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  1. StoneColdJorahMormont

    The King- Netflix Nov. 1

    I was just about to make a thread about this movie, when watching it I kept getting Lannister vibes... Seeing one of Henrys sons pissed up in a bedsit with some floozy, whilst hating everything his Father stands for... Then hearing how the father was against him taking his place and preferring the other son who was not suitable... Pattison is on a hot streak right now... 2 years ago it seemed he was in Ruper Grint territory..
  2. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Who got the most screwed over

    Probably not just the resemblance to Catelyn but also the key to the door for his ambitions being that she had potential of becoming the Lady of Winterfell and he could manipulate and marry her. Ros was also at this point stronger and far more able for LF, She was never taken in by him the way Sansa was early on.. and so knowing she seen right through him, he knew he would never have full control over her and she would be a liability... gave her away for target practice.
  3. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Favorite Character by Season?

    Yeah my main 3 faves didn't budge for most of the show however in season 2.... Joffrey made it in because he was sooooo gooood… infact I felt the show slowly declined once it spent less time in kings landing and more so with Joffrey and Tywin about.
  4. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Theory: Book Jorah kills Jon

    I would have had money on Jorah being the one to kill Dany... When Jon " You're my Queen" Snow chokes.
  5. I might have missed something or got my wires crossed but wasn't the reason for the White Walkers not attacking the south due to kind of peace offering with Craster offering up his children ? Then when he was killed... things went south quickly ? As for needing the dragon... they could have easily built a crossing round the side of the wall im sure... they went into the water to get the dragon on the chain im sure they could have found a way round the wall.
  6. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Favorite Character by Season?

    hard to remember each season... but I had a top 4 for most of the show with or another characters dropping out at some point due to death or not being very active. Main ones that always seemed to be at the top were Jorah,Tyrion and Bronn. Tywin/Olenna/Joffrey/Reek/Davos all sat in top 3 from time to time.
  7. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Screen Time Characters

    jeez Cersei the main villain only got 13 mins.
  8. Think Lord of the Rings but in reverse.... we got the show first and when/If GRRM completes the books would a movie most likely 3 or 4 be something you would like if done right ? Surely with the popularity of the show... studios would be climbing over each other for it.
  9. Hair doesn't just change colour depending on your mood or allegiance... unless they were actually bleaching their hair blonde then it should have remained blonde until they were old and grey.... the blonde thing was important until Joffrey died and the whole whose kid is he questions were answered after that the shows runners decided to cut back on the hair dye for the dire wolf budget or the actors more than likely asked to discontinue it as it probably is a pain in the arse.
  10. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Rank the seasons!

    Trying to remember seasons is hard for me ill need to go back and rewatch again. All I know is the first couple were the best tv I had seen in a long time, anything revolving around kings landing and the lannisters was the show at it's peak. I think once Tywin and Joffrey went the show started to dip, I liked the politics/plotting part of the show much more than anything that was involving Bran/Walkers etc..
  11. StoneColdJorahMormont

    A Game of Thrones movie?

    I would watch 3 hours of Tyrion and Bronn talking crap.
  12. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Alternative ending: Jorah wasn't supposed to die!

    But it would also have helped with folks that felt it was a bit sudden and Jon and Dany had grown close but nowhere near as heartbreaking as it would have been for Jorah... I would have loved to had seen his reaction when she torched KL! I guess with him dying before hand he never lived to see her become a monster. I just liked reading that he was initially meant to have lived and walked with Jon into the real north.
  13. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Alternative ending: Jorah wasn't supposed to die!

    So with the news that they had originally planned to keep Jorah alive so that Himself,Jon and Tormund would be seen leaving the tunnel and going further north. Reason behind not doing it would have been how to get Jorah to that point, despite what Dany did they believed he wouldn't turn on her and would not have let it go either. I don't know... they could have had him witness it, his heart break and then have him be the one to kill her... this would have been a far more satisfying ending for me as I felt his betrayal would have been more significant due to how long her was her closest friend.. but then Jon wouldn't be guilty and sent to the wall... unless he stood by and watched it doing nothing. What would you have liked to have had happened if they chose to keep him alive. ?
  14. StoneColdJorahMormont

    HBO president speaks about the final season

    He starts off well, then seems like he gets his back up a bit. He isn't wrong about the cant please everyone however when asked about it being crammed and rushed, just going by the text i'd need to listen to him to be certain but sounds kinda pissed being asked it.
  15. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Thank You George

    Greatest tv show of my life time and its not even close. I've seen all the greats and this was the only one I felt compelled to discuss/dissect would make sure I was in for to watch live rather than download at a later date. Now I need something new to fixate on, Vikings is great but nothing to debate about.. suggestions? beware I've probably watched it so might need to suggest a good few.