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  1. i'll give it a 9.. I don't get the Sansa trying to set-up Jon arguments. why would she want him to fail? why would she hold something back? I think she is tired of being a victim. tired of being used. which is why she wants to be included in the plans. she saw earlier they were gonna be shorthanded. sent Brienne out to get more men. the tullys even threw a few hail-mary ravens out there.. one apparently to littlefinger and the vale. which was probably hard for her to do. the lesser of two evils though.. she'll deal with littlefinger latter. hopefully. cali love
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    I generally like every episode.. some are better than others yes but i'll still take it over The Voice anyday... I love the visuals, the scenery, costumes, etc.. I think my biggest complaint with this episode is.. why didn't Brienne get more passionate with her pleas for aid with Jaime and then later the Blackfish? send a raven telling Sansa she failed? She never really tried.. I mean she has been to the Wall. you think she woulda been brought up to speed on the whole white walker thing? she's the first one to come down south with some real intell lately.. she shoulda been like "dudes, whatever you're squabbling about here ain't shit compared to what's coming".. I'm hoping the Hound keeps on keeping on.. I hope he gets his hands on some valariyan steel and some dragonglass... it would be cool to see somebody breakout some longbottom leaf in westeros.. getting tired of wine.. cali love