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  1. But that's just a matter of time wouldn't you say? Walder is getting up there in age and his sons are a bunch of chuckleheads. Perhaps after ages of mistreatment, the "gransisterwives" will rise up and takeover. Especially if Lady Stoneheart has anything to say about it!
  2. I concur. I was expecting Sansa just to stand over him and cut out his heart after Jon had his turn. Was definitely not expecting Ramsay to be puppy chow in the end. Brilliant!
  3. I hate to use this word but.. this episode was fucking epic! For pure visual entertainment purposes, I give it a solid 10. The way it was filmed and edited made me feel like I was really there, witnessing these insane events; suffocating all the while and yelling at my tv for Drogon and the Knights of the Vale to show the eff up already (respectively) and when they did, I hollered like frat boy with my fist in the air. Better late than never, eh? And to those whom are complaining about those of us doling out 10's, assuming we are complacent with "flashy lights" and wtfever; Although the show has somewhat/completely diverged from certain story lines, they sometimes contain plot holes, come off as weak writing, etcetera etcetera, why do you continue to overanalyze the direction of the show and expect more from D&D when you know it will just come up as subpar in comparison to the books if you look at it through that same lens? I'm not a narcissist and I don't assume I know how to make an entire show better than they do. I think we're fortunate to have a show at all! I'll take what I can get knowing it's an interpretation from fellow artists and although I don't always agree, I can respect their vision. "All I need is some tasty waves, a cool buzz and I'm fine." PS. WhereTF is Ghost??
  4. Mathchomaroon, fellow lovers of the Martin Masterpiece! My name is Deja. I'm a Graphic Designer living in Hollyweird but I still carry the "Artesian & Evergreen" sigil for Olympia, WA and I'm just a big nerd who can't get enough of this alternate universe that is 'A Song of Ice and Fire.' Lets see.. I'm Jaime Lannister according to a 'Variety' character quiz and I'm in love with Ser Jorah "The Andal" hence my handle (Who isn't though?.. lest we be honest. I'm kind of in love with Jaime too to be frank. Freud would have a hay day! and I kinda have a thing for Tormund too since we're just letting it all hang out. Jesus Jones; this whole production is just one giant love affair with delectable snoots!) Anyhow, I've read all the books several times, yet I still find myself needing constant refreshers since the show leaves a lasting impression for a visual learner like myself. But, I have been researching all the back-stories for ages and I will continue to do so since there will be no shortage of history to consume any time soon. I've given facebook and most other social media the bird so I'm looking to you for some thoughtful conversation about our beloved Game of Thrones. And for a baby dose of semi-non-sequiturial garbage; I love dinosaurs, sharks, oddities, halloween, culinary wizardry, football, classic cars and Potterthons. ⚡ Nice t'meet ya!
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