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  1. StoneColdJorahMormont

    The best of GOT music

    two times in the show the music has really caught my attention being light of the seven and rains of castermere, all the music is great but those two moments really caught my attention and made be youtube afterwards.
  2. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Why is GoT so popular yet...

    because the others are movies and this is a tv show, so the movies are universal in being anyone can go see them of any age well with parental guidance, the tv show is aimed at an older audience. it's kids and teens that quote things and discuss in school etc... start trends. Adults tend to watch discuss a little then move on. There is also way more main characters on game of thrones that share the limelight than those others mentioned that focus a lot more on specific characters so your bound to hear of those focused on characters from the movies.
  3. StoneColdJorahMormont

    What would your role be in GoT?

    male gigalo, all the fun without needing to be involved in the petty fighting....
  4. StoneColdJorahMormont

    If Robert’s Rebellion was built on a lie,

    I just took " it was built on a lie " being that until Bran was told about jon's parentage and then was able tosee the flashbacks of the wedding, nobody except the priest that married knew of the wedding and everyone had believed she was kidnapped up until that point... so the war was started on the belief that she had been taken against her will when infact she was in love with him and it may have changed how things played out. Sure Robert would have wanted his head on a stick but Ned would have likely sided with his sister and protected Raeghar because he loved his sister as much as he would have preferred her to be with Robert.
  5. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Who Will the Lannister Army Follow?

    As much as they would like to remain loyal to Jaime, they will most likely stay with Cersei... she has the money and power to make each and every one of them regret abandoning her, be it bringing in sell swords/golden and slaying their families or starving them. Where as they know Jaime doesn't have that vindictive side.
  6. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Why did nobody arm Wun-Wun for the Battle of the Bastards?

    if wun wun had a bow in scale to his actual bodysize the arrow would likely be so big it could take out the whole army with one strike.... now imagine he had a sack full of arrows.... if wun wun had lived wun wun with an a bow and arrow could easily had take out the ice dragon...
  7. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Why did nobody arm Wun-Wun for the Battle of the Bastards?

    why didn't Wun Wun arm himself....... he's a big lad... he could have built a weapon for himself faster than it would take 50 men to make it for him. If a soldier wasn't given a sword and he felt he needed one he would go get one himself the fact Wun Wun didn't maybe means he either didn't feel he needed one or didn't like to use one.
  8. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Varys has no purpose

    Can any book readers confirm if LF and Varys became as useless as they have in the last few seasons also in the books? they went from being the smartest,most interesting characters constantly scheming and talking in riddles... to just being like any other supporting character same can be said of little tyrion aswell.
  9. StoneColdJorahMormont

    What is the role of Gendry?

    He is there to soften Aryas black hateful heart.
  10. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    It's funny though.,... because since johns resurrection he has actually been more human like... conversing more.... having more banter.... less robotic.... and although he has been just as focused as pre resurrection... he has grown out of his moody/sulking side...... so is being a fire wight the explanantion behind such a transformation... or is it just growing up and no longer a hormonal teenager ? Either way I think he has more chance of banging Dany now than he would have pre resurrection... she already has one mopey/sulky man stalking her for affections she don't need two.
  11. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    was half expecting there to be a hundred or more WW hanging on to Viserions body as they pulled him out.... as they can't die from drowning and when they saw the chains on him... it would make sense to climb on for the ride.
  12. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Bran is the Night King

    Got to just be coincidence there was no way of knowing young brans face would develop into current brans face and be fitting to the NK's If they had been doing some prosthetics to current bran to give him a similar face then it would seem plausible as then we would know it was being done on purpose....but there was everychance Brans actor may have grown up to be podgy and round faced.
  13. StoneColdJorahMormont

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    The movie Harry Brown is a whose who of Got actors..... Walder Frey, Jorah Mormont, Ser Davos... and more.