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  1. The rebels are not exactly honorable men. The Lannister henchmen were protected by Tywin Lannister. Robert was in the process of usurping the throne and needed to get rid of the real Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaenys. The Lannister thugs did that for him and he got away without soiling his hands. Obviously a lot of people were unhappy about what happened. But it is one thing to be unhappy and quite another to start another war over it. Even Doran is reluctant to start a war. He would lose. So the man with the swollen toes bided his time until the door will open. His brother signed a pact with the brave Ser Willem and the Sealord to put the Targaryens back on the throne. The door never opened. Until now. The Targaryens are rising again. Queen Daenerys has built a formidable army in the East. Aegon/Young Griff has the Golden Company on his side. It's Doran's move.
  2. The woman could indeed be a metaphor for the war. She may also be literal. Cersei or Sansa, when the long night brings the dwarves from wherever they hide. The dwarves "screwing humanity over" and using their genes to breed to seed the women.
  3. Jon's death is not going to make Arya go straight. It will do the opposite; drive her farther into a madness and start her next killing spree. Jon's last thoughts may echo back in her mind. Stick em with the pointy end. They belong together. I think they will get that wish near the end of the last novel. As direwolves.
  4. They are also opposites. Dany was reborn from the flames and came back with her dragons. Jon will be reborn from ice. So let us say some kind of ice magic revives Jon Snow. This is where I see the similarities and the differences. Daenerys, Drogo, Stallion, Sorceress, and 3 dragon eggs enter the fire. Daenerys is reborn into Azor Ahai and the dragons are hatched. The Khalasar accept her as their leader. Mormont swears his allegiance. Jon, Ghost, Mellie, and Shireen are frozen in ice by the White Walkers. Jon is reborn into their champion and Shireen (the stone equivalent) is hatched into a great stone beast that breathes the darkness. Shireen is the equivalent of the petrified dragon eggs but in the ice magic, she gives rise to a flying demon who breathes not fire but cold darkness. You are correct about Jon becoming King In the North. I do not think it will be the lords who will crown him but the Others and the Free Folk. A treaty will come to pass between the Wildlings and the Others involving the return of blood sacrifice. I believe Daenerys will be content to lead the refugees across the Narrow Sea to Essos.
  5. I know not how the discord between Cersei and HS will be settled. What I see is a serious adversary in the HS who is not going away without a fight. Cersei can take a page from Maegor and use the Lannister gold to set a bounty for the heads of every religious nut. She has done this before with Penny's brother.
  6. I understood your question. I just do not agree with some of your ideas. Look, if Aegon becomes king, knowing he is not the true heir, then he is a fraud. He is guilty of deceit. Therefore he is not a good king. His reign will start off on the wrong foot and it will be built on a foundation of lies. Winter will be mild in the southern latitudes. The Others have so far not threatened Essos. The best course of action is to avoid them and move as far away from them as possible. Staying and fighting an enemy who can raise the dead is futile.
  7. Pate was a convenience. One thing we know about him, he's a nobody. He was chosen because he was easy to bribe. Pate was just another Dontos. Rosey is a better looking Sansa. The faceless is a more skilled Petyr.
  8. They have not attacked the wall. And don't forget, Weymar Royce was trespassing when they killed him. He was on their side of the wall. The humans could do something really stupid to make the white walkers angry. Angry enough to make them attack the wall. It won't be hard. Bran would do something stupid like try to enter the mind of an Other. I can see how that might make them hostile towards man. The renegades also killed a loyal worshiper when they murdered Craster and his family.
  9. Jon needs to die. Otherwise the readers will become indifferent to death and stop fearing for their favorite characters. Kill Jon and keep him dead to keep the story interesting. Resurrection and reversal of death has been used too much as a plot device already.
  10. The Seasnake was already a person of great accomplishment. Why take a chance on dying? He had other ambitions.
  11. Rickon is the future of the Starks. He is not going to die this early. But it does not mean Skagos is a kind place. He survives because he is wilder than the savages on the island.
  12. No to Varys, Cersei, and Littlefinger. They don't have the leadership skills needed. Stannis would have had the other houses in rebellion. Littlefinger has too much personal interest in conflict with the common good. Ned is alright as long as he doesn't have Robb follow him on the throne. Ditto for Tywin. Do we really want Jaime or Tyrion on the throne? Nope. They can do well as long as it is a temporary stewardship. Neither would make a good king though. Ned's decision to arrest the Mountain was unsound. Tywin is harsh and that can be a good thing. However, he is like Littlefinger and much too invested in his own House to rule with balance. Randyll Tarly would be my choice as long as he does not get to pass the kingdom to his children. He was willing to put the welfare of the people over his family. Family should not be the most important concern for those in power.
  13. I say the reality is much worse. GM loves to dial up the drama to level 11. The Skagosi make stews out of little kids. Arya and Wayman would relish the local cuisine. "Bon appetit" says Arya Stark as she tucks in.
  14. It buys them more time among the living. Death cannot be cheated forever.
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