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  1. U. B. Cool

    Who is going to get poisoned by the mushrooms?

    Look at the pattern so far. Victarion is as good a candidate as any. That arm is not going to heal properly. The mushrooms will put the ironborn out of his misery after he delivers the fleet to our favorite dragon queen.
  2. U. B. Cool

    Who will and Die and who will live?

  3. My favorite character should live. Sansa and Jon should die.
  4. Sansa just needs to die. She should be grateful for the help. Whatever. I don't like Sansa.
  5. U. B. Cool

    sansa, arya, and dany

    The show tonight was written by people who wanted to chip away at Dany's character and build up the Starks. I didn't like it.
  6. U. B. Cool

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    Coldhands is not Jon but he is what Jon will become. A walking dead with fragments of his humanity left. A creature who cannot leave the freezing temperatures else he will rot away.
  7. U. B. Cool

    How far south will the Others get?

    They won't move past Winterfell as long as the castle is standing and people are inside.
  8. U. B. Cool

    sansa, arya, and dany

    No. The show will make sure of that. Dan and Dave have been chipping away at Dany's awesomeness the last two seasons to please the haters. Sansa will not be alive long enough to meet Dany in the books. This is only DnD's own fiction.
  9. U. B. Cool

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    She might better follow Brienne's footsteps and find service with another house.
  10. U. B. Cool

    Badass moments of Jon Snow.

    You'll continue to be bored my friend because there ain't many of those. Hahahaha Climbing the wall?
  11. U. B. Cool

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    I can't agree with your thoughts here. They were not clues. They were evidence. The parts that have already come to pass are proof. She is the Child of Three, the Mother of Dragons, the Bride of Fire. We're 5/7ths of the way through the story. I don't think anybody else will step into that role.
  12. U. B. Cool

    Dany's dream about the Trident

    Rhaegar thought he was the dragon. He was mistaken. Being a Targaryen is not enough to make him a dragon. Rhaegar and Viserys were no dragons. Opening that visor and seeing herself confirmed her own identity as the dragon. Seeing herself instead of Rhaegar also confirmed her own right to the throne. She took his place as the rightful heir of their father.
  13. U. B. Cool

    The Others and Wights

    Those who can swim in life should be able to swim as long as the water is cold. Warm water will cause them to rot fast.
  14. U. B. Cool

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    The average run of the mill Targaryen doesn't have what can be called Personal Prophecy. Most people have a very limited role. The other Targaryens didn't behave like they heard this prophecy. George Martin was clever when he wrote this scene. The timing was perfect. The first part of the triplet has taken place (deaths of Drogo, Viserys). The part about the slaves calling her Mhysa came true. It's our clue as to the reliability of these visions. These visions and the destiny belong to Daenerys.
  15. U. B. Cool

    Would Littlefinger have still “rescued” Sansa

    Not really. Edmure is still alive. Rickon and Bran are still kickin. The north is big in land area but those lands are nearly worthless. Sansa won't have much political value to Petyr if she's married to Tyrion.