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  1. You have got to be kidding, it's trolling right?! George has no input, zero, just a few clues on where he was planning to get, way back. The story this season is fantastic?! Well put together?! It makes no sense, it's all a bag of dick jokes. That people don't care and say they were entertained is one thing, to say fantastic story is another, completely ridiculous thing, for all the reasons people said and more.
  2. Dragonslack

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    It doesn't matter, but they did it anyway. "like his father" "honor" etc blah blah but Ned lied like a motherfucker, confessing that he was a traitor, that he ordered his wife to do it, that jon was his bastard (without ever telling Jon anything!), etc. So this thing that Jon never lies and has to tell the truth like a retarded child is bullshit. Not to mention Jon lied about betraying the watch, about leaving the watch, that he got stabbed to the heart, etc. The better question is why knee when she gave him everything for free, even a dragon?! He could have said that after the war with the dead and after she reached kings landing... What an insult to the northern lords, including the little girl, another king that lost the north.
  3. Because it's the same old trope, ptwp, 2nd dragon rider, etc. Terrible misconception that game of thrones show is not like any other tv show. After the last episode of this year, I've watched other tv shows and thought that exactly, the same old shit, like a formula, just with a huge budgit, cgi and actors.
  4. Dragonslack

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    There is only one queen left, and she is younger and more beautiful. Even so she can only take what she holds dear that has survived, meaning throne, Jamie, and perhaps baby. Not much really. Jamie left her, throne is gonna go, so question is baby.
  5. I have already explained, their policy, "payout moments", fan service, it's like telling a genie what would you like to see happen? What would make you laugh or jump for joy? Like memes. Seems they were right, DD, that is all that matters, kudos. I still think it tarnishes it long term. It's full on trope mode, hollywoodesc. Ned would never die this season, he would prevail against all odds, even if he had to come back from the dead. The dialogue did not make any sense, they performed as a caricature of themselves. How awkward for them to just stand there waiting for tyrion to most likely die. Why didnt evil cerci just blow them all up? How pathetic of cerci to always make threats but nobody ever dies. Three or four knees to the groin is more than a monty python sketch would do.
  6. Must be a negative because despite all the good will from the beginning it is starting to feel like transformers or a shield or gotham, in that I'm not anxious at all to see the last season, meh. If not for the momentum of the show, lots of people talking and seeing, if this was season 1, it might have been canceled by the end of the year. For the budget and material I expected much better. I would say give this money and time and HBO leeway to 10 different shows and 8 of them at least would be much better compared to this season.
  7. Last week the rate thread had better dialogue than the episode, and I understood the positions. Same compared this show with a huge budget and backstory and fantastic things to ordinary cheap shows, and other noticed the tremendous bad writing. This week I do not understand why the scoring is higher. A 4 to be generous. The fantastic/FX this episode was nothing compared to the previous one and even less compared to the dragons munching on lannisters. The NK riding that dragon looked like a scooby doo cartoon, embarrassing. Obviously their money and time was mostly spent on the main dragon. The skeleton was not scary at all, undead queensguard could eat it for lunch. How can anybody give that mess of a plot a perfect 10?! Looking at the comments here, I guess it's the dumb and dumber logic, just give people the payouts they want, logic be damned! "I wanted to see this so badly..." Fan service in the end turns a show into one of those spoof movies. That is why they want to end this quickly. The dialogue was not witty or clever at all, it was terrible. Previous episode at least it was entertaining at times. Now it has become monty python.
  8. Dragonslack

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Lets put it this way, he has very little compared to the conqueror or daenerys. Heck even the Bolton bastard did more so far. Ramsay and many others were sick but that is not enough. People have threads discussing if 3 dragons, the targeryan name, unsullied, mercenaries, alliances etc etc are enough to rule westeros... They could not invade Dorne and had to make a marriage alliance back then, but now people think this unproven upstart can just get it with half a dozen guys!
  9. Dragonslack

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Pffft Euron comes out of nowhere and you think him better than superman, that he can do anything or conquer anything. He doesn't even have the majority of the fleet with him lol. The ironborn can plunder yes, but they are weak and few. Cerci marrying this guy? In what universe? Or the dragon queen... He can warg, do super magic, greensee, invade and conquer anything at will, Euron Sue. Only Bran can warg humans, and so far a broken one.
  10. Are the 10s a reaction to the 1s? A ten for me has to be perfect or astonishing. At least episode 9 had the visuals and cgi budget. This one was disjointed and full of illogical set pieces just for drama. Then again im not one to cheer evil characters doin nasty stuff. For me she did nothing clever. It was all qyburn.