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  1. RetconKillah

    Varys has no purpose

    I honestly think GRRM didn't tell D&D any plans he had with Varys as he played a smaller role in the overall story, if anything it would have been lumped into the fAegon plotline (if that is his endgame). Like I could guess that the bwb's plotline was not explained either for example. With that they have had to come up with an intention and role for Varys. We discuss intentions and have theories for characters whose actions influence the plot significantly but the characters themselves play little or no role in a way that be translated on screen (but is perfect in a doorstop novel). Because of that they have to be relegated to still be around but not doing anything significant that we see and their intentions are lumped together with other characters and let's face it Varys is an entertaining character (or was) so he is being kept around until he can serve a purpose that can be shown physically, maybe throw in some witty dialogue too or to have as an emotional death.
  2. RetconKillah

    Season 8 Predictions?

    I honestly think the show won't have the bittersweet ending, it will all be roses but with an extinct Tyrell family. If there is a bittersweet ending, given GRRM's anti-war sentiments, it will be that the defeating of the WWs doesn't mean that war doesn't end. The wars, infighting between houses and people wanting the throne will continue as it always has. Maybe best explained in a book as opposed to 7 episodes of television. But things that could/would/should happen: Varys will survive, he always does. Dany will (hopefully) die. But it'll be something heroic so that everyone will create memes about the awesomeness she displayed. Tyrion will go back to the political scheming he enjoys, probably as hand of the king. Sansa will pull an Elizabeth and rule but not marry. Everyone else is up for death at this point.
  3. RetconKillah

    Do you think the show is better or worse for not including Young Griff?

    I think Griff's inclusion would have positives and negatives. If done the way GRRM did, intended for a rich novel that can have background naturally flow with the story it wouldn't have worked so well, if kept in the current way GOT has been structured it would seem out of place and a bit clunky and let's face it there would be some dumbing down of the details. However if they introduced him earlier on, even mentioning him and in a small council meeting or in Essos in season 1 then brief scenes (like 20-30 minutes per season) building on his character/journeys/etc in season 2 and 3, with a narrative of having 2 Targs vying for the throne from early on but with 1 being a background mysterious character that we don't see much of but the legend is built until we get to seasons 4/5/6 when he starts playing a major role. as @Gendry_Goldeneyes said earlier it would also give a chance to have Arianne in the show with more focus and development on Dorne. Dorne could be included earlier too and have a cohesive story that makes sense instead of the just for kicks inclusion we got.
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    Hey. Longtime lurker. I've always enjoyed the discussion on here so I thought I'd sign up. Yeah....