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  1. Jon's dying thoughts were revenge and Arya. He is not coming back a good boy. His descent into the dark started when he killed Slynt. He has already fallen that hole. I don't see him crawling out of that hole, regardless of which powers raise him back from death. There is really no need to talk about Arya. Their paths seem to follow the same arc. Both join organizations yet their rebel nature and love for the Starks kept them from staying within the boundaries of what those groups would allow. Jon and Arya betrayed their orders. Bran's story may also follow the same failure. He will become compromised by love at some point and betray Bloodraven. I don't think it will be his affection for Meera but his devotion to his family which will lead Bran to make a bad decision at an important moment.
  2. Yup, the last thing we need is the failure of another leader. That is just too damn pessimistic. This is a coming of age story and it is Dany's time to rise and blossom into the fine leader she was meant to be.
  3. Daenerys Targaryen is actually on the rise. She is about to achieve what no other person has been able to do. She and her people are about to put an end to slavery. She has been saved many times already by people close to her (Bloodriders, Barristan, Jorah, Willem) as well as by her mighty dragons. Moiraine has a good point. Just how many times will she have to play the role of the person in peril. She has played that role often enough. The plot going forward will see this young heroine blossoming into the great leader who will see this world through the Long Night and build the foundations for civilization to come back. We have seen the debacle caused by those in leadership positions in the west. Leaders, like Robert, Robb Stark, Jon Snow, Balon, who brought Westeros to the sorry ass state that it is currently in. What the novel and the plot calls for is the arrival of Daenerys to sort out the mess they created.
  4. Some type of goodwill visit to build friendly relations with Dorne. After all, the rebellion killed Princess Elia.
  5. The role of the liberator is to set the slaves free. The rest is really up to the free people to solve. That is what freedom is. They're free and then the responsibility and the choices are theirs to make. Dragons do more than conquer. You mistake them for the ironborn. Dragons built the sept of Baelor and the capital city of King's Landing. They built Westeros. The problem in Slaver's Bay are the evil Ghiscari trash and their allies who desire the old slaving system back. Daenerys is the greatest Targaryen of them all. She is not going to leave Meereen unresolved.
  6. They were no better. Robb is not Ned. Ned would not have allowed it.
  7. The kid was killed because he is the brother of the Lady of the North, Walda Frey Bolton. Whoever murdered him thought this could spark disorder among the Bolton allies.
  8. I would like to add another meaning in addition to the ones already proposed. The red on the black is the wearer's individuality and refusal to conform. Black is the uniform of conformity. The spot of red is the wearer's streak of individuality and independence. He shows his personality by adding color to the uniform black. This person has a rebellious side is chafed by the rules. Allow me to list examples to better illustrate what the red within a larger field can mean. Red eyed Ghost does not conform to his pack mates. The red eyes of the weirwood refused to bow to The Seven. Drogon, the red eyed dragon, does his own thing and couldn't be caged. Daenerys, the red dragon, refused to conform to one Dothraki custom and chose to avoid Vaes Dothrak. Mance Rayder's rebellious side was fully let out when the Wildling gave him the red patches. I would not expect the color combo to have any kind of significant role in the story but it made for an interesting talk.
  9. It looks like Jon has assumed the leadership role for the wildlings. North side of the wall is the only place for them. Their culture will not fit into the feudal government of westeros. Jon is drawn to them because he also has trouble following rules. Feudalism imposes rigid restrictions on what people can do. He will have more success with the wildlings.
  10. I am not a fan of the TV show. It was an extremely unbalanced story and you only need to watch the first season to see the evidence. It was obvious to me that those writers are fans of the Starks instead of Dany. It sickened me when they smoothed out Catelyn's speech to Jon, whom I do not like, but nevertheless. The speech beside Bran's bedside. They also made Sansa less selfish and less self-centered. The biggest sin in my eyes are their bleaching of Jon Snow. They hid the real reason why poor Bowen Marsh had to put that guy down. So I do not believe the show had much of an influence on the fans here. We read the books. We know better. More "wishful thinking" are Jon's fans.
  11. The way people interpret those visions are rather different. Bias and all that. The cloth dragon is a false dragon. The lie will be discovered by Daenerys and revealed by her. But people forget the lie which will surround Jon. He also will be a false dragon. Azor Ahai and dragons are connected. Ergo, Aegon and Jon will be fake Azor Ahais. They will have their followers at first and then the truth will come out. But not before they give into delusion and murder the women they loved the most. The Nissa Nissa for each will be Shireen, Arrianne, and Arya.
  12. Ser Jared Frey Ser Jared seemed amused, “Some men cry when slicing onions, but I have never had that weakness.” Steel whispered against leather as he drew his sword. “If you are indeed a knight, ser, defend that slander with your body.”
  13. Whether Robert and Ned were guilty of anything is up for debate. A lot of the readers think their families were plotting against Aerys. I am one of them. Aerys spared the lives of Dontos and Brandon's squire. So I do not think he would have done anything against the younger members of those families if Robert and Eddard had done into exile. And no, it is not insane for Aerys to be the ruler. This is their system, not ours. If Brandon had been half-crazed, yes, he would still have become the Lord of Winterfell. Sweet Robin is not exactly right upstairs but it does not change the fact that he is the heir of Jon Arryn and entitled according to their laws to govern the Vale. Robert was bankrupting the realm and nobody told him to step down. The fact is, Aerys had the right to rule the Seven Kingdoms. And for the most part the kingdom prospered under his reign. The reason does not matter. Maybe he got lucky and appointed the right people in his council. Luck might have also played a part in having an awesome Kingsguard. It doesn't matter. The realm prospered under his rule. The realm suffered under the Baratheons, Starks, and Lannisters. The realm was better off under Aerys. Daenerys is not a pawn. She took advantage of her time with the Dothraki to advance herself. She chose her own way instead of following their custom. Daenerys chooses her own way. I like that about her. Westeros would be lucky to have her on the throne. Perhaps. That is the reason why the War of the Five Kings is so devastating. None of the parties can win outright and so it continued. The red wedding finally put the nail in the coffin of the Starks and that at least took care of one problem. The Iron Born continues to be a problem though. Doran and the Martells are itching for a fight. Etc.
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