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  1. It was reprehensible but he does not have a monopoly on cruelty. It is not a rare trait in their time.
  2. I agree in Ned's case. Robb's was just pure selfishness on his part. Honor was something Robb lacked.
  3. Pity he died. He could have been a charming antagonists to Wayman Manderly. Here's hoping Ser Jared was able to get away and just waiting for the right moment to attack the Manderlys. The way Jared called out Davos was epic. It was nicely done.
  4. It is inevitable. They will have to send somebody to Vaes Dothrak and ask help from Dany. I want time enough to give the dragons time to get bigger.
  5. He is a warg and a skin changer. He will look like the nearest thing he can skin change. Ghost. So he comes back as the white direwolf. If he gets unlucky and the direwolf refuses to relinquish his own will, then Jon will have to make do with a raven or one of the horses in the stables. So in order of what I think he will look like: 1. Ghost, 2. Raven, 3. horse. 4. Wun Wun. I believe distance may limit his range.
  6. Only the northmen and the rivermen were cheering for Robb Stark. And most of that company were angry at the Lannisters. That is not a good example. They do not even come close to majority.
  7. Alleras and Missandei. They're different as night and day but each interesting.
  8. And I think the majority would choose to unite and be one kingdom. Don't forget, the majority are non-nobles. The common people. They cheered for Aegon the Conqueror and they will cheer for his descendant, the young Queen Daenerys too. The Great Lords may not want unity because it demotes them to lord status but their voices should not drown out the majority, which are the common people.
  9. I have to agree. Those who would break that unity (Balon, Robb Stark, Mance, and Jon) have done more harm than good.
  10. This is mostly false. Even the pit fighters were willing to fight against the Yunkai outside Meereen. Sure some of the freedmen were complaining but they are better off and would rather remain free. There will always be a few who are in a different situation. I am sure it was the same way in the southern states of America before their Civil War. But those are the rare, extreme cases. So it is quite ignorant to say Dany did not help anybody. She helped the majority of the freedmen and gave them a chance at a better future. Dany is the wind of change needed to reform Slaver's Bay. It will not be easy but she is doing the right thing. You should be blaming the slaves' former owners and masters for the problems. The Ghiscari slavers are the ones hindering peace and blocking the way towards a more prosperous future for the majority.
  11. Ser Barristan was attracted to Lady Ashara. He knew she had sex at Harrenhal. It is only natural for him to keep up with her life after that. He had the means to collect information coming from Starfall because of his lofty office. He could have had a servant working for him in Starfall if he had wanted to. It is easy enough to command a serving person to ride to Starfall and bring him news.
  12. The king has the authority to decide who his subjects marry. Yes
  13. Randyll Tarly is not the only lord who would refuse to let his trueborn son serve another house as a maester.
  14. MMD I look forward with eagerness to Wayman Manderly's death Weymar Harma
  15. Aerys has the authority to order those engagements dissolved. That is the approach he should have taken before executing Rickard and Brandon. Execute them only if they refuse to obey.
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