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  1. Milkglass! Semen in a glass tube! Jk. Those old style tubes of fluorescent light. Lightbringer is not a sword. It's a light emitting device. The darkness retreated before the device as the saying goes. The Others shun the light. Only light can conquer darkness.
  2. The story of Azor Ahai is that of somebody who could do what needed to be done. Daenerys proved that she is that person. She's a better ruler and leader than Robb Stark, Cersei Lannister, and Jon Snow ever were. The men could not conquer the desires of their heart and put those in front of their duties. Daenerys put her preferred lover aside in order to attempt a peace with the people of Meereen. She deserves to rule.
  3. Jon could have been removed for improper conduct for killing Janos Slynt and definitely should have been removed for his preferential treatment of Mance Rayder. Jon was at fault all the way. Impeachment is the right treatment for a reasonable commander. Which Jon was not. Jon is not going to get demoted without a fight because he was using the resources of the watch to continue his family fight with the enemies. Daggers were the only way to stop Jon.
  4. Prince Viserys was already safe on Dragonstone. Furthermore, the three men had no way to leave the mainland. The only way off, the only friendly port, was in Dorne. Sunspear. The loyalists were regrouping their small numbers on Dragonstone and they would have joined Queen Rhaella and King Viserys III later on.
  5. Jon is the Night King this time around. Roose maybe willing to take him down, given all of the problems he had caused. He really attacked House Bolton by sending Mance Rayder.
  6. The dragon eggs stopped hatching because the Targaryens grew weaker. Too much common blood entered the family. To a family of such high nobility, everyone else is considered common. Non-Valyrian. That is why the Prince Who Was Promised had to have grandparents and parents who were siblings. Prince Viserys and his siblings were the most pure of the Targaryens in a long time. This is fictional fantasy and we should not expect GM to have invested into the deep study of human genetics.
  7. Are we given a physical description of Tysha?
  8. I do not recall reading of a Targaryen conquest during that period of time. They were relatively quiet until they built Westeros. The story just doesn't need for them to be busy with war at the time. Is it really hard to believe that this family would busy themselves in the accumulation of wealth? Most families can't get enough wealth.
  9. @U. B. Cool I will agree that whoever kills Hizdahr will be somebody who has experienced being a slave of the Harpy. This fire will be "for death." Marwyn will have arrived with Aemon's body. It could mean another resurrection of a dead person. Aemon Targaryen. The third fire will be lit in the distant future and it will bring back Rhaego.
  10. Agree. His dog was found at some distance from the other pups. It was presumably driven away. Jon was always an oddball who never belonged. He had his chance to become part of a brotherhood. Jon was accepted at the wall. He botched that relationship for Arya.
  11. @YeniAy_Ottoman Arya and Jon are not parallel. They have the same personalities though. Arya doesn't have a parallel because her story is just weird. Jon's parallel is Cersei. They are two leaders who are badly screwing up and undermining important support. Jon and Cersei, are two leaders who were leading their people to catastrophe.
  12. Patrek was not the only one looking for a reward. The defeat and death of Stannis will force them to make peace with Roose because they don't want to die in the north.
  13. I kind of like this. Now for mine. Westeros will go into winter mode for a long time. Most life will perish. Dany's war with the Ghiscari and Volantene will continue for years. Bran will watch over Westeros and the small number of the living. Survivors will live underground and struggle to find food. Bran will guide them to cannibalism. Arya, Jon, and Rickon will have become wolves. Sansa and Baelish will hold out for a while but they too will perish. Tyrion will get he wants, the Rock. He will die, frozen inside Casterly Rock.
  14. Will Dany become fertile again when her first dragon dies? That's not how her magic works. She lights a fire to burn a traitor and cremate a dead male. The magic happens and somebody gets resurrected. It's necromancy. Mirri, Rhaego, and Drogo died. The dragon eggs hatched. Traitors #2 and #3 will be burned at the stake. Husband/Lover #2 and #3 are cremated. Somebody or something gets resurrected. Some, including this fan, believe traitor #3 will be Jon Snow. Drogo will be resurrected in the physical form of a screaming baby boy.
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