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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    I give it a 9,5 Kings Landing was very good, a bit of book stuff with the death of Pycelle at the hands of the little birds (now controled by Qyburn) and the destruction of the Sept of Baelor was epic, it was really well played by Cersei, I felt a bit sad for Margaery because she knew in the last moments what would come but they high septon was too stupid and understimated Cersei resulting on the death of everyone there. I also expected another kind of reaction by Cersei over Tommen's death but it just confirms that she is a psychopath even more frightning than the Mad King because Aerys was insane when tried to blow Kings Landing. In the Twins, Walder Frey being an idiot again, I didn't understand it the feast was due to a marriage but I liked to see the disdain that Jaime had for him and finally a 'Arya Lecter' moment serving Walder's son's to him and then killing him. Sam comes to Oldtown which was expected for him was a dream come true so it was good to see that look on his face even when little Sam and Gilly were not allowed to pass. We finally get the end of the Tower of the Toy scene that confirmed Lyanna is Jon's mother but I wanted the confirmation that Rhaegar is the father although we are 99% certain of that so it was a bittersweet scene. In the North, Lyanna Mormont being awesome again, proclaiming Jon has King in the North and bringing with her lords that refused to fight for the Starks like Wyman Manderly or Lord Glover. Still I think Sansa's role was understimated by all this people, without her they wouldn't have won, and Baelish is obviously not happy as he showed to Sansa in that conversation he had with her. In next season we will have him plotting something that's for sure. Finally Daenerys leaves Daario and the Second Sons in Meereen which is definetly right from a political/tactical point of view but it must have been a dificult moment specially for Daario. Then that awesome scene when Tyrion is chosen as Hand of the King (Queen) and Varys does a very good job bringing to more allies to Dany's side, the Reach and Dorne. The final scene with all the ships sailing with the dragons above was awesome and for those that think Varys moved to fast I don't think it was too fast because they were needed to bring all the Dothraki and in the same episode Arya reached the Twins, Jaime went from the Twins to Kings Landing and all the Northern lords gather in Winterfell so it was clearly an episode that went for a long period of time (months). I was only a bit disapointed that we didn't see Euron, it would have been good knowing that he is making some ships atleast because I think he will be a major player next season probably attacking Dany's fleet.
  2. 9/10 Battle of the Bastards was great, although Jon's tactics were horrible and the Winterfell part was not perfect, but I just wished they showed more Meereen, with Daenerys and her dragons destroying more ships and also the Dothraki smashing the Son's of the Harpy. Best of the season so far closely followed by Hold the Door.