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  1. It's everything, dumb and dumber where completely lost at the end. Reminds me of that awful twd season.
  2. Dragonslack

    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    The ultimate chekov's gun, the much talked about lineage meant nothing really, so bad storytelling. Purpose subverted expectations really. As for the ending, it makes no sense for the remaining wildlings to go back to beyond the wall. They wanted out of there for better lands south of the wall. They got them, they own them, and there is little population in the whole North now. It's silly. Of course magic wall broken and no wildlings also means a night's watch idea is also ridiculous. The real problem is you are trying to make sense of what are just throwaway ideas from dumb and dumber. You would have to discuss it in the book forum.
  3. Dragonslack

    A Song of Ice and Fire meaning

    This is called game of thrones (tv show).
  4. So that face on kit the whole season, it was real! It was tiresome and depressing yes. He says it's because he did not want it to end and felt angry about others just moving on. Duty? Don't think so. He did it because of sisters. Honor? Very dishonorable character, breaking vows left and right, including backstabbing his queen, his lover, his love, his quin. Honor never back-stabs. Love? Nobody bought it. Also aunt. Love not necessary to marry into kingship. Rant and rave thread? Man, it's mainstream now. That is why they wanted it to end fast. Also Star Wars money. Forget about Arya superkiller or the master poisoner or the master of secret passages and propaganda. Tell me this. Why did not Bran warg into Cerci and suicided her? Or mountain or qyburn, etc. Same could be done to kill Danny. Think of all the little people that would not die this way! Only conclusion to their shitty narrative is that Bran is evil as fuck and just wanted them to proclaim him king. Maybe even seeing into the future which is just stupid. PS: Why would the North have a different king than Bran, the rightful heir to winterfell/North? He could just make her warden of the north / Lady of Winterfell. All that for a title, when the north has almost no people left or buildings standing. The North remembers and if there was an army surrounding a KL that no longer exists they would not relinquish the now again KITN and heir to the IT.
  5. Dragonslack

    Moral of each characters story?

    You can make up anything your want in your head. Isn't that all that matters? D&D are just making a casual show with tits and dragons for the views. Better they shut up and let reviewers and forum dwellers invent their silmarillion. There is a lot as usual of copying LOTR. Martin liked the ending of LOTR. They tried to do something similar. The wheel keeps on turning, that is the end. Jaime > right back where he starts. Danny > another crazy targ in power that gets stabbed. Jon > back to the wall and beyond. Sansa and Bran > In power as wished and fated from the beginning even after all that. Bron > Same old Bron. Davos > starts as counselor to a king then another then another... Tyrion > quickly becomes hand then hand then hand again as the wheel turns. Cerci > Everybody hates her except her brother and in the end > exact same place, even pregnant again of him. Arya > adventurous chick that runs around exploring and tomboying, exactly like it ends. It goes around and around and after all those episodes, the peasants die and the protagonist end up same place/as expected.
  6. Dragonslack

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    And there it is! The motive, how Tyrion convinced him was to mention the sisters. So it was not honor or for the people or not kneeling or being the rightful heir. It was personal, selfish reasons. Close family trumps distant family that you fucked and love. It is however another example of bad writing. Arya is a killer and ninja that does not need protection neither does she need to kneel or even stay around danny. As for Sansa, she is lady of winterfell at best, he is and would be ruler of the north even if submitting to danny in theory. She already said "Winterfell is yours". Not even Robert interfered very much in the North. Cop-out chaotic act. You only kill a ruler if you have something else in mind. Take the throne yourself for example. The damage was done in Westeros. Would they all go to war and assassinations for the people of Essos? Clearly not, they did not interfere or condemn the slave trade.
  7. Dragonslack

    Jon is a hypocrite

    D&D actually made the people run to KL, the Keep. Another misconception on their part. Food is mandatory in such scenario or they would not go in.
  8. Dragonslack

    What was the point of r+l=j

    Some people always bend over backwards with feverish zeal trying to explain a meaning that does not exist. It is not by chance their nick is dumb and dumber. It was an important theme in the books and in some viewer's heads. They just used it in as a throwaway to justify conflict. Then never returned to it. Notice the king in the north, heir to the iron throne always remained snow for some strange reason even after multiple kings offered to restore the family name and honor (necessary to be lord/king/steward). Nobody in the end cared or mentioned it. Even the ones that wanted him to rule or at least marry danny.
  9. Dragonslack


    Dont forget telling the dwarf he wants her dead and going around as normal when said dwarf does not agree. How not subtle. Or being absent of relevance most of the time, the famous spider, master of secrets. What was the point of the messages, that went nowhere! Very irresponsible indeed to plot in such murderous manner against danny on the eve of battle. Tyrion was much worse.
  10. Dragonslack

    Dany the Mad Queen was a terrible idea

    It was their only idea, so...
  11. Dragonslack

    Glad that’s over.

    Genius that China review, 'nough said. The real question is why are so many butt kissers defending such sub-par work that is paid so highly?!
  12. Dragonslack

    The Reconstruction of King's Landing

    Accelerated time power and mass resurrection spell. The populace is all warged into peacefulness without the need for violence.
  13. Dragonslack

    Bran warged Tyrion

    D&D warged Tyrion. Bran warged the leader of the unsullied.
  14. Dragonslack

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Another misconception by Bran the bot, the 3er, the mantree, the deceiver. He won the game of thrones big time and all he had to do was move some puppets with few words, let countless people die and sit back and wait. Warg the dragon if needed.
  15. Ask and you shall receive, ez. The bitch bitched about the troops not being ready to march, so she went alone by sea and got ambushed and lost a dragon and a handmaiden. Obviously she did not see urine because she was tilted because of Sansa passive aggressiveness. Honestly, seriously there is no plot, stop arguing needlessly about angel´s junk. "Killed half million" pleze if there was another episode 9/10 of that would still be alive.