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  1. U. B. Cool

    Tin Foil: Jeyne Westerling

    I don't understand what good can come from this. Jon should do the child and everybody a favor. He should stay as far away from the child as he can and help keep it a secret.
  2. U. B. Cool

    A wight Daenerys...

    That's something the crazy show would do. I doubt the story is headed that way in the books. We already have a future wight in Jon Snow. No need for another.
  3. U. B. Cool

    How come there are no slave revolts in the Free Cities?

    Slave revolts is part of slavery. It happened and it happens. We are not told in the text but it happens.
  4. Westeros vs. (The Free Cities - The Dothraki) = victory for Westeros. Let's change the equation a bit. (The Free Cities + The Dothraki + The Unsullied) vs. Westeros = Complete victory for Essos
  5. U. B. Cool

    "This land is old" -- spitballing the North

    I think so. Ned meant the land has been inhabited for thousands of years. People come and go. I want to point something out here. Is it possible the First Men were more primitive than we are led to believe? Like maybe they were cave dwellers in the past.
  6. U. B. Cool

    Predictions for Who will Rule Westeros come the end of the series?

    Who will rule Westeros at the end of the series? The truth is, we don't know. I sure hope it's Dany.
  7. U. B. Cool

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

  8. A lot of people don't get who they want. If it's not going to happen go find someone else. It's fine to want somebody but all the wrongs required to get her and keep her is too much. They have been balling all through Cersei's marriage to Robert. Jaime was betraying his boss. I can understand Cersei, because Robert was not faithful. But Jaime had no reason to stab Robert in the back like that. What happened at Winterfell is the culmination of Jaime's love for Cersei.
  9. U. B. Cool

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on

    I can agree. Jon received mercy from his lord commander for offenses that should have resulted in his execution. Jon should have extended the same mercy to a man who was guilty of a less serious offense than he is. That is the bottom line.
  10. U. B. Cool

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on

    Jon Snow showed his immaturity. Killing a brother of the watch over an insult was foolish. It made many of the men dislike him even more. On the other hand, showing mercy and proving he can be fair could have earned him the respect of some of those men. But of course, Jon is not a fair man. So there you have it.
  11. U. B. Cool

    Thoughts on Quaithe's prophecies

    Passing beneath the shadow is assumed to mean going to Asshai, but the author told us he is not taking the story there (but he reserves the right to change his mind), except perhaps in flashbacks. Shadow also means the long night. Tyrion casting a big shadow means he will be influential. His destiny is tied to the dragons: Dany, Aegon, and Bloodraven. I do not believe he is a dragon but he will have equal importance in the story.
  12. The Goodbrooks stayed loyal to the king instead of Hoster. They paid very dearly for it. You can now understand why Goodbrook took the Frey side during the red wedding. I do not blame him one bit for hitting the Tullys back.
  13. U. B. Cool

    Rickon will ride unicorn into the battle

    That wildass tyke will ride a bicycle with training wheels.
  14. Tywin is a capable fellow but his main focus is on advancing the interests of House Lannister. Tywin is fine as Hand of the King but as the actual king, with no restraints on his powers, he would not be the best choice. He does strike fear but he will not be loved. He will fall as soon as his critics see a moment of weakness. He was working so hard to meet his goals and all the while under his nose his children's character deficiencies were undermining everything. Don't even get me started on Jaime. This is the shithead who betrayed two kings. Banging the king's wife is not cool. I would say the War of the Five Kings was ignited by Jaime. LF just fanned the flames. Jaime also broke guest rights when he tried to kill Bran in Winterfell. Cersei, of course, should not rule at all. Tyrion would be fine serving a monarch like Daenerys. But he would not make a good king. He's too weak emotionally. He's an alcoholic and he has a big chip on his shoulder.
  15. U. B. Cool

    Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration

    Sure. I was only commenting that bloodshed is the norm. That's how they cast their votes.