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  1. U. B. Cool

    Name the Parents

  2. U. B. Cool

    The Dayne Heir(ess)- Daenerys

    The only reliable hints came from Barristan. He sees a resemblance between Ashara and Daenerys. That will not make her the heir even if it is true. Arthur and Ashara had older siblings, iir. The one who has the highest chances of being Dayne is Jon Snow. The Targaryens were successful, posthumously, in creating thelr Prince Who Was Promised in Daenerys. She hatched the dragons after all. This would not be possible if her genetics had been only half Targaryen.
  3. U. B. Cool


    King and Queen were on a mission to bring back the three Targaryens who founded their house in the form of their children. I guess you could say the house needed rebuilding. The foundation for House Targaryen are the three conquerors which are reflected in the three-headed banner of the family. This is related to the term used by the Undying Ones. The Child of Three. I saw a parent survey farther down in the list of threads and this thread on Daenerys' parentage. There should be little doubt after the Undying used the term. Daenerys is the Child of Three. She is descended from Visenya, Aegon, and Rhaenys. She is a child of House Targaryen. The three-headed banner is hers. The number three is a big factor in all of the events that happen in her life. Bonifer is not her papa. Nor is Ashara her mom. I suppose Rhaegar is a possibility but this is not the Targaryen way. Their way is to wed brother to sister. Rhaegar being the father will pretty much discredit R + L = J because Daenerys will have to be the third child. We know from George that Jon is much older than Daenerys. So R + R = D and R + L = J are mutually exclusive. The pattern of threes have never broken.
  4. U. B. Cool

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Will Jon be Dany's heir? Hell no. Jon will be the sacrifice for the third miracle. He will commit another act of treason and this time he gets his buns burned for good. There will be no coming back for Jon boy. Rhaego will be reincarnated as the result of this miracle.
  5. There's no need. The Dothraki alone outnumber the armies of Westeros. Adding in the sell swords of the Free Cities and all of the Unsullied will completely overwhelm Westeros.
  6. U. B. Cool

    Tin Foil: Jeyne Westerling

    I don't understand what good can come from this. Jon should do the child and everybody a favor. He should stay as far away from the child as he can and help keep it a secret.
  7. U. B. Cool

    A wight Daenerys...

    That's something the crazy show would do. I doubt the story is headed that way in the books. We already have a future wight in Jon Snow. No need for another.
  8. U. B. Cool

    How come there are no slave revolts in the Free Cities?

    Slave revolts is part of slavery. It happened and it happens. We are not told in the text but it happens.
  9. Westeros vs. (The Free Cities - The Dothraki) = victory for Westeros. Let's change the equation a bit. (The Free Cities + The Dothraki + The Unsullied) vs. Westeros = Complete victory for Essos
  10. U. B. Cool

    "This land is old" -- spitballing the North

    I think so. Ned meant the land has been inhabited for thousands of years. People come and go. I want to point something out here. Is it possible the First Men were more primitive than we are led to believe? Like maybe they were cave dwellers in the past.
  11. U. B. Cool

    Predictions for Who will Rule Westeros come the end of the series?

    Who will rule Westeros at the end of the series? The truth is, we don't know. I sure hope it's Dany.
  12. U. B. Cool

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

  13. A lot of people don't get who they want. If it's not going to happen go find someone else. It's fine to want somebody but all the wrongs required to get her and keep her is too much. They have been balling all through Cersei's marriage to Robert. Jaime was betraying his boss. I can understand Cersei, because Robert was not faithful. But Jaime had no reason to stab Robert in the back like that. What happened at Winterfell is the culmination of Jaime's love for Cersei.
  14. U. B. Cool

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on

    I can agree. Jon received mercy from his lord commander for offenses that should have resulted in his execution. Jon should have extended the same mercy to a man who was guilty of a less serious offense than he is. That is the bottom line.
  15. U. B. Cool

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on

    Jon Snow showed his immaturity. Killing a brother of the watch over an insult was foolish. It made many of the men dislike him even more. On the other hand, showing mercy and proving he can be fair could have earned him the respect of some of those men. But of course, Jon is not a fair man. So there you have it.