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  1. Centurion Piso

    What if Rhaegar had survived the Battle of the Trident?

    Aerys was always relevant. He is the king. The monarch. Many people were willing to die and kill at his command. The only people who hated Aerys were the Starks and the Baratheons, awful people in my opinion who were probably plotting against their king.
  2. Centurion Piso

    The Starks

    Nymeria's abnormal behavior of destruction can be blamed on Arya's state of mind. The link between the two is present. Arya's craziness and inner anger is making Nymeria behave abnormally. Destruction of livestock on a scale beyond what's necessary to eat.
  3. Centurion Piso

    Favorite character arcs

    Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Ser Barristan Selmy Tyrion Lannister Brienne of Tarth Victarion Greyjoy
  4. Centurion Piso

    The Myth of the Self-made Person

    Social movement towards equal opportunity only came along in recent history. Where one came from and who one came from determined the course of their lives. Opportunities are not handed out equally. Quite reasonable as to why George R R Martin would choose to people his story with those in power. It would be a boring story reading about a shepherd wondering what's for lunch. It is better to look at where someone came from and where they are now. I would agree with the first group choices and add the Magister. The mercenary who came from nothing to become rich and fat. Davos also make this cut. The finest example and should be at the top are the Khals of the Dothraki. Remember, they only follow the strong.
  5. Centurion Piso

    Red Wedding: Betrayals, Morality and Hypocrisy

    Yours is a very slanted view of what took place. It is correct to condemn Jaime for Kingslaying. The duty of the Kingsguard is to protect the king. It is not the duty of the U.S. Secret Service to judge the President. Jaime should have stopped His King, yes, but he also should have given up his life to save him. If Ser Barristan could escape from Duskendale, Jaime could escape King's Landing with Aerys. He should have challenged Gregor or whoever the rebels chose to a trial by combat if an escape plan failed. You should also condemn Stannis for burning people if you want to condemn Aerys. What Robb Stark did to Walder Frey was not a minor slight. The Freys carried out everything they agreed to do and the heir died fighting for the Starks. Robb did more than insult the Freys. He broke his oath. The red wedding was brutal but it actually prevented the deaths of more innocents since all of the casualties are either soldiers or guilty of participation in the Stark Rebellion. With the exception of Aegon "Jinglebells" Frey. The Starks would have continued their rebellion if the red wedding had not happened. More innocent lives would have been lost as they marched throughout the river lands and further.
  6. Centurion Piso

    If you could change the events of one chapter

    My version will have Yoren selling Arya to the Lannisters.
  7. Centurion Piso

    Favorite characters

    Cersei is an example of somebody who has a lot of practical cunning. She is not an intellect but she knows how to fight and that in the end is more important than too much philosophy. She knows how to kick ass. She may not go in my 10 List but she is a fierce lioness who has bested the Starks and the Baratheons at every turn. Missandei is a cool little kid. I like her too.
  8. Centurion Piso

    Who would you have supported?

    Aegon's Conquest - the Targaryens Dance of the Dragons - Queen Rhaenyra Blackfyre Rebellion - the Targaryens Robert's Rebellion - Aerys Targaryen War of the Five Kings - It's all good and makes it easy to restore the Targaryens.
  9. Centurion Piso

    The Injustice in ASOIAF

    It's not about being good or bad. It's about being smart and understanding the foundations of power. 1. Ned might be a somewhat okay fellow but he was not smart enough to understand the foundations of power. He inherited power, therefore, he has never had to work to keep it. 2. Robb Stark was not a good guy. He broke an oath to a man who was his best ally. Walder's soldiers and his heir died for Robb. Then the little shit insults him by breaking his oath. Robb is selfish and he got what was coming. 3. I like Tyrion but he murdered an unarmed man. His father. No matter how you see him, Tywin's gold made it possible for Tyrion to get away with a lot of things any other dwarf would have been killed for. Daddy's money bought him a playboy's lifestyle. 4. Jon Snow is the worst offender on your list. This guy was given a chance. Qorin Halfhand sacrificed his life for the watch and Jon saw this act of unselfishness. This clown decides to interfere with Roose and Ramsay Bolton, putting the watch in danger. He kills a sworn brother of the watch for a minor crime and lets another sworn brother of the watch who was guilty of bigger crimes off the hook. Puts together a mob of wildlings to attack the Warden of the North. It's easy to see why he was assassinated. 5. Jeyne Poole is the only innocent on your list. Yeah, she got the worst end of it just for being around the Starks.
  10. Centurion Piso

    If you could......?

    1. I would marry Daenerys. A Targaryen princess, very intelligent, very beautiful, dragon rider. 2. Aemon Targaryen would make for an interesting advisor to Daenerys. I want a meeting between Aemon and Qaithe.
  11. Centurion Piso

    What if Rhaegar had survived the Battle of the Trident?

    1. Rhaegar lost, but survived. His ass would have been sent to the wall. I don't see this happening though, because Robert was too pissed off to let him live. 2. Rhaegar won at the Trident, but the rebels survived. Pretty unlikely. King Aerys 3, the rightful ruler of the land of Westeros, would demand the heads of the rebels. And he would be correct to do so. Aerys chose Prince Viserys to succeed him but this scenario, depending on Rhaegar's attitude and the situation with Lyanna, could change that. Obviously, Aerys would never, ever wish to allow a half-Stark mongrel to get within a snot's sneeze of his precious throne. I do not blame him. So if R + L = J, as a few here believe, Aerys would absolutely for sure put Prince Viserys on the throne. Aerys might even demand the death of the half-wolf. 3. Rhaegar killed Robert and won the Trident. This gives him some leverage against King Aerys 3, but he is still just a prince and this is not a democracy. Same as the number 2 above. 4. Rhaegar killed Robert but lost the Trident. Eddard, Jon, and Hoster are not going to throw down their arms. The rebellion will continue for a long time. Much will depend on what other resources King Aerys can draw from. Given time, he might be able to get support from the Free Cities, whom we know have among the powerful among them, Targaryen supporters.
  12. Centurion Piso

    Down with the Free Folk

    The wildlings are an awful people. Picture a people who does not want to have to answer laws, they are disgusted by those who kneel and obey laws, but on the flipside, these barbarians cross the wall and murder the better man. They raid those who are more civilized and are law-abiding. The wildlings are disgusting. Harma Dogshead, the Weeper, Tormund, Mance Rayder, Rattleshirt are all terrible people.
  13. Centurion Piso

    Death in Childbirth and Dany’s Choice

    Viserys was a king. He was the heir to King Aerys II and was preferred by him over the erratic Rhaegar. Viserys became King Viserys III on the day Queen Rhaella crowned him on Dragonstone. Princess Daenerys, his sister, is his heir and became Queen at his death.
  14. Centurion Piso

    Did GRRM really say Meereen would end like Iraq?

    There are no parallels except in the vain attempts of the OP to invent a bridge between the two. Iraq was a war of politics between Bush and Hussein. Bush wanted to finish off his father's enemy. There was already bad blood between the two. In fact, the conflict between Bush and Hussein would more likely be closer to that between Slynt and Snow.
  15. Centurion Piso

    Did GRRM really say Meereen would end like Iraq?

    The symbolisms with the Exodus are all there. The three pyramids and a moral figure who wants to free the slaves and stop the masters who stubbornly refuse to let the slaves go. A comparison with the allies' invasion of Europe to stop the Nazis from gassing the jews would also be appropriate.