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  1. Alfonso Sánchez

    Finally, the Dothraki confirmed as best army

    Well, do not underestimate the knights too, their weapons are better forged, better designed, and if they used spears, they would be better shock troops (another point that the writers miss, knights are bound to use lances). Also, knights do start fighting at early stages of their lives. Pretty much this, but i would compare the Dothraki to Scythians perhaps?. the thing is, the Dothraki tactics and weapons are by far not really good for cavalry specialist, neither as shock groups or harassing cavalry, they lack the lances for shocking, and the composite bows and tactics for steppe warfaring. Considering your name one would be forgiven for thinking that you hace some kind of bias, but I do agree with you, it was really impressive for the lannister to stand as long as they did, but i do not think a good infantry based army would have formed 3 men deep, specially an infantry with experience against heavy cavalry.
  2. Alfonso Sánchez

    Finally, the Dothraki confirmed as best army

    When the line and morale is broken, any army could do that, that is the whole point of a battle, to break the enemy and start slaughtering them, what you see in movies is not the way battles worked. A dragon is very powerful because he is the ultimate shock unit and the ultimate morale breaker.
  3. Alfonso Sánchez

    Finally, the Dothraki confirmed as best army

    Some of us have a master in steel manufacturing so we know a thing or 2 on weapon forging, and there could be some people here who have history studies too... not every GoT fan is a simple raging nerd...
  4. Alfonso Sánchez

    Finally, the Dothraki confirmed as best army

    I see, thanks a lot for the input!!
  5. Alfonso Sánchez

    Finally, the Dothraki confirmed as best army

    What about the swiss guard and the pike infantries in the late medieval period? Indeed it is known that the manipular formation of the romans defeated the phalanx, but many people over historia forums argue that bad generalship damaged the romans chances. Nevertheless, very interesting points.
  6. Alfonso Sánchez

    Finally, the Dothraki confirmed as best army

    Mostly correct, our issue with the cavalry is that they are not using the strategies and tactics that made the mongols powerful, and they are not charging like a proper shock unit like the hussars, hetaroi or else. If i am correct, the men of arms used as infantry were also very well trained, the use of zweihanders, halberds, partisans and lances required several degrees of training, and tower shields required marching drills and so. We are complaining about a light infantey, without armor, clashing directly against a heavy armored infantry, something that would end badly for the cavalry, we know that armor is not the cure for bad tactics.
  7. Alfonso Sánchez

    Finally, the Dothraki confirmed as best army

    From behind... which is what we are expecting the dothraki to do... cavalry was always used as shock troops, one would fix the othrr army with the infantry and then flank them with the cavalry, (hammer and anvil) which ironically, is what happened on the battle of bastards, there are other tactics, specially involving specialized chsrging units such as the winged hussars and the hetaroi, but i think the point is made. I would like to hear your opinion on Cersei merit to the throne, this is a forum and I would be pleased to learn your opinion.
  8. Alfonso Sánchez

    Seven Samurai

    I thought that Tormund wasnt good at strategy and tactics, he is a moral leader, but he doesnt even know what a pincer move is!! Nevertheless, i think this is the most skilled group in arms we have seen since Aerys Whitecloacks
  9. Alfonso Sánchez

    Finally, the Dothraki confirmed as best army

    Well, not to be too stubborn, but Cersei is queen after showing her savvy tactics in the game of thrones, murdering and outsmarting her enemies, in a more or less believeable way... Those Dothraki charges wouldnt break any heavy line convincingly, much less become the most powerful army in westeros.
  10. Alfonso Sánchez

    Finally, the Dothraki confirmed as best army

    Omg donaldys I Trumpagar made a compliment to a sourthern mexicaling of Dorne!! Hehehe i would guess that the show makers do not know anything about huns, mongols or dacian strategies
  11. Alfonso Sánchez

    Finally, the Dothraki confirmed as best army

    It was more or less portrayed on the battle of bastards, whilst not accurate, the wall shield and spear phalanx portrayed by the boltons is more or less what stopped cavalries in all of history...
  12. Alfonso Sánchez

    Finally, the Dothraki confirmed as best army

    So a consensus is met?, Dothraki are the best just because the plot require it, not because their weapons/tactics or else?
  13. Alfonso Sánchez

    A Wight for Cersei? Seriously?

    You dont need a blacksmith for working with obsidian, im mexican and our ancestors used it for making weapons, the obsidian must be punched in order to make it sharp. What im thinking is that they wont necessarily need the obsidian, they are chasing wights not white walkers, only jon is equiped to deal with those, the others should run... And gwndry has the best weapon against wights
  14. Alfonso Sánchez

    Finally, the Dothraki confirmed as best army

    The thing is... they do not fight like huns or mongols, there are no tactics or proper charges... The broadswords, bastard swords and such are not specialized weapons, like the rapier, falchions and dothraki arakhs, ironically, you are the one driving the dothraki to the corner, the arakhs are not good against armored enemies and proper charges. There has not been a single case of a light cavalry breaking the line of a heavy infantry phalanx, we are saying that in universe they may be the best, but in real life, dothraki wouldnt be any good at grand scale battles...
  15. Alfonso Sánchez

    I think the scroll...

    I think the game is set this way: Arya now has information that tells her that Sansa wanted that parchment erased from records, and that she was at one point well treated by the lannisters and urging her brother Robb to go bend his knee. Sansa now knows for a fact that Arya is impulsive and still a child in the way things works, her outburst at the stark bedchamber was not a woman asking another woman about their loyalties, it was a brash child (and a deadly one) claiming that killing her enemies is the easy way, and a leader noticing the stupid logic behind that, Sansa may be tempted to underestimate Arya drive. Bran should know what is going now, he has the only power that ought to defeat any schemer in this world, his all seeing omnisciensce allow him to simply rat out littlefinger and have the situation defused. I would bet that the reason for Bran to really being in winterfell now is just for him besting littlefinger.