winter must surely have had a throne. Who can say if it still exists in the crypts of Winterfell. One of them will be King of Winter. Will the queen also be a Stark? It's a fun question to ponder. Ice Queen Val. Ice Queen Willa. The wolves will come again. Winterfell must have a Stark in residence. The Boltons will be evicted and the wolves will be back.
  13. The people in the city are a cruel lot. I guess an execution of a nobleman is a good excuse to vent their frustration against the ruling class. It is still worrisome for any Stark who wants or needs to win that crowd.
  14. I don't think he was guilty but it's what the people in the story believes that matter. Ned got the shaft. I agree with the the highlighted.
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