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  1. ResidentHi11

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    I believe Jaime is similar to Samson. Samson has hair cut and loses his strength (and arrogance in being the best). Jaime has sword hand cut off and loses his strength (and arrogance in being the best). Samson is captured when he becomes weak. Jaime is captured (well twice) and becomes weak, both from the dungeons of RR and from Hoat cutting his hand off. Samson is put on a fruitless task of grinding at a mill. Jaime sets himself on a fruitless task of finding the Stark girls. Samson is betrayed by his lover Delilah. We will have to see if Jaime is betrayed by perhaps Cercei. Samson prays for strength one last time and dies while killing his enemies. Again, will have to see if something similar happens to Jaime.
  2. ResidentHi11

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    According to the Nuremberg Trials, many crimes were committed. What was your point? Laws change when conquest happens. Mereen was a slaver society until Dany's conquest. Nazi Germany did many horrible atrocities until defeated by the Allies. The difference is the Allies at least put the guilty on trial prior to execution.
  3. ResidentHi11

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    I do have to say, it is another credit to Martin that he created a world with varied societies and norms (many of which parallel real world issues, past and present) that we can actually debate back and forth the moral ethics of the differing civilizations and the characters that act with or against said civilizations.
  4. ResidentHi11

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    Haha I agree that we see this differently, and I enjoy a good discussion. It's all in good fun and I hope I don't come across as being hostile. A good debate is fun. We were discussing Dany but you have broadened the scope significantly. I have no qualms going over each point at some point. Running short of time for today. I think it can be a very lengthy discussion on the subject of all of the characters and their pros and cons. I can go for a bit with Robb's conquests and mistakes (he made a lot), Stannis and his following a red priest that doesn't know how to read the flames at all, etc. For now, I will stay focused on Dany and this one action. Let me start by saying that I do not disagree with her goal, in fact, I applaud it. It is a worthy goal. Bringing freedom to thousands is an astonishing task and one that is very difficult. I was right there with her cheering when she crucified the Great Masters, but after thinking on it, felt differently about it. The interesting (and frustrating) thing about this debate is, like I said, we have no POV from a Great Master. But let's not forget that her cause did not begin with the freedom of the enslaved but for revenge and conquest of the seven kingdoms. She did not know the Starks, but wants them dead. She thinks the throne is hers but in this world, might makes right. Aegon the conqueror won by having dragons and if a lord failed to bend the knee, burned them. The Targ words are "Fire and Blood "not "Freedom for all".
  5. ResidentHi11

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    I wouldn't say poor but maybe not a great analogy. It was early and more coffee might have been prudent. My point is while a majority of a group may be villains, there MAY be those within that are more benevolent. We don't know because Mad Adolescent Teen Queen Dany did not choose to learn more about the group and made assumptions. I do not condone the Great Masters in any way shape or form, but as I said, WE live in a privileged (most of us anyways) society where we view what was happening as horrendous crimes. To the Mereenese, this is the culture that has been around for quite some time. WE can judge them harshly but in the world Martin has crafted, this is the way of life. There are stories and reports that benevolent masters that treated their slave well were crucified. That IS in the text and the former slaves are distraught by it. Dany is pissed about the crucifixion of children and absolutely rightly so. It is monstrous. A vile intimidation tactic. So she crucified the same number of Great Masters in revengeance! But, do we know if the ones crucified were part of the group that decided on this action? Are the truly guilty still free? Are THEY the sons of the harpy because the wrong GM's were killed? Are ANY of the GM's actually good? ARE they all evil? We do NOT know since we have no POV as a GM. The guilty should be punished and accordingly. Bringing freedom to thousands in bondage? Awesome job Dany, that's a good act. To simply kill a number of people without knowing their guilt for sure? That is not justice. Although I do think she realizes later her error in doing what she did. I can say that I am glad some of you are not in a position of any power since your idea of justice is as bad as the Great Masters. This planets' history has a few unsavory individuals that also believed in killing wantonly for the simple act as being part of a race/culture.
  6. ResidentHi11

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    Oh I have and it is a fun time! (I used to work in an after school program for teens in another life) At that moment in her life, any eye for an eye or blood for blood is tempting and she gives in to that. What she did (at least to me) was commit vengeance against a whole group of people for what may have been the actions of a few. We don't get a POV as a Great Master, therefore we don't know the details that led to the children being crucified. Take government for example, in the U.S. we have a congress, Senate, President etc. If some politicians vote in favor of committing a war crime and others do not but the motion passes, would you round up all politicians and sentence them to death, even if some were voting against and perhaps working against what the others were doing?
  7. ResidentHi11

    Soldier Pines and Sentinels

    Perhaps the diameter of the tree is based more on locality. To me, I have never seen a tree in New England with a trunk that large in diameter. Pines, Oaks, etc. don't typically grow that wide. Maybe it is a northern thing. Have never seen a cottonwood. What climate zone are they in?
  8. ResidentHi11

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    Why do people refer to what the Great Masters did, to include slavery and the crucifixions, as crimes in this case? Yes, to us that have the privilege to live in a civilized society, it is a monstrous crime. To the Mereenese however, no crime was committed. Dany wasn't looking for justice, for if she were, there would have been investigations and trials. There is sufficient evidence in ASOIAF that this would be so. Dany is angry, is an adolescent with raging hormones and wants to lash out at what she perceives as crimes (and she is right to be angry) however, her actions are those of vengeance. She thinks murdering people within a group that did commit a monstrosity will make her feel better. If she wanted justice, she had ample opportunity and resources to have begun an investigation and rounded up the true culprits.
  9. ResidentHi11

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    I think a big part of my dislike for Dany is her Essos storyline. I just don't like nor care about that part of the world and when she is stuck in Mereen, I felt it tedious and annoying, like, here is all this crazy stuff happening in the main location! wow! and now back to Hizdar zo Lomak qo Struessel zon mafak and a bunch of other names that sound similar and Dany! I am not against a strong female leadership, in fact I am for it. I can easily see things going that way soon In the books. Cercei in KL, Sansa becoming LoW (maybe), Dany becoming Queen, Arya the Assasin, Val the Wildling Princess, Gilly, foster mother of the son of the KBtW, Asha, Queen of the Iron Born etc. There are some great women characters. I am just not a fan of Dany and her arrogance. She says she wants justice, but what she means is revenge. She isn't sympathetic to the people, simply she loves that they lover her. But you never know, her character may change and I will end up loving her. I know it wouldn't be the first time I started by hating a character then liking them later (Jaime).
  10. ResidentHi11

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    I love Arya and despise Dany. But that is what makes these books so great, that we feel strongly about the characters. Like in real life, we don't like everyone, in fact we hate certain people. It is to Martins credit that he has written characters that evoke feelings from us as we root and jeer them on.