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    [Spoilers] EP608

    wasn't the contract already completed by the waif since she killed the actress after all? doubt the many faced god cares who fulfills the contract arya: you told her to kill me jaquen: yes, but here you are and there she is jaquen: a girl is finally no one arya: a girl is arya stark from winterfell and I'm going home seems straightforward? 1) if arya was the waif, why would she say "you told her to kill me". It was a promise from jaquen to the waif that if arya fails to kill the actress, the waif would be allowed to kill arya 2) doubt a faceless man would introduce him/herself with "a girl is arya stark from winterfell", declining that shs isn't no one
  2. dredglol

    [Spoilers] EP608

    arya has cut off the waif's face though and added it to the "collection of faces" it's strange though that arya would do something like that and not use it as a ticket to become a faceless man what did she want to prove by cutting off the waif's face? did she just do it to find out whether or not jaquen would accept her as faceless man, knowing she would decline? btw she might've taken some faces with her for disguise
  3. dredglol

    [Spoilers] EP608

    I don't know if this was discussed yet but how come Jaqen H'ghar told arya that she finally became "no one"? Why would killing the waif make her "no one"? Also, how come the waif wants to kill her or is allowed to kill her out of personal interest? I thought if you want to join them you have to become "no one" and get rid of your past, basically not caring about anything unless the many faced god requests it