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  1. 1) You obviously didn't even read the OP if you are saying she stepped down or jeopardized her children or allowed herself or her family [et al] shame............................. 2) Dorne is hardly plain sight when your wife's family rules there. 3) We are talking about my OP which you obviously didn't read. Why are you here? Could his wife of perhaps 5 years have known him enough to trust him/his vision to bear a third child when she could not give him one? Did she believe it was her destiny for her and her children to die anyway? Why did Lyanna name their child Aegon which was already the name of Rhaegar and Elia's son? Could Lyanna ALSO have trusted Rhaegar's vision that Elia and other children were doomed? ▲ major parts of OP extrapolate. Come back when you've read it. I didn't make this thread to WETNURSE to the DragonWolf melodrama.
  2. I do not know if anyone is talking about my OP here which is concerning ELIA, the wife of Rhaegar and if she was complicit. WHY would Rhaegar take a woman from the North (rather, why would she go with him) to hide IN DORNE? Does no one find this telling? He went with her to the place neither of them is from.... and to the lands where Elia is from. Her family did not know he was there? SHE did not know they were there? That is the OP of this thread in case ppl forgot
  3. Missy is an endearing term I say to my niece over having had too much sugar and going spastic (overreacting). I do not come here to fight. And I also shouldn't have to explain myself but I did. I have never insulted or belittled you. If you took a jest wrongly, then put me to ignore. I dislike when people ASSume a motive when they know nothing about the intention behind it. However, every interaction I have had with you has been kind and gentle. I'm not asking for an apology. Just maybe re-think the context of what you said and your reaction. This is a frakking chat forum. I won't walk on eggshells in the hope someone won't have some toxic reaction to a word. Especially when I have never acted negatively toward you. Your post to me was far more aggressive but I took it in stride based on the idea you have not a history toward me being vengeful or mean. Why I cannot have the same courtesy is not even something I wish to explore currently. If you choose to continue to battle, then I will put you to ignore instead. It has been made clear these types of interaction are forbidden in this forum because they don't belong here. I'm not a person to go around reporting others. Just don't argue or choose to ignore me. Thanks so much.
  4. woah missy.................................... slow that up Are you saying: That Bran wasn't told "no" by Ned? That Ned didn't allow the pups after Jon said what he said? That Ned has no idea who Jon is? Seriously, what part do you think didn't happen? All true. DO you feel like Jon perhaps made a better argument as for WHY to keep the pups? You don't have to be royalty to change someone's mind. If you think Ned was "obeying" the true king of Westeros, then I guess Ned would have been obeying Jon throughout all season 1 on anything Jon said. I wonder if Jon ever said something Ned did not obey. And if that's the case, he would have been putting Catelyn in her place for shunning Jon and being like "listen woman, you need to get onboard with this bastard thing". But that was never the case. YES OR NO? YES? NO? YES/NO? Y/N? No other answer will suffice.
  5. Kytheros made the point. Jon pointed out it was maybe an omen for the Stark family.
  6. The idea Ned Stark eschewed the direwolf puppies.............. but "obeyed" Jon's idea to keep them because Ned knew Jon was actually the Heir to the kingdoms. I'm actually lol right now
  7. I would say that's looking into things a little too deeply
  8. I like this post. lol on with the bitchy quips!
  9. That's a very interesting thought I have not heard before. It never seemed tho that Ned was doing this.... but perhaps there were other factors. Such as Catelyn hated AeJon and Ned could never be seemingly treating him "well" in her presence. And Ned never really tried hard to stop him from going to/wanting to go to the Wall.... which would nullify everything he was born to be (with the oath). Ned never seemed to go out of his way to do anything different with AeJon but there could ne a number of logical reasons for it. I do agree with what you said tho. I can't think of it now, there are other shows and maybe a movie(?) that do this same thing where the "chosen one" is given a "normal life" to prepare him/her reasonably for their destiny in abnormality.
  10. ACTUALLY if you want to get in the mud and mix it up, the "Christian thing" is actually Vampirism. "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and will be saved from Death." - John 6:54 And not to mention a reanimated corpse -- with the same wounds (like AeJon and Baeric) and a lot more hmm
  11. HOW is this now drifting into the realm of real-life religion? wow it's a fantasy fiction book with dragons and undead.
  12. That's putting it lightly. It will be some Bran vision and explanation to the whole Great Hall in Winterfell in one fell swoop. Bran has become simply a tool of extrapolation lol If you need something clarified, you just go get Bran and he goes into greensight to explain it. I wouldn't doubt if Bran in S08 will be in the vision and explaining what he sees simultaneously. Less screen time to waste. Less script. Everybody believes Bran. Win/Win. Question: WHY do they believe Bran anyway? He's telling all these things no one else knows, how can it be confirmed?
  13. Yes... lol if you look there are all these news stories asking if the actor from Viserys appeared in episode 7 finale. I was dying! But I was saying the books have to be aside for this conversation -- the show has now totally diverged from Martin's story. https://i.redd.it/kax4ssbv4q3y.png The actor DOES look a lot like Viserys tho. Makes sense since they were brothers. I think it was good casting.
  14. Really? The show never barely explore any characters from Dorne, we never saw Elia.... but you think they are going to pull THIS out at the last moment to explain the motivations of Rhaegar - a character who we also have NEVER seen before except for a 10-second murky glance through the wig of Viserys from season 1?
  15. There could be a few reasons - the one I believe to fit the overall story better is he knew his first family was going to die, therefore, he had to make sure his second bride (but especially the child) was "authentic" (through marriage) and was a legitimate heir to the throne. Does no one think they discussed what to name the child? She named him AEGON. That means Rhaegar already had a child named Aegon and AeJon was basically a replacement for Aegon (who was or would be killed). I really believe there was divine prophecy involved.