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    How far will Arya go to kill her enemies?

    Some of the opinions here surprise me, it is interesting how people can read the same text but walk away with such different takes on it. I honestly cannot see Arya being in the 'burn them all' sort of killer crazy to just kill one person especially considering the acts that get people on her list. A but of a contradiction there. Perhaps killing all the Lannisters and their lackeys, placing guilt on some minor people or those who just follow orders. But my impression is Arya is not turning into a nameless heartless thoughtless robot assassin but instead will be unable to let go of Arya Stark and follow orders blindly, as is she is trying to justify her actions to fit her own morals when the two butt heads she will need to make a choice. Only time will tell how the books will unfold. I do no get the impression Arya is insane, I think there aren't any truly insane pov characters. They may make choices that appear insane to us but they all have their reasons, even if they're f'd. I would think if Arya planned to kill Cersei she would not have to blow up KL or something crazy like that, she would use her brains, her stealth and her skills. I also don't see Arya's actions any worse than any soldier or survivor elsewhere in the story, she does not go out of her way to cause pain or kill, and she has reasoning for her kills. Maturity might make her see other options but due to the society she lives in I can understand why she looks to death, after all she has been taught who gives the sentence swings the sword. Westerosi justice is a bit backwards. Arya is not much different to the other females in the story, the only difference is she is more likely to do things herself instead of allowing or manipulating men to do it for her, or to sit around and just let things unfold in front of her. Proactive.
  2. I don't doubt it at all. If Cersei was married to Rhaegar she would still have the main problem that her marriage to Robert had, her husband doesn't think she's as good as she thinks she is, the repercussions of that would just be different. Cersei would fall back to Jaime not just because she can, not just because it's the closest thing she can get to f* herself but because of how Jaime treats her and what she thinks he will do for her, it's an ego boost. Rhaegar would do so many things well in their marriage except be wrapped around her finger and blindly love her. I think she would have his children, at first at least, I think she would want those beautiful Targ babies but I wouldn't be surprised if a few twincest babies slipped pass or she didn't know who the real father was. I'm curious to know what she would do once Rhaegar left her for Lyanna Stark, not so meek as Elia I assume, and I wonder how she would then treat Rhaegar's children once true hate came into it.
  3. Ser Micaelys

    Robert died before made king

    In the situation that the rebellion still wins, Rhaegar is dead and the sack of kings landing still happens but Robert is dead before the sack or possibly on way or after killing Rhaegar, I think Tywin comes into play a bit. In the what if game I see a few possible resolutions to help stop the war, I would think the best way is to try to please as many people. Rebellion was mainly to overthrow Aerys and over the kidnapping of Lyanna, without Robert's Targ hate it could end very differently. I don't see the remaining people so opposed to supporting a Targ claimant especially if it ends the killing and brings piece and means their heads aren't still wanted. A long regency may not be the ideal unless you want to take control and need the time to stabilize things and brings the two sides of the war back together, and if a marriage pact sweetens the deal too. I can def see a young heir being supported. Aegon if after Robert's death Tywin makes it clear he doesn't want the babe killed so it could be a pawn in his game, Jon Arryn could be his regent. Viserys I think would have a good chance, he is older, would be a shorter regency, I could see Tywin having Cersei marry him instead. Those of Robert's Rebellion can be pardons, have positions in the small council. If R+L=J is true and Jon is illegitimate, and Aegon is still dead he could have a claim as rightful heir, without having to protect him from Robert and if the Kings guard is not killed at ToJ and are with him, this is Ned's nephew, he could brings all the factions together. It's a long regency because he is newborn which is the downside, but if it means peace and the right people are part of his regency it might be a pleasing offer to many, the remaining Targs can have Dragonstone. I see in this situation Tywin trying to make a good match of Cersei still, perhaps Edmure or Stannis, a close tie to Ned could mean Tywin could get a grandchild on the thrown instead of a child by marrying Cersei's daughter to baby Jon. I think if it all happens as the books except Robert dies stannis would have a chance, pressing the same claim as Robert as a Targ cousin and taking Aerys' line from the succession. He is older, he is not married at this point so Tywin can marry Cersei to him, he would be head of Storm's End, and Ned and Jon Arryn could pick him for the claim and as Robert's heir if they don't press their claim by right of conquest. Or the Lannisters claim it's theirs by right of conquests and the rest accept it or war continues. Possibly the seven kingdoms break up too. I think without a clear Robert figure head, an easy choice, and without his interferences of the clean up of the Targs, there would be more options that they would have to weigh up. It really depends on what they can get away with and how it benefits the ones with the power to 'choose'. Those in power don't want it to be too messy, it has to make some sort of sense, a valid excuse otherwise they are creating a dangerous precedent that weakens the claimant and opens up to more rebellion, puts their own claims and that of their future lines at risk.
  4. Ser Micaelys

    Who would betroth their daughter to Gregor Clegane?

    that's exactly what came to my mind, someone with little sympathy who has too many girls he needs to get rid of
  5. Ser Micaelys

    So, how well will the Northern lords take

    I think it'll be natural for many to not be happy but faced with the fact that the north is between the force of the others and Daenerys and her dragons. Rebel against them or fight for their lives along side them? hopefully their stubbornness won't kill them all. And it's not really a question of Sansa's rights, ahead of her is Bran who seems more than happy to give it up for Jon so if it's a matter of people using the Stark excuse they'll have to go against that as well. I think it'll make more sense for it to be presented as an alliance not a bending the knee situation, before Westeros Dany talking about marrying for political reasons, on this boat trip a betrothal or wedding could be organised and then place the Stark's as warden's of the North again and get back to surviving and then get rid of Cersei.
  6. I never got the connection with Elizabeth I. ooh both have red hair must end up being a spinster queen. That being said Sansa is my least fave Stark I have always pictured her ending up as a lady but without the frivolous views she had as a child. Prob won't happen but I see her as regent in the North to Rickon, a girl can dream he won't vanish in the story forever, or Lady of the Vale through marriage to someone. Pick up on her games and ends up having her cousin or Harry the heir wrapped around her finger.
  7. Ser Micaelys

    Small Questions v. 10105

    hi. While out today wearing a GoT shirt I was stopped by another fan and ended up in a ASOIAF convo with a complete stranger for about an hour, as you do. Two things we disagreed about was he was insistent that the Starks are originally wildlings and that the targaryens and starks have married before. He used a family tree in some official book he has that I don't. I was like nuh... does anyone know if there is truth in what he is saying. as far as I am aware the starks from wildings I can only relate to the tale of bael the bard. and the only targ stark alliance would be the planned wedding in the act that never happened, they're probably related from other houses that have married into both. Is there a book with some giant family tree that says house strak was founded by wildlings and the targ/starks have married before?
  8. Ser Micaelys

    Stark men are not so Stark

    i think this is a stretch. arya and lyanna and jon look like ned too, so if they look like the old starks then so does ned but he is used as evidence to the opposite. also I think the look passing on is a myth, we don't hear about a heap of portraits, they don't have the technology to have a great record of what people actually looked like. I wouldn't even put too much power into the lineage book. the stark statues... well, there's many great works that don't really resemble the person exactly or even well at all. art was romanticised, features changed to be appropriate. Also the areas have mainly had children with the same area and families, this is going to keep certain things coming back again and again. Most northerners have brown hair. People say the Stark kids look more like Catelyn, but bran and rickon are really young and features change for kids. they could have many features but different colouring. As already said Bran thought that young Benjen could be him. all the auburn hair with the starks kids shows me is that ned carries the red hair gene. black is a dominant colour, not a shock it would be prevalent in the Baratheon line especially with marrying cousins and possibly to same vessels over and over again. there could have been some with dark brown hair or just brown hair that have been lost in time, I can imagine a description of dark hair could realistically be assumed black because people expect that.
  9. Ser Micaelys

    sansa, arya, and dany

    to add on to above Dany also has the respect of many people and power, something Sansa tries and isn't as successful (imo). I predict Sansa will be unimpressed. I can imagine Arya sizing Dany up, and I imagine she will respect Dany but be ready to slit her throat if she feels like Dany deserves it.
  10. Ser Micaelys

    Jon's female ancestors

    I thought Ned's mother's name is known and it was Rickard's cousin
  11. Ser Micaelys

    Let's talk about Jaime...

    this makes me think about who the Lannister army is loyal to. if Jaime stepped down as KG and has taken up his Lannister position and has been controlling the Lannister armies, do they go with him, will they follow him? who is cersei to these soldiers except for a queen whose claim is shakey at best, who is a Lannister but not a Lannister heir, not someone who has fought by their side, risked his life with them, been their leader in battle. realistically I would imagine that the Lannister army and westerlands goes with Jaime.
  12. Ser Micaelys

    That was Rhaegar?

    i think the costume didn't help either he was just underwhelming imo. for some reason i imagined a deeper voice too.
  13. Ser Micaelys

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    I'm no historian but I've come across many times royal children sharing the same name of their siblings who have died young, especially with heirs. I don't find it that odd in the setting, I personally wouldn't do it, then again i'm not living in that sort of time nor am I royal passing on a grand legacy. Don't think it's a given it is the same in books yet I wouldn't rule it out either. I would not think Rhaegar had any part of it as he was dead and probably expected the baby to be a girl and I would expect Lyanna knew about baby Aegon's death via KG. It might have even been the KG who helped suggest the name it was the heir they were protecting. Even though it wasn't planned, Rhaegar could have discussed things, his desire of his heir and the PTWP to be named Aegon, then when Lyanna gave birth to a son and heard baby Aegon had been killed she named Jon Aegon instead. She was dying so.... maybe didn't over think it.
  14. Ser Micaelys

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    This. Boggles my mind. If Rhaegar wanted to over throw his dad, his mad burning the Starks could have helped him yet he hid out in his bachelor pad. All those months! all those deaths! And he seemingly had the kings guard on his side, which included a Martell and a Dayne, watching the ToJ for him and sitting out the war, Something more has to be going on. Possibilities could include that Rhaegar kept it secret because his first wife and children were hostages and he was worried his father would kill them. And perhaps he did try to get peace, perhaps he and lyanna did make contact. I'm trying to imagine Roberts reaction to that, if Robert would just throw that scroll out after pissing on it. It makes me curious about the fight between Robert and Rhaegar.
  15. Ser Micaelys

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    I don't think the annulment itself and remarrying makes him a jerk. we don't know the circumstances. I guess I am looking at it from todays standards where you aren't forced to stay in a loveless marriage. The jerk move I think comes with what happened afterwards, that Rhaegar didn't get involved earlier and try to stop the war to what happened to his family. Then again if Aerys held them hostage perhaps he tried to rescue them, ultimately it was the person who murdered them who are to be blamed for their deaths, Perhaps going home to Dorne with her children would have been welcomes by Elia. A part of me wants to believe Rhaegar wasn't just in a love nest with lyanna while westeros burned around him yet that seems to be the narrative