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  1. So do what Tywin did during the rebellion. Wait for the results before picking sides. His honor won't allow that. He can't approve a wildling attack on the north.
  2. I am doubtful of that. The keep will be buried in snow before the end of Winds. Jon won't come back as a warm-blooded human. Arya will die before she can make it back to the North. The Starks will be living as a pack of Dire wolves before the end of the series.
  3. I am seeing some interesting similarities between Quasimodo and Tyrion. I am referring to "Hunchback of Notre Dame." Tyrion is the Half-Made Quasimodo of this story. He will fall in love with Sansa who is Esmeralda. Frollo is Petyr Baelish. The Eyrie is Notre Dame. Sansa will die for her role in the deaths of Lysa and Robert Arryn. Tyrion will die while trying to save her. Petyr will throw her under the bus because she will reject his love.
  4. This has to be hypothetical because Westeros will not be in any shape to worry about marriage alliances during the long night. The marriage will only last until the darkness comes to King's Landing. I believe the future is to look towards Essos. I like Willas Tyrell for Dany. He brings the food basket of Westeros to the Targaryen team. Jon will have a death sentence hanging over his head. No way he returns to the wall. He will have to fight without the watch. He should marry Mance Rayder's widow, Dalla. Mance won't be alive for too long. Barring that, hell go marry his beloved Arya.
  5. Jon sent Mance. So Jon is not relieved of guilt.
  6. Jon and Mance are guilty. They know better. But spearwives may not observe the same laws and values of hospitality.
  7. I don't find Tyrion funny. His humor seem forced to me.
  8. Craster has genetic compatibility with them but it is doubtful whether the other free folk have this gene. The north will be crawling with White Walkers if any baby can be converted to their kind. We know of one person in the past who may have also had this genetic compatibility. You guessed it. The Night's King, who happened to be a Stark. So the NK, Craster, and the Starks are of the same genes. They are all Starks. Craster and the NK were Starks.
  9. It's not impossible for a paid henchman to sabotage the boat. Let's look at some possible motives. Jealousy - Aerys trusted Steffon to choose a bride for the prince. Revenge - Aerys snubbed Cersei. Political - Tywin wants Rhaegar to marry from within the kingdom. It isn't only Tywin who would have an interest in Rhaegar's future marriage. The Martells could have plotted the whole thing and gotten what they wanted. The maesters doesn't want a foreign religion to marry into the royal family.
  10. A remarkable achievement by any measure. The Targaryens are at the top of the food chain.
  11. Is Arya Stark a mindless psycho killer or a righteous avenger? She is an avenger but there is no justice in the killings of Dareon and the Insurance agent. I will choose psycho killer as the more apt category where Arya belongs.
  12. The Valyrians were more advanced compared to the people of Westeros. The Targaryens have achieved far more than the Starks and the Durandons. The Targaryens are superior. The Starks had their warg powers, human sacrifices, and skin changing. All it got them was dominion over an icey waste land. And recognizably looong faces. All it took was the stupid son of that stupid house breaking his oath to Walder Frey to make them homeless. Oh, and also a self-centered daughter of the house blabbing daddy's getaway plan to their number one enemy.
  13. That's true. Aemon was thinking of Dany during his last moments. I would think she is the sphinx. She has traveled extensively and came to know many different peoples. You could say she has assimilated a little bit of their cultures and customs. She is Daenerys of House Targaryen, true ruler of Westeros, wife of Drogo the Dothraki, Queen of the Ghiscari city of Meereen, and Mother of Dragons. She is the sphinx. She is the riddle because her identity was not known until now. Everybody expected the boys in the family to be the big time players. How wrong they were. Dany is the promised princess, Azor Ahai.
  14. It's really Quaithe who is the object of identity theories. At this point, we know for sure she is not Belwas!!!!!!! One of his manboobs alone is bigger than her.
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