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  1. This would have been a mistake if Stannis had become king, but in the context of the story, it didnt matter. Stannis always planned to confront Renly, And he didnt care abour Tywin either, because his strategy was that if Joffery and his siblings are dead, there is no claim for Tywin to protect, and Kings Landing was an easier win than trying to find and kill Tywin. on top of that, Tywin obviously took protecting Kings landing above beating Robb, negating that point too,
  2. if you ignore the over exaggerations , the timeline is actually about 3000 years or less
  3. Short answer, no Longer answer, if Aemon is alive and Princess of dragonstone is Rhaenys , then Baelon is backing her too and the Hightowers would have never come to court because Aemon becomes hand after Barths death, there is no green faction in this case.
  4. He married his daughters to the lords of the North and Vale( Intended to marry Jamie as Heir to the Westerlands) . The only other thing he could have done honestly was betroth Edmure to Cersei
  5. You are leaving out key context. No one in House Florent was in Robert's pre war court, where as Stannis is married to Selyse Florent, and their daughter is technically heir to the iron throne. The Florents siding with Stannis is logical, them siding with Robert was not.
  6. Mace Tyrell was already married to Alerie Hightower and his 4 children with her were already born. The heirs to Highgarden are all Hightowers. Lord Leyton Hightower is married to Rhea Florent , who is Melissa Tarly(Florent) sister. Olenna Tyrell is a Redwyne by birth, and married her first daughter to her Redwyne nephew. So yea, the difference between the other situations was that the marriages and blood ties werent there.
  7. The Iron Islands have been tamed for about 300 years. As for what makes them rich ? If the WOIAF map is proportionally accurate, Seagard is closer to most of the east coast than Lannisport and it would be much quicker to sail up to Seagard and then use wagons via the Kings road, than the Gold Road. but again, thats conditional on Lannispot/The Westerlands and Oldtown/Reach really being bowed out from the rest of westeros as shown in the WOIAF map.
  8. im just going to laugh and keep it moving, LOL
  9. Its Brandon by a mile. Rhaegar was a Prince, and heir to the throne at that. High born ladies as mistresses is nothing new. Robert was the aggrieved party. He had every right to demand justice..... while in the Vale with Jon Arryn by his side. but Brandon, yea, he marched to the capital with like 6 men. Made no sense.
  10. Jamie is technically a little brother as well.
  11. I mean, can I post a Preston Jacobs video , or do I get banned. LOL
  12. The peasants dont give a number, and an ale house isnt going to have 100 people in it.
  13. Thats the point, that isnt realistic. It should be much easier for Edmure to gather troops than Tywin. And much easier for them to march half the distance to the Golden Tooth, than it is for Westerman to march 3 times the distance to the same place. Based on the Wiki(and reading/listening to Eddard 43), It sounds like they were prepared. The argument is some raiders somehow took down entire towns. The Westerlands only have one place of entry into the Riverlands, and that is the Golden Tooth. Strategically, that is a shooting gallery, and creates a funnel, the army trying to enter into the others realm, should be utterly destroyed. If The Riverlands were in fact fighting say The Westerlands, North, Vale and Reach at the same time, you would be right, but not just one.
  14. Realistically, not only should the Riverlands have a larger army than the Westerlands, they should be in a strategically better place than vice versa. Its not like the Lannister Army marched into the Riverlands through the open southern field. No, They came through the mountains at the Golden Tooth. Gregor only has 7 men, so him attacking small towns should be so serious that he detours Pinkmaiden or Wayfarers Rest from getting to the Golden Tooth to defend it. All those Westermen funneled into that area, it should have been a slaughter.
  15. LOL, im saying that you cant possible call a child a kinslayer in the context of your post.
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