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    Death scene: Melisandre

    Berric died a long time ago but the Lord of Light kept bringing him back so he could fulfill HIS destiny, to save Aryas life in the hallway.
  2. King of the Couch

    Who is Going to Die

    The pack survives, remember..?
  3. Bran is going to hide in the by the weirwood-tree to lure NK there.. The only reason this is going to work is because Bran there is going to “log on to the weirwood-network”, travel back in time an morph into the first mans head, just before the children of the Forrest turn him into the first ww, NK.. This, the creation (and existence) of WW, is what NK is trying to stop all along, and that’s why he doesn’t have time to wait with chasing down Bran, but has to rush after him. Bran knows this, and he knows that NK knows.. this is plot has a few holes, but they can probably be worked around.. (Sorry for my bad English)
  4. King of the Couch

    Episode 2 preview

    Dany will forgive him, and at the same time show the northeners that she’s not like the Mad King.