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  1. This is true however Talia was only on screen for a limited time with scenes that allowed for her to keep in character... Dany was in situations that could be understandable to occasionally break... but yes i get where you are coming from. Btw i in no way believe this is the actual thought process behind GRRM's ending... this was just to help me deal with how things unfolded in season 8... by telling myself this was always her intentions and was just waiting until she was safe to drop the act... makes much more sense to me to see who she became in the space of 2 episodes. Yes i had seen her previous tantrums but she was usually convinced otherwise and most of those were aimed at masters/warlords or people that were morally grey.... not innocent babies in kingslanding... innocent babies whose fathers.rang the bell to surrender... So yeah it helps a bit.
  2. Yes this is true however my thinking she was waiting for the correct time to strike one where all those that wronged her father would be there. This would include... Jaime ( who she didnt kill on sight, probably knowing Tyrion would free him) the whole Lannister army that sacked KL leading to her fathers downfall, all the people much of the elders would have been alive during roberts rebellion all trapped behind the gates... It was the perfect moment to torch everyone she held responsible for her father. Now im not saying this is even a theory to what happened as i know this is just something i made up... that ive tried to tie together to match her moment of madness. I suppose it just makes me think of season 8 fondlier if i believe this was the reason.. Thanks for reading.
  3. No i get Qyburns role in it, what i was more surprised and my post was aimed at was how Cersei showed a level of care towards him... there had been other characters that had spoke to Cersei before with kindness or respect and she mocked them or dismissed them.... she generally didnt even show that much respect to even her lover jaime at times. But with her Father ( fear or respect or both) and Qyburn ever more so, she was kind,considerate and never ever spoke down to him.. or grew tired of his conversation. Just watch her interactions with him, she grabs his hand when she is talking to him like she holds him very dearly... something i didnt see her do with anyone outside of the family and even then. It was the one side of Cersei we hadnt seen up until he came into her life... and i cant get my head round why this may be. Possibly due to his lack of ambitions in terms of wanting money fame or fortune... and purely just wanted to serve and tinker with his science. But there has been other similar that she shat all over. The obvious ones of people helping her and she is looking at them with that bitch face or judging them or mocking them when they are helping etc.. Maester bringing her tears of lyss and he was in the middle of explaining how it works or something along those lines and shes like okay your boring me now be gone and watch the stairs etc... This was her common approach to talking to anyone that wasnt called tommen,joffrey or marcella... It was just taken back by how much she seemed to really care for him.
  4. Its mainly considered she went off the rails leading to her torching KL in the final season and for most the downfall was too rushed or not enough signs to make it believable. I also fall into the above group and at the time formed a different version of events to make it more believable. What if Dany had never intended to be the breaker of chains, the one to break the wheel and become a good Ruler... what if all she ever wanted to do was finish what her father started and make those that turned on him suffer. Her whole Arc was to make other believe that her intentions were good etc... but her end goal was always to burn King landing to ashes just as her father had wanted to before Tywin and the lannister army prevented him from carrying it out. By burning KL she managed to kill all those living within the grounds that stood by and allowed it to happen, the Lannister Army that took the city from her father, Jaime that killed her father who she knew Tyrion would set free.. which is why she didnt have him killed on sight etc... Think about The Dark Knight Rises.... Talia just wanted to fulfill her fathers work even if she didnt particularly believe in his reason for doing it, she just wanted to do it for his memory or whatever messed up reason people carry out their parents last dying wishes... even if they arent very good ones. Thoughts on how this couldnt be a possible side choice for her going from 0-100 on the crazy scale. in the space of 2 episodes... we saw her true nature and intentions once she had reached her final battle as there was no need to pretend any longer as she didnt need any assitance at this point.
  5. I could understand over time due to how useful he is she would soften to him but it was right from the start she spoke to him with a kindness and Equalness that she didnt speak to other with and this includes even Jamie. She spoke in a similar fashion to Tywin but that was more through fear obedience than anything else. It's strange in those few interactions as early as season 4 i almost forgot she was a total bitch when she spoke with qyburn there was no sarcasm/threats/snobbery whatever you would label it as when she was with anyone else just a very respectful demeanor. When someone like pycell would offer their help to her, she would take the help then either mock/belittle or threaten them to leave once they had served their purpose she showed none of these qualities with Qyburn when she had no reason to be nice other than a choice. Thoughts on this ? she wasnt even nice to people that she had to be nice to .... Loras.... Bobby... Ned etc.... people with power that she should be wary of. Yet shows complete respect to someone that in the grand scheme of things is a nobody and somone she could treat like shit and still get him to be as useful... she is the Queen mother afterall.
  6. Ahh yes i had the same complaint in Harry Potter when any of the Mauraders would transform into their animal they would appear amongst a pile of their clothes however when they transformed back they would be fully clothed lol
  7. Two things that come to my mind are. When The Hound is removed from the Brothers secret hideout.... he is escorted with a hood over his head I Imagine so he cant find see the location and every find them. Yet when Arya runs away he is magically nearby to snatch her.... this makes no sense for two reasons this was a long time after he had left not sure of the exact time scale but since he left... the whole Gendry being taken by Stannis happened so i would think at least a day and im sure when the Brotherhood removed him they didnt just plop him right outside the hideout they would have taken him miles away or the hood is pointless. So how did he end up right outside their hideout to take Arya ? Second one whe Robb had to apologize to ALL of Walders girls and grandchildren where was the eventual bride of Edmure ? was she just removed from the scene to add to the surprise of how attractive she is later ? understandable for the plot but not so for the realism of Walder requesting the apology to all his Daughters... What things did you noticed ?
  8. I was just about to make a thread about this movie, when watching it I kept getting Lannister vibes... Seeing one of Henrys sons pissed up in a bedsit with some floozy, whilst hating everything his Father stands for... Then hearing how the father was against him taking his place and preferring the other son who was not suitable... Pattison is on a hot streak right now... 2 years ago it seemed he was in Ruper Grint territory..
  9. Probably not just the resemblance to Catelyn but also the key to the door for his ambitions being that she had potential of becoming the Lady of Winterfell and he could manipulate and marry her. Ros was also at this point stronger and far more able for LF, She was never taken in by him the way Sansa was early on.. and so knowing she seen right through him, he knew he would never have full control over her and she would be a liability... gave her away for target practice.
  10. Yeah my main 3 faves didn't budge for most of the show however in season 2.... Joffrey made it in because he was sooooo gooood… infact I felt the show slowly declined once it spent less time in kings landing and more so with Joffrey and Tywin about.
  11. I might have missed something or got my wires crossed but wasn't the reason for the White Walkers not attacking the south due to kind of peace offering with Craster offering up his children ? Then when he was killed... things went south quickly ? As for needing the dragon... they could have easily built a crossing round the side of the wall im sure... they went into the water to get the dragon on the chain im sure they could have found a way round the wall.
  12. hard to remember each season... but I had a top 4 for most of the show with or another characters dropping out at some point due to death or not being very active. Main ones that always seemed to be at the top were Jorah,Tyrion and Bronn. Tywin/Olenna/Joffrey/Reek/Davos all sat in top 3 from time to time.
  13. no cheers to yourself for clearing few things up, sometimes you remember what you want to remember and not what actually took place lol
  14. It's only an issue if he isn't a good ruler, if he turns out to be a good one then that must be a bonus.
  15. Yeah I just rewatched I missed it my bad. But again we are both just assuming that Bronn will act one way or the other and unfortunately will never know. Yes track record would point to him possibly continuing as he as up till now, but again he was never in the financially stable position he is in now. He had to be tempted quite a bit by Jaime if I recall correctly when he had that castle and the ugly wife that came with it.. yes he did give in but who knows maybe now that his title/land and position doesn't include being married to someone he has no interest in he might be content. I actually would love a one off episode to see how their stories played out or even just an update to read, would love to see if Jon ever saw Arya again or if she ever went back and settled with Gendry once she grew older etc..
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