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  1. Sports Car Heaven

    Rickon will ride unicorn into the battle

    That wildass tyke will ride a bicycle with training wheels.
  2. Sports Car Heaven

    Daenerys, Drogon, and the Dothraki are AWESOME!

    I would love to see this team rule over all of Essos and Westeros. Bring painful deaths to Jaime, Cersei, Euron, the Tarlys, and Bronn.
  3. Sports Car Heaven

    Best lines of 704

    Your people can't fight!
  4. Tywin is a capable fellow but his main focus is on advancing the interests of House Lannister. Tywin is fine as Hand of the King but as the actual king, with no restraints on his powers, he would not be the best choice. He does strike fear but he will not be loved. He will fall as soon as his critics see a moment of weakness. He was working so hard to meet his goals and all the while under his nose his children's character deficiencies were undermining everything. Don't even get me started on Jaime. This is the shithead who betrayed two kings. Banging the king's wife is not cool. I would say the War of the Five Kings was ignited by Jaime. LF just fanned the flames. Jaime also broke guest rights when he tried to kill Bran in Winterfell. Cersei, of course, should not rule at all. Tyrion would be fine serving a monarch like Daenerys. But he would not make a good king. He's too weak emotionally. He's an alcoholic and he has a big chip on his shoulder.
  5. Sports Car Heaven

    Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration

    Sure. I was only commenting that bloodshed is the norm. That's how they cast their votes.
  6. Sports Car Heaven

    Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration

    Castles and much less kingdoms do not pass without bloodshed. Dany has as much right to take back Westeros as the Starks have the right to take back Winterfell. Many Starks fans have no problem with the Starks calling for a lot of bloodshed to take back Winterfell. Daenerys has the same rights to take back her throne.
  7. The Goodbrooks stayed loyal to their king after Tully called his banners to join Robert and Jon Arryn. Tully destroyed the Goodbrooks' village to punish them for remaining loyal to their king. I have to clap my hands for Petyr Baelish because he gave back to the Tullys what they deserved.
  8. Many people hate the Lannisters for what they did to the Reynes and the Tarbecks. But you know Hoster Tully did almost as bad with the Goodbrooks when that family refused to follow his rebellion.
  9. On the topic of House Lannister, allow me to say this. Yeah, the realm might prosper but it will happen at the expense of justice. Tywin would be a skilled tyrant, but a tyrant nonetheless. He may spend the first years of a Lannister reign Castamering some of the dissenters. After that there will be no more dissentment. Only bottled up resentment. He could pay off the debts to the foreign banks. He could quell rebellions. He could restore order. But justice would be hard to come by. Tywin is too much focused on the glory of house Lannister to be an unbiased ruler of seven kingdoms. He is best serving the ruler instead of ruling.
  10. Smart answer. I will have to accept and agree. Regional bias gets in the way of unity. House Targaryen. Second choice is Velaryon if they still had the wealth and power during the time of the Sea Snake. While the Sea Snake himself would not make for a good ruler because he is like Ricard with his mind on outside matters. Corlys would be a rather neglectful ruler. But there are others in his house who could make fine monarchs of the land.