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  1. My new predictions : Cersei : will have his position restored as Queen Regent,with the help of Sor Robert Strong will eliminate some of his enemies,will plans to made a marriage alliance with Euron,and will fly to Casterly Rock with all the court allowing Kings Landing to be taken by FAegon and Connington based in his teen love for Raegar, . at some point she will successful capture Sansa . Euron : will defeat Redwine fleet by summoning Krakens using mage's blood, at some point,will go to Oldtown,his last move is go to Casterly Rock and marry Cersei here . Arya : is send to Black Pearl to train as a courtesan,will cross patch with Tyrion at some point,returning to Westeros and invading Casterly Rock at Cersei's marriage to kill her and save Sansa . Tyrion : at some point will go to Braavos(is where the whore's go) and cross patch with Arya,will plan to take Casterly Rock and kill Cersei with help of Second Sons . Sansa : will made Littlefinger being killed by lady Stoneheart at some point,but will be captured by Cersei after . Stannis : will win the battle of Winterfell and left the castle with Karstark and return to the wall,at a climax agains the White Walkers will burn Sheeren . The wall : Jon will be ressurrected by Melissandre using Mance Raider's cloak of red silk from Asshai that he left with her after go save Jayne Poole . Melissandre writte the pink letter . Davos : will go to skagos discovers that some Skagosi take the White Walkers for gods and made sacrifice for them like Craster,will enconter Benjen Stark here .
  2. When I do this predictions was a long time since I read the books, and I made some wrong . I reread the books again (yep,I read all in only one month) I will post my new predictions soon .
  3. I believe That Martin Created Euron for the purpose of we have a tread on South, since will take too much time for The Others leave the north. My other theory is that Arianne and Aegon plotlines also is created because He don't figure how to take Dany to westeros (Dance With Dragons is suppose to be about her invasion) .
  4. Rodx

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    A Tywin plan to marry Cersei to Balon is mentioned on Tyrion III of ASOS, can be a Foreshadow for the future, (She obiviously will not marry Balon because he is death,but still can happen with Euron) also, a Allegiance Lannister-Greyjoy is planted in A Clash Of Kings as well . (Balon send a letter to Tyrion to discuss this matter). have some on Feast as well but I current rereading this book .
  5. Rodx

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I reading ASOS again and Tyrion III is so good,Euron and Cersei is foreshadowed strongly here,also Varys reports about a Kraken and now krakens being mentioned on Arianne's chapter of WW I thing Euron plans to use Aeron and Falia to summon a Kraken maybe feed him with them and after that use the Kraken to destroy Redwine's fleet .
  6. When the Others comes everyone at winterfell tombs will rise up,I pretty sure Martin created Winterfell tombs thinking in that in the future .
  7. think is the Others as well .
  8. I know that Martin said that don't want but,I think maybe is better split the book in two depending on the situation ...
  9. Some of My Thought on the Winds of Winter : The Wall : We have some POV inside Ghost's head (being possesed by Jon's) We Have some flashbacks on Melissandre's mind about his time on Asshai,She read the pink letter, in a moment of despair,She will try ressurrect Jon by burning Sheeren at the stake,some Dragon Egg that lies on The Wall since Dance of the Dragon's time will hatch causing the Wall to fall . (but this will happens at the books's ending) Stannis : Stannis will send Asha and some man agains the Frey at the twins. with the Help of Bran trough a tree,Stannis and his man enter Winterfell trough a Shortcut,Stannis wins,Ramsay is aprisoned and have a destiny similar to Vargo Hoat but being feed to his dogs piece by piece instead (like in the show) . Euron and Cersey : Euron will kill Aeron and Fallia in a ritual summoning a storm that will destroy all the ships of redwine and all his enemies fleet . after that he goes to king's Landing and do a marriage proposal to Cersey . King's Landing : Cersey is free from his judgement and recover's his position of Regent Queen and Marries Euron . Cersey start to plot a revenge agains averyone at the city . The KingĀ“s Landing master armourer Tobho Mott knows the secret about Valiryan Steel from Qohor . Cersey start to sacrifice children in order to forge more Valyrian Steel . General thoughs : I don't have Idea of what will happens to Sansa,Arya,Jaime and at meeren,Tyrion and Daenerys, but I think maybe is a possibility of Arys cross ways with Tyrion like said in the serie's leaked plans .
  10. I reading some historical information on the net, and discover that a siege in the city of Kaffa in real life is one of motives beyond the spread of the Black Death through the Europe,when I start to think to parallels on ASOIAF . I think that Jon Connington actually will use his Grey Scale as a weapon against Kings Landing starting a Epidemy,someone already think of that ?
  11. Rodx

    Aegon TWOW

    I thinks that Aegon will end up being killed by Euron near the end of the book,Euron will destroy his siege in King's Landing and gain Cersey's confidence after this .
  12. Rodx

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    People think that Euron send a Faceless man to kill Balon but I think in another possibility . as I re reading AFFC and I perceive that is a bit emplied that Euron can controls the Wind,but Words are Wind,control the wind is actually a metaphor for something that He tells or do to Euron that will cause his fall in the future,but We don't know if Euron born with the ability to see the future or if he learn from someone...
  13. Rodx

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Maybe Euron don't want Dany since the beginning,is only a BS that He tells because He knows that Victarion will betrays him but he wants that Vic use his slaves to blow the Dragonbinger because of some magic shenanigan,magic can't be controled in this series universe,the Dragonbinder was created by the Valirians as a detonator red button in case they lost the dragon's control (theory only) Reads how the Dance of the Dragons war end in TWOIAF,the Dragons simple lost control without explanation ...
  14. Rodx

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I believe that Mark was right,I reading Feast for Crows again and that was actually Foreshadowed, Cersei send a guy to construct some ships and She even think of a union with the Greyjoys,Serious guys, Reread Feasts and Dance again,after that season a lot of things become very open, these two books are my series favorites now... this happens in the chapter that she sends the guy to kill Jon...