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  1. Big P

    On Janos Slynt

    It does not read that way to me. It looks like Jon knew the proper punishment for acts of this type: a few days in a prison cell. But then he talks himself out of that in favor of execution because he wanted to kill Slynt. Revenge was Jon's motive.
  2. The powerbase were always there. Lurking and waiting for any signs of weakness. Varys even worked to create cracks in the Baratheon wall. Good old Petyr Baelish conveniently got rid of the houses who would resist a Targaryen restoration. Sure he has plans of his own but Varys must have seen this coming and took advantage of it. The Sealord of Braavos too has his own plans to restore the Targaryens. The base was there but it was scared to act until the Baratheon armor cracked.
  3. Big P

    Valyrian military

    You've been given the proof. Three dragons made short work of the Westerosi forces. Hundreds of dragons with battle experience plus skilled riders took longer to put down Old Ghis. You don't need rocket science to understand which army is better between Old Ghis and the Westerosi.
  4. Big P

    Does Targaryen blood matter anymore?

    Diluted it might be but the presence of the dragon gene is still there. This gene can come up and express itself randomly. The Targaryen blood alone making magic happen has never been proven. It is an in-the-world theory from the red religion. No Targaryen blood was shed during the miracle that hatched the dragon eggs. The king's blood came from Drogo, who was not a Targaryen. It is not being Targaryen that can create the magic but the blood of a king. Drogo was undefeated and a man full of life. His accomplishments and manliness exceeded that of Rhaegar. If a man alive was a fitting offering to birth dragons it was Drogo. Any Joe burning a Dothraki khal is not going to hatch dragon eggs though. It was the combination of Daenerys Targaryen calling forth the miracle and the blood of the khal that produced the miracle. In other words, Azor Ahai was needed to call for the miracle and she did. There were a lot of Targaryen blood at Summerhall and yet not a single dragon hatched. Because Aegon V was an Any Joe. Egg was simply a regular guy with a crown on his head. He is not Azor Ahai. Dany is . And none of those Targaryens at Summerhall walked out of the fire alive! They burned like any other people might.
  5. Robb might be typical for a nobleman from a primitive region like the north. Jon is downright primitive. His manners and his temper are savage. He would be okay for a ranger but he will always be a high risk for vow breaking and treason because of his nature. Jon belongs with the wildlings on the other side of the wall. I would not want that guy to be my commander.
  6. Big P

    Valyrian military

    Old Ghis had its formidable legions that would make mince meat out of any armies that the lords of Westeros can put together. The evidence is right there. Visenya, Aegon, and Rhaenys had a rather easy time beating up on the lords of Westeros. That was only three dragons and the skills of the siblings are in question because they do not have extensive experience in battle. The most experienced member of the Targaryen forces of that time was Balerion. Only he had experience from the days of skilled air men and women. The old Freehold and its multiple times the number of dragons and more experienced riders took a long time to put down Old Ghis. That is proof of how effective those legions were. Westeros and its knights do not stand a chance against those legions. You are showing your prejudice. Just because the story began in Westeros does not mean they have the most advanced military. Robert himself was afraid of a Dothraki invasion. I would say the legions of Old Ghis and the Unsullied of the current time period are even better than the Dothraki.
  7. Big P

    Valyrian military

    That is a very good question. The Valyrians had dragons as their air force but you cannot control the people with that alone. They had to have had crack ground troops to enforce their will on the territories. They were basically colonialists. They had to have good ground troops in order to keep everything under control. They were not the only ones with formidable ground forces. Ghis and its sister slaver cities also had formidable legions. It took a few major wars before the Valyrians, their dragons, and their military could defeat the people of Ghis. The three Targaryens of the conquest did not have to work so hard despite having only three dragons and less skill to defeat the armies of Westeros. That should be a clue to us of the strength of the legions of Ghis. Daenerys Targaryen's Unsullied troops are surely a powerful force because they are patterned after the legions of old.
  8. Big P

    Coal in ASOIF

    The wightified northern army marching on the trident will be charcoaled by the time Drogon is done with them. They will be turned to steaming lumps of coal.
  9. Big P

    The danger of Gerold Dayne

    Doran is a cautious man. He's risk averse. To whom is Darkstar dangerous to? Doran?
  10. Big P

    Characters who deserve to DIE

    Euron, the Slavers, Vargo, Ramsay, Gregor get off on inflicting pain and suffering on others. They are the few examples of evil in the text. The others like Roose, Walder, Tywin, Stannis, and Mance did very bad things but I wouldn't call them evil. They had good reasons for most of the bad things they did.
  11. The Starks cannot claim the moral high ground when compared to the Targaryens. Those northern sheep heads supported and practiced the lord's right to the first night. Read F&B and they give the impression of being more sexists than the south. Bran's dream showed an ancestor cutting a man's throat to nourish that bloody tree in Winterfell. Sansa does not hold the moral high ground on Viserys. Viserys, for all of his faults, took care of his little sister. We can all agree on the hardship those two siblings had to face. Viserys was a bad brother in many respects but he took care of his little sister. Sansa takes care of Sansa. I would not at all be surprised if she murders little Robin Arryn to impress Hardyng. Arya is going around murdering people who have nothing to do with her family's troubles all with the goal of getting even. Their half-brother is at the wall causing problems because he wants to avenge the Starks. Robb is an oathbreaker. Lyanna broke her engagement, which can be seen as a form of oathbreaking. Late uncle Brandon is no better than Robert when it comes to their treatment of women and children. I'm not bashing on the Starks. Not this evening. I'm just saying they do not hold the moral high ground on the Targaryens.
  12. That's a point that Martin was careful to make. Members within a given family are not homogeneous outside the fact that they're all human. Most of the Targaryens are average in terms of temperament. Which is good considering they had the power to get what they wanted. The representative of the family that we know best, Daenerys Targaryen, is a very special person blessed with courage, compassion, intelligence, beauty, and charisma. For sure she is not representative of every member of the family and she is rather exceptional. But, the rest of the Targaryens were quite the average lot. No better, no worse than the rest of the nobility.
  13. Daemon is no more than a dragon riding Targaryen. She's much more than a Targaryen. Dany is the Maiden Made of Light. It's her destiny to build a new dawn empire at the end of the Long Night.
  14. Jon Connington is contagious and greyscale will spread. It will be blamed on the Golden Company ofcourse. Shireen will spread greyscale in the north and it will be blamed on the Wildlings. Aegon may have enough Targaryen in him to resist the disease. He's not getting sick. He will marry Daenerys and become her consort.