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  1. (I don't know if this thread should be here so I'd like to ask the Admins to remove it or delete it, as they see fit) It is the time of the season that one does not want to be a gravedigger in Westeros. Imagine the NK resurrecting everything on his path, like large predators or other animals that could be useful to him, and also, the ones who are already dead in the cemetaries/crypts of the North and the entire Westeros. Imagine the dead rising from the Crypts of Winterfell, and any crypt that is built in any of the major castles/holdfasts. There is one thing that the NK can do, and his entourage, without any debate, and that is to Raise the Dead (unless I am watching a different show). The NK is south of the Wall, no blocking against his magic. The NK did that in Hardhome, so why wouldn't he do it South of the Wall? Can he only raise the ones who were killed by him or his entourage? In the wall, well before its "magical structural failure" the NW started burning their dead, I believe for this reason.
  2. If it's a boy: Rhadar, a mix of the names of Rhagar and Eddard. Now that we know Jon's name is If it's a girl, then Tyriana (ana for short-no pun intended) or Eddardina (dina for short), or Rhaegina (sounds like the latin Regina = Queen), or Daenjona, or Jondaena, or Catelyn (in favour of the sweetness that Catelyn showed to Jon), or Brandina (dina for short), or Rickarda or Rickardina. Plenty of choices there. (just being silly)
  3. The Dew

    Future of the dothraki

    Dothraki most probably be free to choose, if Team Daenerys wins, settle and adopt local customs, or they can be shipped to Essos. Useful ally to have and domicile in the North since they will stop fearing about the Ghost Grass as well. I believe they will have a hell of a time with the Free Folk up there.
  4. The Dew

    The Wightpocalypse

    Well, why would the NK be interested in a sparsely populated North? If you want to build an army one can set up "recruiting offices" in major cities, and voila King's Landing tops the list. Winterfell is of course a candidate city for the NK, but again why taking a detour that won't give out many Wight Recruits? It appears that the NK does not lack a strategic mind if you ask me.
  5. The Dew

    Let's talk about Jaime...

    Well, it's more than interesting to see what happened to Jaime, complete change of character, embodiment of an oathkeeper, and a pragmatist, not to mention that he grew tired and understood that he was on the Crazy-wagon all those years. Not a Saint, but changed a lot!
  6. The Dew

    umm..where is ghost?

    shame really not seeing the direwolves more often
  7. The Dew

    Iron Bank of Braavos (IBB)

    I don't know who had/has the fixation on finish GoT in only 8 seasons, and not 10. Thinking otherwise though, when showrunners decide that a sex/erotic scene is going to be comprised by a cockless man, I cannot blame them for wanting to finish in 8 seasons. Very good observation by the OP about the Iron Bank. I want to believe they have not been forgotten (like the steamship SS Paddling Gendry) and that the bank will have its due or a new arrangement.
  8. The Dew


    -I'd like to see Sansa as Acting Queen of the North, delivering justice for the loss of her aunt to LF. I'd love to see her passing the sentence on her own, or at least imprison LF until he is heard by Jon. -Varys speaking to Jon about Ned, the plot against him and his beheading instead of taking the black; and LF's stance at that time. -The Sand Snakes will be a forgotten memory along with their mother. It would be stupid to kill them all, as they can be used as a lever for the Dornish Lords to follow Cersei. -Theon will be saved by Gendry and they will drift back to Dragonstone. -Jon will cross paths with Arya. Jon will tell Arya about Sansa and LF's past influence over her. Arya will kill LF and will make it look like an accident so that the Vale does not, even typically, revolt against Winterfell. -Yara won't die, she will be instead held by the Crown as a prisoner-surety against Euron, because Yara has a legitimate claim against her uncle, therefore she will be an imprisoned living threat to Euron. -Theon will end up with the Starks in order to close his circle and redeem himself. -Bran will abdicate his rights to Winterfell in favour of Jon, in case there are any voices against his Kingship over the North; likely for Bran to appoint Jon Lord of Winterfell in order to avoid any fuss (if LF is around he will create it and will try to undermine Jon). He will ask to be taken to the Heart tree. -Davos will be very pissed to see Melisandre, but won't make a scene. Jon will explain to Dany what Melisandre has done to Shireen. -Jon will meet the dragons and they will get on fine. -Casterly Rock will be taken at a cost. Grey Worm will die as the main cast will be coming together, and Jorah, there will be no time for giving out time to supporting actors such as Grey Worm. -White Walkers will be seen near Westwatch-by-the-Bridge and not at Eastwatch.
  9. The Dew

    [SPOILER] Your Favorite Moment?

    Lots; don't know what to pick, the Arbor Gold [email protected]_Twins Wine Mixer; Clegane the Undertaker and Fire Seer; Olenna the Old C*nt; Cersei's "whatevvah to mourning" and Tommen's betrayal by suicide; I am not the biggest Sansa fan, but her "I'll assume you said something clever" staff to LF was nice as well; Jon's speech; Lady Mormont's "You don't tell me when to fight"; the March of the Undead; Dany's Landing. The winner for me is "the Arbor Gold [email protected]_Twins Wine Mixer"!
  10. The Dew

    Euron's gift [Spoilers]

    Yep! Quite plausible and an honorable way for Cersei to depart from this world, by playing the Game of Thrones, or being played!
  11. The Dew

    [Spoilers] Will Arya honor guestright?

    Very hard for me to say if she will kill them or not. I have read/heard somewhere that a FM cannot kill someone when he/she knows him, correct me if I'm wrong. I guess it was from the book, where the crew of the ship that took Arya to Braavos were telling her their names and giving her gifts or something? If the latter is the case I don't recall the Lannister lot being introduced to Arya, and vice versa; of course the wabbit can be seen as a gift to her, so I don't suppose we will see any gift to the Many-Faced God, unless both requirements have to be fulfilled (formal introduction + gift). Depends on Arya's mood I guess. I'd like to see Nymeria though in action. PS: I'm pretty sure that Arya knows Ed Sheeran so he won't be wasted by her; it is known. I cannot promise anything about Nymeria's taste in music though.
  12. OP this is excellent! Bravo! The Qohori Goat is in the details!
  13. Robb - a wife of his choosing from House Frey Bran - Meera Reed Arya - Robyn Arryn. She could work miracles on him, and truly run the Vale Rickon - Shireen Sansa - a male of House Magnar of Kinghouse (Skagos) Jon - Val