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  1. dsjj251

    Robb’s Strategy

    If Robb and Stannis are allies, then Stannis does not need to sail his fleet directly into the Blackwater Bay, it changes the dynamics of the war entirely. Stannis and Robb likely gather their forces together and strike Kings landing from either the Riverlands or northern shore of the Crownlands. There is also the idea of simply ruling as King and not advancing. He could have fortified the Riverlands against incursions and simply kept a standing army in the South, and gone back home while negotiating for Sansa and Arya.
  2. dsjj251

    Why did Stannis marry Selyse Florent?

    You said it was a deciding factor. I disagree. I dont think it matters, I think Aegon being a male and everyone in power hating Daemon were the only factors that actually mattered. None of this really matters, because Stannis still rebelled from Dragonstone, negating the point you are trying to make about location and family power. As for the below argument, its more plausible to argue that Stannis had options than it is to claim Selyse was his only option, again, ages of children in the main story show that.
  3. House Kyson Founder: Kyle of the Trident Current Lord: Aeyen(pronounced Ian) Kyson, veteran of Robert's Rebellion. married to Lady Karyn of House Mallister. Heir: Kyle Kyson Sigil: A gold trident on a blue field. Words: Bold as Gold, as True as Blue Lands: watered by the Blue Fork Seat: Fairmarket House Weapon: Dark Current, a Valyian steel tipped trident. Fair Wind, a Valyrian steel long sword. both gifted to House Kyson 3,000 years ago when they returned a stolen dragon egg to Valyria. House Heirlooms: Crown of the Rivers, The ancestral crown of the first river kings. Forged of bronze in the pattern of wood with bright blue stones. Blood: First men. Gods: Old Gods History: Kyle, the son of Garth Greenhand, led a group of explorers north in the search of unclaimed land. They were stopped by the river that would come to be known as the Blue fork. To their north, the rivers' source was impassible do to swamps and bogs, to the south the river joined into the larger tributary of the trident. There they would camp, but at night, they would find themselves plagued with attacks from a watery beast in the river. members of their camp continued to go missing until one night , Kyle together with his sons strung together 3 sharp branches and hunted the beast until they found it and killed it. The next morning, the explorers would name him "Kyle of the Trident" and their king, bestowing a crown of twisted petrified branches and blue stones from the riverbed on his head. Kyle would choose the land they were standing on where the river bent as his seat, which would later be known as Fairmarket Titles: Lord of Fairmarket, Master of the Blue Fork, King of the Rivers and the Hills(formerly) Rivalry : Mudds of Oldstones(formerly) , Darry of Darry.
  4. dsjj251

    Why did Stannis marry Selyse Florent?

    as you admit, they were still at a disadvantage, which means they clearly rebelled for another reason other than just being a powerful family. I disagree, Stannis would have done as commanded by Robert, child bride or not , I think we can look at the ages of some of the children in the series and assume the marriages of their parents took place after Roberts rebellion. Thereby showing Stannis had a good bit of options. Maybe Robert was trying to punish Stannis, but certainly the marriage was not up to par.
  5. dsjj251

    Why did Stannis marry Selyse Florent?

    Lets be clear, Lords were fine with marrying 20 year old men to 13 year old girls, so while none of the 9 great houses had women of suitable ages, im guessing a number of notable houses had women higher in the pecking order than 7th. That includes House Florent itself. The Dance of Dragons did not happen because Aegon II was the son of a Hightower, it happened because men of the small council did not want to be ruled by Prince Daemon or Rhaeynra's perceived bastards there after as well as the argument that men should come first. Remember at the time of the Dance, House Valeryon was considered the wealthiest house in all of the 7 Kingdoms, and no one could match their fleets. So Rhaenyra had a fleet, the ground numbers(The North, Vale, The majority of the crownlands, and the Riverlands), and she had more Dragons. they still rebelled against her. As for marriages themselves, If that argument was true, Robert would have never allowed Renly to visit with the Martells. Last but not least, Stannis was lord of Dragonstone in his own right(technically). So his child would be a Lord regardless of who was king.
  6. dsjj251

    Why did Stannis marry Selyse Florent?

    That means Stannis was 2nd in line to the throne. It still makes no sense that he married a women who was , at best , 7th in the pecking order of her family, which was around 3rd or 4th in the pecking order of the Reach.
  7. dsjj251

    Big Question regarding Inheritance

    House name and Family name arent actually the same thing in European ,medieval monarchies. So for example, if Rhaenyra 's son had ascended the throne, his title could have be. King Jacaerys Velaryon of House Targaryen, First of His Name. Dynasty(House) intact, but a change in the family name. Or he could have changed his last name. Multiple male monarchs who ascended to the throne through the female line actually did have their mothers names, although all the examples I see , show them having that name since birth, and never took their father's names. Also, Aemon and Baelon were both great warriors. Not sure why anyone sees Corlys are great.
  8. dsjj251

    Geographic problems of Westeros

    first off, nice thread title. LOL As for the bold; Not only has GRRM contradicted himself, he has said point blank that his characters can and are wrong at times. I wouldnt take measurements by any character as fact unless a maester said it.
  9. dsjj251

    King's Landing - an unrealistic city?

    There should probably be a "geographical problems with Westeros thread", but this particular subject is a little off as others have mentioned. Aegonfort existed only because it was a place that was basically equal distance from Storm's End and Harrenhal so that no King could truly challenge Aegon with a large host quickly while debating who's problem he was. The city grew around his crowning, And its location allowed for trade with the free cities which helped it grow. For those reasons, it makes more sense to compare King's Landing to Alexandria instead of Rome.
  10. dsjj251

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    The Freys were not traitors in that context, as the Tully/Stark war with the Lannisters was not over the crown, but simply a dispute between Great Houses. Robb was not crowned till after that.
  11. That isnt how this works either. Being the Lord of a Castle doesnt make you the Lord of that region/kingdom. For example. If Jon is King, or if everyone swears fealty to him, it doesnt matter where his seat is. he is still their lord. Even seatless, he is still above Sansa. Long story short, you swear fealty to the linage, not the building they rule.
  12. The North doesnt need allies. Only the Dragons took down the Stark dynasty.
  13. The North never cared who was on the Iron Throne, thats why GreatJon named Robb, KING IN THE NORTH!!! Also, the North indeed has allies. The Riverlands and the Vale.
  14. Im not sure who actually wrote FaB both in real life and in the fictional sense. We have had enough interviews to know much of it was written in conjunction with TWOIAF and enough contradictions between the 2 for me to doubt what is really canon, as well as FaB having multiple points of views on some issues. As for Harrenhal, What was its original attended Lands ? Clearly what has grown up around it now wasnt there 300 years ago. It was a less attractive seat back then . Lord Edmyn left the Handship when his wife died so he could raise his children, not because Aegon didnt trust him or something. This seems more like a "Who's grandchild should get the castle" thing. We are told time and time again that the male line is dead. But if for example, 2 Gardener daughers married 2 Tyrell brothers, and then they married, that child(and those, the line after him) have more Gardner blood than say a future one generation removed Florent.
  15. Again, the 2 texts contradict each other. And honestly it doesnt go all that much into detail. the biggest contradiction is that the Tullys are Lords Paramount in the first place,