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  1. Im not going to lie. I did not like the string of previews we got. Everything seemed off and I thought that the older actors were just not going to cut it, boy was I wrong.
  2. 1. there are First Men Dornish, so there should indeed be some worship of the old Gods. 2. She is at the wedding, she is next to Viserys when he collapses.
  3. Alicent doesnt care who Rhaenyra slept with, its the very fact that she did indeed sleep with someone. Yall are missing the forest for the trees.
  4. I dont think rhaenrya wants to be male, I think her argument is women should be free to do what they want.
  5. LOL. emotional/ sensual touching is part of sex. I think some of you genuinely dont understand that and are indeed proving some points women have about men.
  6. Not really a plot problem. she took off and it was his job to go find her. He, sir Criston was doing his duty and there was no reason for anyone to question that. besides, they also came back with the boar. Daemon on the other hand, was already disliked and there was actual evidence they were doing what was reported.
  7. I like that the marriage between Rhaenyra and Laenor is 100% political. And adding in that bit about the Sealoard of Braavos' son and the free cities jockeying for power being the reason why it needed to happen. Rhaenyra being the one who dismisses Otto was a nice touch as well. And are they setting up Criston Cole as the father of Rhaenyra's children ?
  8. a 30 year old can see a 16 year old as a younger brother(i have a sister who is 14 years older than me actually). so again, I dont think it changes much.
  9. It doesnt really change the relationships if they also age up Cregan. an early 20's Ben blackwood being lectured by a Cregan around Rhaenyra's age makes a lot of sense.
  10. I gave it a 5 The time skip isnt the problem, its the writing and pacing. This episode was big enough to be 2 full episodes , we had so much build up of Crabfeeder his defeat just doesnt matter. Dont get me wrong, I like the idea of Deamon going all in to show he could win on his own, but again, a 3 year war basically taking place in the background is just bad.
  11. The problem is the accent and you cant understand her. While the actress is of Japanese decent(Born in Tokyo), she was raised in London and speaks English, she even completely removes the English accent in other shows/movies she is in. So this is either bad acting or bad directing.
  12. So does anyone have the confirmed ages of Laena and Rhaenyra as of episode 2. In Fire and Blood, Laena is 5 years older than Rhaenyra , but here if Laena is 12, and Rhaenyra was the babe in the belly in the Great Council scene, then she is 13/14(assuming the great council was still in 101, and Jaehaerys still died in 103).
  13. Westeros rules states that you can take the throne by right of conquest, so your argument doesnt actually work in context either, so you dont actually have to have a claim on the throne. Sons can also be disinherited in the context of westerosi rules. LOL
  14. 1. There is no law in westeroes stating women cant inherit, in fact daughters always come before uncles , and men can indeed name their own heirs. 2. Viserys named Rhaenyra has heir, and lords swore fealty, including Otto Hightower himself 3. You are trying to define Prince Luke flying to Storm's end as an act of aggression as if Aemon already being there isnt one . And again, even in that context, Luke was only a messenger, he didnt go there to fight, but Aemon did. 4. As you admitted, the Greens killed first and often. Rhaenyra was never the agressor so blood was split because Aegon II was clearly a tyrant in the context of the books. So it was Aegon who actually was willing to burn everything, not Rhaenyra. 5. The "Will of Nobility" was literally them swearing to defend Rhaenyera, and her side eventually won the war with greater numbers overall, so obviously nobility is actually fine with a women being ruling queen. Rhaenyra had the support of the North, Vale, Riverlands, Narrow sea Lords and most of the Reach. literally, every argument you made starts with admitting Aegon did something bad, and your argument for why Rhaenyra is at fault is simply because she existed, LOL. How exactly do you believe that to be a good argument or even make sense. its like you are cosplaying as Green supporter.
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