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  1. Varamyr was unusual because he was a skinchanger. Wights have lost most of their consciousness and they steadily lose their memories as the flesh of their brains continue to decay. In Jon's, his memories will be locked inside Ghost even when his body starts to slowly break down. But even his stored memories will slowly degrade as time passes.
  2. Stannis, fake Aegon, and Jon are the impostors, the fake Azor Ahai, who are the lies that will be slain. Dany's identity has proven them for the impostors that they are and will be. She became Azor Ahai when the dragons came to life. She was also reborn in that fire.
  3. They have those qualities too. They are the strongest of the species populating GRRM's world.
  4. Jon and Arya were supposed to be part of a tragic love triangle. Jon's death threw a wrench on those plans. At least while they live as humans. All the social rules will got out the window after they die and become wolves. Arya's purpose in Jon's arc was always to make him betray his dedication to Westeros and the watch. That's done. She can die now. Jon's was to start the fall of the Night's Watch and he has done that. They both can die.
  5. Daenerys, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion are what remains of all the great and wonderful things about Old Valyria. Valyria without the slavery. The dragons are fire made flesh and fire is power. The direwolves and white walkers are ice and ice is death.
  6. Jon will be a pariah when he comes back from death. Jon is the darkbringer. He is the crow who betrayed the Night's Watch.
  7. The Valyrians had advanced knowledge which are no longer available today. Westeros and the maesters are primitive by comparison. They are suspected of biological and genetic experiments. They were engineering themselves for physical perfection. Better health would naturally be one of of those goals. Love and romance were not as important to Valyrians when it comes to selecting their spouse. They valued Eugenics more than they did marital happiness.
  8. Daenerys Targaryen's husbands are the tools by which fate guides the heroine to her destiny. That destiny is not to become a housewife but to rule an Empire. Khal Drogo was taken away after enough time had passed for her to learn and earn from him. Hizdahr will die and after she has learned enough of Ghis and taken something from them. I believe she will continue to free more and more of their slaves. The husbands are disposed of in fire and used to create magic. The traitor who betrayed the husband are also killed in the funeral ceremony. MMD was the first of the kind. They are all people who have been helped by Daenerys. A former slave will betray and kill Hizdahr Zo Loraq. This will be Missandei or Greyworm. I would not like to believe this of them but it fits the prophecy. The prophecy says "three treasons you will know." Drogo's people wronged MMD's. The people of Ghis have wronged the Naathi. The third and last husband will also die from treason and the traitor will be burned with him. The most curious bits to me are the gifts which will come out of the funeral flames. The dragons are truly wonderful. I am expecting two more wonders will come out of fires 2 and 3.
  9. The ghost of HH is of particular interest to me. She sees the Starks girls going completely dark. Sansa will be venomous because she will kill Joffrey and later Sweetrobin. Arya will be dripping with blood from all of the people she will kill.
  10. Both are indeed unjust. Dareon was a victim of, first a corrupt noble, and second, of a psychologically unbalanced vigilante.
  11. Who will detonate the wildfire, and why? Arya would detonate the wildfire after she hears about Jon's execution at the wall. She loves Jon. Jon did something atrocious at the wall because of his intense love for Arya. Arya would know this as the cause of his crime and death. Arya would go apeshit after the news of Jon's death become known.
  12. All those are the methods to prolong life. People IRL and in-story would want some kind of magic fountain of immortality. It doesn't exist. What kind of semi-life they have is not really living. The Undying are slowly decaying and drying up. Bloodraven and soon, Bran, will be slowly absorbed by the tree. Cold slows the rot but does not prevent it. Blood stopped flowing for Coldhands, as it will for Jon Snow. Drogo was alive in a comatose condition but his brain functions are gone. His body would slowly shrivel and weaken if he had not been given the mercy of death. Wights, whether brought back by fire or ice, are the same.
  13. Dany could do that. Aegon could as well. But give him Storm's End? I think not. The storm lands is a powerful incentive and gift to somebody who brings more to the table. Thorne is a good and loyal man but his house does not bring enough men and resources to the Targaryen cause. The kids should give him a large holding of fertile lands taken from the Baratheons and give him a share of gold taken from the Lannisters.
  14. "Beneath the Mother of Mountains, a line of naked crones crept from a great lake and knelt shivering before her, their grey heads bowed." I quoted a line from Dany's prophecies in The House of the Undying chapter. There is water in Vaes Dothrak.
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