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  1. Ser Jared Frey Ser Jared seemed amused, “Some men cry when slicing onions, but I have never had that weakness.” Steel whispered against leather as he drew his sword. “If you are indeed a knight, ser, defend that slander with your body.”
  2. Whether Robert and Ned were guilty of anything is up for debate. A lot of the readers think their families were plotting against Aerys. I am one of them. Aerys spared the lives of Dontos and Brandon's squire. So I do not think he would have done anything against the younger members of those families if Robert and Eddard had done into exile. And no, it is not insane for Aerys to be the ruler. This is their system, not ours. If Brandon had been half-crazed, yes, he would still have become the Lord of Winterfell. Sweet Robin is not exactly right upstairs but it does not change the fact that he is the heir of Jon Arryn and entitled according to their laws to govern the Vale. Robert was bankrupting the realm and nobody told him to step down. The fact is, Aerys had the right to rule the Seven Kingdoms. And for the most part the kingdom prospered under his reign. The reason does not matter. Maybe he got lucky and appointed the right people in his council. Luck might have also played a part in having an awesome Kingsguard. It doesn't matter. The realm prospered under his rule. The realm suffered under the Baratheons, Starks, and Lannisters. The realm was better off under Aerys. Daenerys is not a pawn. She took advantage of her time with the Dothraki to advance herself. She chose her own way instead of following their custom. Daenerys chooses her own way. I like that about her. Westeros would be lucky to have her on the throne. Perhaps. That is the reason why the War of the Five Kings is so devastating. None of the parties can win outright and so it continued. The red wedding finally put the nail in the coffin of the Starks and that at least took care of one problem. The Iron Born continues to be a problem though. Doran and the Martells are itching for a fight. Etc.
  3. They needed to compensate the people whose very lives they robbed. You are correct about that. Dany went too easy with them. But I do understand where she was coming from. She wanted to take the nice way and give them a chance to do right.
  4. Jon is not coming back with a suntan. He won't look like a Hawaiian sunset. His blood has leaked out. Cold-blooded in every sense of the word. Like, dare I say, Lady Stoneheart. He was thinking of Arya and revenge at the end of his life. He will come back stuck on the same thoughts. I could be wrong but he will be the Alpha wolf of the Stark wolf pack. He and Arya will finally break free from human customs and can live on as mates.
  5. Honestly, Bran is stuck in that cave. The only way the Starks will gather again will be in direwolf form after they die as humans. Bran will be the only Stark who can go in and out of his direwolf because his human body will live for a long time under the tree. The other Starks, Jon included, will be wolves.
  6. ___ -->passes a bowl of sour cream and onion dip to @Moiraine Sedai
  7. A Dance with Dragons is quite direct. Wannabe players and revenge-minded suitors come to Slaver's Bay to court Queen Daenerys Targaryen. A Storm of Swords is also direct. A storm of battles and violence. The titles are not the mystery. A Dream of Spring is just that, the surviving characters anticipate the end of winter. I do wish the very last POV chapter of the last book to be Dany's.
  8. Dawn is special. What its real role is? We will have to wait to find out.
  9. The key to survival is to work together. But how will that help survival against an enemy who can turn your dead against you. It does not look like working together will help. The more you fight the Others, the stronger they become. The more soldiers you lose, the bigger the size of the Wight army becomes. The way to defeat them will have to be done through magic rather than conventional warfare. Bringing together these ancient objects, candles and swords, is the answer. The objects can only be used by people with the right DNA. The way to survive is to get all the objects together and get them in the right hands. Most of these objects are going to be in Essos due to simple probability. It is the task of Daenerys and Brandon to find them. Brandon is the historian who can search the river of time to locate them. Daenerys has the resources to take up the scavenger hunt and obtain the objects. House Dayne is not going to get a lot of pages. Too bad. They are an interesting lot. But their sword is obviously of great importance. The only Dayne who so far has had enough pages is Darkstar. His DNA will allow him to use Dawn.
  10. IIRC, he regretted putting too much emphasis on eye color.
  11. The title is a hint. The book will end while the winter is about to end. Yes. The future will be somewhat optimistic but uncertain. The Others and their human servants will be defeated and pushed back to the north. The damage cannot be undone and most people and animals will have already died. The chapter will be one of two points of views. Bran Stark or Daenerys Targaryen. The survivors will already have a plan in place to rebuild. Daenerys is the Mother. Bran is the Builder. It is very fitting to end the story with these two characters. The five people who were all originally to survive are Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Bran Stark, Jon Snow, and Arya Stark. I also believe those five will be standing at the end. Supporting characters like Samwell, Jorah, Davos, and Missandei will live. Jamie Lannister, Cersei, Brienne, Barristan, Margaery, Aegon, Hound, Stannis, and Sansa will be dead.
  12. I would be disappointed in Mr. Martin if he used his novels to get even with the gender who have wronged him in the past. I do not think he will do that. Most of the point of view characters are considered well-educated by the standards of their time. Very few are literate in that world. The luxury of having been taught to read as well as the experience of travel are open only to a few. Still it does not take away from their accomplishments. Dany's accomplishments are magnificent achievements by any standards. Viserys might have been a different person if he had not had to suffer the humiliations. Power can corrupt but so can the lack of power. Like the sayings about money. It is not having money that corrupts but rather the lack of it.
  13. There you have it, the answer to your question. Varys serves the realm. He doesn't want a revolution as long as the realm is doing fine. Aerys was full on nuts but he largely allowed his council to do what they were hired to do. Run his kingdom. An uninvolved incompetent is much preferable to an involved incompetent. Aerys had one overwhelming advantage over Robert. He is a Targaryen. His family has ruled Westeros for as long as anybody can remember. People believed in the Targaryen right to rule as much as they believed in upholding guest rights. Both had been in place for a very, very long time and have become part of Westerosi life. The Baratheons do not enjoy the same privilege.
  14. This too is a good motive. After all, this man is only doing what Alleras is already doing. How many times has this stunt been tried at the Citadel over the centuries is countless.
  15. Somebody who wants the same girl. Rosie has a secret admirer.
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