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  1. So that face on kit the whole season, it was real! It was tiresome and depressing yes. He says it's because he did not want it to end and felt angry about others just moving on. Duty? Don't think so. He did it because of sisters. Honor? Very dishonorable character, breaking vows left and right, including backstabbing his queen, his lover, his love, his quin. Honor never back-stabs. Love? Nobody bought it. Also aunt. Love not necessary to marry into kingship. Rant and rave thread? Man, it's mainstream now. That is why they wanted it to end fast. Also Star Wars money. Forget about Arya superkiller or the master poisoner or the master of secret passages and propaganda. Tell me this. Why did not Bran warg into Cerci and suicided her? Or mountain or qyburn, etc. Same could be done to kill Danny. Think of all the little people that would not die this way! Only conclusion to their shitty narrative is that Bran is evil as fuck and just wanted them to proclaim him king. Maybe even seeing into the future which is just stupid. PS: Why would the North have a different king than Bran, the rightful heir to winterfell/North? He could just make her warden of the north / Lady of Winterfell. All that for a title, when the north has almost no people left or buildings standing. The North remembers and if there was an army surrounding a KL that no longer exists they would not relinquish the now again KITN and heir to the IT.
  2. Another misconception by Bran the bot, the 3er, the mantree, the deceiver. He won the game of thrones big time and all he had to do was move some puppets with few words, let countless people die and sit back and wait. Warg the dragon if needed.
  3. In your dreams. Again grasping at straws. It is over.
  4. Break the wheel? He is the wheel on wheels. The male stark heir that ended up winning all wars and having the last standing army (dorne is non existing and apparently does not care). He is not Bran, he is a bot, the 3er, an entity. Are you sure you do not want a human with emotions in charge? Pretty crazy things can happen when an artificial intelligence or someone hyper-rational rules (theme of many books and movies). No charisma so not loved by the people. What is left to rule? Fear. Use his powers? Hello tyrant, big brother. Not use his powers? A weak puppet which means fighting between the realms. He is the most evil of them all. Remember what he did to Hodor? Unforgivable. All that died protecting him? How he let the NK brand him?
  5. Terrible storytelling, basically all from the mouth piece of Tyrion, show don't tell you incompetents. Things don't flow, they happen because of convenience, set pieces, heavy handed "what I wanted to do". It's disappointing and insulting. People keep trying to justify and make up convoluted reasons where there is nothing. Remember the horse last episode, and how Arya was gonna kill a green eye, a queen. or such nonsense. What did Jon do? He killed a kid in cold blood. He killed someone for disobedience. He accepted to be king and then gave it away when support was already guaranteed. His incompetence and lack of firm hand to do what is necessary lead to problems after problems. Real leaders have to make tough decisions. Remember the red wedding? remember the burning by wildfire of the defeated soldiers by the lannisters? Tyrion regrets killing his father, what a joke. DD tells them something and they just defend it. This a plot is not. It is below a conventional children's story. Fan service everywhere, they have no ideas or spine. Remember the plot that Jon is the real heir and the best ruler possible? They totally shat on that.
  6. A 3. So much potential, but disappointing for the budget/hype. Tyrion baby, why did you not try to kill her yourself on that stage. What would anyone care what you have to say, Lannister traitor imp. Once again proved as the worst hand ever. Remember when Tywin reminisced about his time as the hand and how he was better than his successor. Jon, again the whole arc as targaryen was for naught, they did it again. Worst possible king ever, spineless, does not want it, good hearted but not strategy or consideration for what can happen. Honor means not to stab your queen/lover/family in surprise and treachery. You would have to fight in the open or even a trial or banishment. Bot: I am not Bran. I don't care. I can't and won't be Lord. Then: why do you think I'm here despite this being your surprise suggestion. Greyworm goes away without killing anyone, because fanservice and convenience. Bronn in the council, wow! What night's watch?! Just banish some criminals to beyond the wall to live with the wildlings.
  7. So you want her to break the wheel without establishing any power first? lol, that is worst than any comic/anime. They want the cake and eat it too. Conquest and change without a single slap. Welcome to war! Are you protesting the us claiming no victims on their bombings, or collateral, there was no other way, or they were all terrorists i swear? No, of course not. During medieval conquest, or if khan appears at city walls and says "surrender peacefully or die horribly" does he spare them miraculously if they show signs of surrendering only after the battle is lost?! of course not. Add the khan's brother or favorite concubine being executed. Bells?! Fall for yet another treachery? Trust the useless and still lannister faithful imp? He should have been executed with Varys. It's his fault cerci wasn't killed way sooner with less bloodshed. He should consider suicide. Remember it was cerci's plan to have those people all killed and as hostages/human shields. Like a modern day terrorist. Yet some think her a heroine and Dany the devil? GTFOH Master of whisperers is the real mad one, betraying her before the battle begins?! and putting her in a foul mood. If he killed her what would happen with the dragon and would cerci lose? Who would rule because jon does not want it, fat imbecil. How about making propaganda in favor of the saviors of mankind and against the walker of shame and burner of religion? Who has not commited atrocities in this show? Where all the numerous freys terribly guilty? Foreshadowing? lol only worth discussing in the books, because you know Dumb and Dumber make rash decisions, set pieces, random jests. And they dont care or are incapable of it. You are just trying to catch the wind.
  8. So mad suddenly because D&D decide so? Alrighty then, plot and logic out the window. Always been a killer? How could she even survive without doing that. Did it many times before, but now she is mad. Should she trust the useless imp that even then thinks cercei that hates him will just quit because baby for the 1000th time? Perhaps issue a pardon to euron too? If the imp had not stopped her in the beginning from just burning the red keep everything would be better. What was really the imp's plan? wait forever for a surrender, pray? Who in this show has not killed? Perfect Ned? he killed, he lied, etc. Jon? He killed a kid, his brothers, his first love. Did you call Tywin a madman for sacking kings landing? For breaking the sacred law and costume and slaughtering thousands with treachery?
  9. yep, typical tv tropes all around. The callbacks, self references, echoes, or pop references, are now a thing on every fucking american tv show. Too bad this is a fantastical medieval Europe that does not work with the constant presentism. I expected more, specially last season of the very popular and expensive got.
  10. Even the common folk can see the hand-waving and the hands of Dumb and Dumber pulling the strings of the puppets that behave with no consistency or character. Exactly like a mummers show for kids. This time I have never seen online such a negative reaction to an episode of GOT. They are catching on. It is just too much and too blatant. Even they could not see it going on much longer.
  11. A tooth pick can kill a magic dragon from a great distance now lol. What is Lena afraid of?! She can use the fantastical weapon to destroy ships and why not people/armies from far away easily and safely. Heck she could even destroy mamutes. Why have the expense of the golden company? Blackfyre golden company should just waste them all and take the throne, clean house. The end.
  12. Terrible story, characterization and consistency. At least e03 had some flashy action.
  13. You have got to be kidding, it's trolling right?! George has no input, zero, just a few clues on where he was planning to get, way back. The story this season is fantastic?! Well put together?! It makes no sense, it's all a bag of dick jokes. That people don't care and say they were entertained is one thing, to say fantastic story is another, completely ridiculous thing, for all the reasons people said and more.
  14. I have already explained, their policy, "payout moments", fan service, it's like telling a genie what would you like to see happen? What would make you laugh or jump for joy? Like memes. Seems they were right, DD, that is all that matters, kudos. I still think it tarnishes it long term. It's full on trope mode, hollywoodesc. Ned would never die this season, he would prevail against all odds, even if he had to come back from the dead. The dialogue did not make any sense, they performed as a caricature of themselves. How awkward for them to just stand there waiting for tyrion to most likely die. Why didnt evil cerci just blow them all up? How pathetic of cerci to always make threats but nobody ever dies. Three or four knees to the groin is more than a monty python sketch would do.
  15. Must be a negative because despite all the good will from the beginning it is starting to feel like transformers or a shield or gotham, in that I'm not anxious at all to see the last season, meh. If not for the momentum of the show, lots of people talking and seeing, if this was season 1, it might have been canceled by the end of the year. For the budget and material I expected much better. I would say give this money and time and HBO leeway to 10 different shows and 8 of them at least would be much better compared to this season.
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