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  1. RetconKillah

    Game of Thrones legacy

    The test will come when the people who have not watched the show start watching, mostly binge watching. We won't really know for a few years when people, who I am presuming are too young now (considering most people watch it), watch and respond. I'd love to watch the whole show in one sitting and see how it feels as opposed to waiting a year in between seasons and then 2 years for this! Unsure if there drop in quality will be noticeable or it will all flow. Sopranos is one of my favourite shows, people (week to week viewers) hated the ending at the time. But I watched in a few sittings and love the ending (10 or so years later), as have most fans by this point. I think it will end more like Boardwalk Empire, a second tier show people are recommended once you have finished watching Oz, the Wire etc. There are enough reasons in the first half of the series for people to watch and continue watching though, they just might be too happy with where it ends up.
  2. RetconKillah

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Sorry but I couldn't wait until I read all the posts before posting myself. All throughout the episode I kept telling myself 'it is just for entertainment, don't read into this, don't analyse, just suspend your disbelief.' But by the time the battle started I couldn't keep telling myself that. When the balistas were missing due to Drogon's plot armour I couldn't keep telling myself that. It was impossible to suspend my disbelief and just watch purely for entertainment. It's like watching wrestling after you know it's fake and can't watch it just as entertainment because you know what you are seeing is not real. The excitement is gone. I am so warped by what I just viewed I can't even throw a logical rant together. The one thing that I have to laugh about, that I have kept laughing about is this... Where I used to work a customer told me that she named her daughter Khalessi, you know so her daughter would be cool and all. She was so proud that she had done this. Since season 8 started and the general public opinion of the show has waned I have kept wondering about that person and whether she will regret naming her daughter Khalessi. Now after tonight I want to know if she is getting her daughter's name changed. I'm not even disappointed anymore, I'm just deflated. I'm glad I don't rate shows on IMDB until the series finishes, becuase what would have been an 8 (maybe 9) is now a 6. I can't believe people compare(d) this show to the Sopranos or the Wire. More subversion of tropes, which in itself isn't bad but when it is done purely for shock or awesomeness value it just lacks the punch as when it is done for narrative purposes or to send a message. I was a huge Lost fan, and this is just dredging up memories of what happened during the final season (as I was too blind to see until then). Dumb and Dumber will probably come out and say it's not about the intentions of the white walkers, or why the seasons are the way there are, Bran's abilities or the deep political machinations of Westeros (which we saw coherently for at least 4 seasons) but it was about the relationships the Starks had with the other great houses. I am just waiting for them to say that! Fuck the mysteries, it was all about Dany's relationship with Westeros. Some third rate excuse to alienate the hardcore fanbase. All I know is the rewatchability of this show has dropped massively. The legacy of this show has dropped. And it's not even about what happened during this episode. This is just the pinnacle of all the crap I, along with the hardcore (detail observing) fanbase, have been forced to accept in the last few weeks. So if you'll excuse me I'm going to read this thread, try to read all these posts before next week and find some leaks... Rant done, thank you! edit: Sorry I just have to add: the plus side is that this only makes me support Stannis' claim more!
  3. RetconKillah

    What end of the story will satisfy you

    I was a hardcore fan of Lost and will always be scarred by its ending. That being said all I would like some explanation about the WW and their intentions to the point where I can hopefully understand them beyond killing machines created by COtF or some sort of time correction in Westeros (see Lost has still stuck with me). I'd actually like to see the return of magic though. Westeros/Essos seems to be locked in development hell, if this is continuing then magic should be back, not fully accessible, but for people to know that magic is real and does exist and flourishes more than before.
  4. RetconKillah

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    I had to reboot my rant account after tonight (last week meh, this week just cringe). The Dany/Sansa bonding scene - Dany makes it seem like the Lannisters were the cause of the Targs losing the throne and not Robert and... Sansa father. How can her a Viserys talk about everything they will do to Jamie and never about what they would do to Robert or his most loyal friend Eddard Stark? The Starks are just as complicit to what happened to the Targs as the Lannisters or the Baratheons. Arya sex - I just had to look away. They mention Brienne's fighting skills, how about mentioning she kicked Loras' ass? Can we please swap swords, give longclaw back to Jorah - as Jeor wanted - who cares what Jorah thinks and have Jon take Heartsbane. And yes Lyanna got old a season ago. As previous posters have mentioned there is no plot advancement, we as the audience get our last lol/meme moments before they action begins. I said to my housemate (who loves the series and the points we rant about are great) I bet the next episode is at KL... even after watching next week's preview I still think it will be KL
  5. RetconKillah


    Hey. Longtime lurker. I've always enjoyed the discussion on here so I thought I'd sign up. Yeah....