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  1. LastManStanding

    Night King appreciation thread

    Still like the idea of him being at least a bit autonomous, with a plan. On the idea of Bran, I wonder if he could control the NK in the end, even temporarily, for enough time for them to kill the NK - effectively killing them both. Or killing Bran in the NK's body and having the NK trapped in a cripple. And then whoever kills "Bran" is labelled a traitor and killed.
  2. LastManStanding

    Lannister Army will fight for...??

    Considering she didn't tell them, just Jamie, I would assume they would follow Jamie if he said let's go. Having said that, I could see him going with a bit of an army and helping out, the main characters slay most of the army and it looks like they are winning but they have been pushed down to King's Landing. Then the army of the dead is reinforced by the many in King's Landing and the city is overrun by the people Cersie rules but doesn't care about. She burns great parts of the city to defend herself, and then wants to burn Jon, Dany and large swaths of their armies but Jamie stops her, knowing if they die, then they are all doomed. He strangles her as the dead pour in and uses wildfire to destroy the Great Hall (maybe the entire Red Keep?) killing himself in the process.
  3. LastManStanding

    Future of the dothraki

    Considering they are the bulk of the total army against the army of the dead, I assume a lot will die, though they are great fighters. I imagine a lot of them will survive though and fight in any war that comes at the end between whoever survives/vs the Golden Company. They follow Daenerys and have done so over the poison waters on wooden horses, so staying in Westeros and not pillaging and raping is not out of the question. Plus I assume, like she did with the Iron Born, Daenerys told them to stop that practise. I assume those who remain will settle down and form a part of Westeros. If Dany wins and sits on the throne and everything, I see them being part of the Crowns army where people can decide to be a part of the Dothraki or Unsullied. If she is still alive then they will continue to follow her as usual, maybe even running a proper city. If Dany dies, and someone like Jon or Sansa rules, then I see them ruling a region as thanks for their help, creating a merged culture kind of thing, which would be cool.
  4. LastManStanding

    Night King appreciation thread

    Hopefully he will talk. I will be surprised if he doesn't. He MUST have a plan, hence why he has let people live or get across to the other side before making them wights, for example. I'm thinking he was created to create defend Westeros from destruction and that is still his goal - destroy those who threaten Westeros, but that doesn't mean everyone. He will kill who he thinks is bad/causing destruction and will leave people behind to try and make a better world. If they fail, he will return. That is just my thought.
  5. It's a weak defence. First, she is Lady of Winterfell. People won't believe him over her and that is all it comes down to with no physical proof and no one to back him up. Secondly, all she would have to say is "I was a child, escaping the clutches of the Lannister's and you used me, controlled me and manipulated me". Again, no one will not believe she was controlled by him.
  6. Rumours start in various ways. Someone could have misheard speculation as fact and passed it on, someone could have made it up completely to cause chaos (like Littlefinger has done). Really, it doesn't matter WHO spread the lie.
  7. LastManStanding

    The Wall

    It's no coincidence that they started becoming active when Daenerys and her dragons came about and magic returned to the world, so I think it is erroneous to say they have been sitting about for 8,000 years. They probably "awakened" around the same time. Like everyone else in the story, the NK has probably been planning and taking his time. Waiting for the right time and playing with the right people. Hence letting the Nights Watch see wights for example. Bran probably played a big part in letting him pass and the dragon was probably a nice bonus. This, of course, is speculation. It is al I can offer right now. Because they haven't told us yet. The NK is suppose to be mysterious. We aren't suppose to know his backstory and all his motives and actions and thoughts. It's like saying about Arya "pfft, what took her so long to kill the Freys?". Well, she was doing other things of course.
  8. That's the point. No one thought she ran away with him. They thought he took her, possibly raped her. That is the lie that the rebellion was based on.
  9. LastManStanding

    An Entire Season without Ghost

    If they used old footage, people here would have bitched that they didn't put in the effort and should have left him out. Yeah, it is sad that he wasn't in this season. I assumed he wasn't with Jon because Jon left him behind to protect Sansa. Would have been great for him to be there when the Stark kids dished out some justice at the end.
  10. Yes, you are right. But people didn't know that she loved him back and wilfully ran away, got married and had a kid. Hence why everyone thought he kidnapped her... which is the lie...
  11. Because they thought she was kidnapped and raped no? If they didn't think that, they wouldn't have gone down all swords blazing and wouldn't have died and therefore that war wouldn't have started. So it was based off a lie. There is a cause behind the thing people call the cause of the war.
  12. LastManStanding

    The Wall

    Who/where in the episode did it say or show that? No where, that is just you jumping to silly conclusions because you aren't giving every answer you want. This is how I expected the wall to fall. That or for the NK to walk up to it and for it to crumble because he has marked Bran and is frikin powerful.