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    Can we talk about Jon?

    And to say that he doesn't break oaths in this one. I guess it's possible, but I don't really see how that plays out logistically or effectively. And moreover, I still hate it when TV shows regress a character from their growth, just to let them get it back again. At best, it's bad pacing.
  2. iprayiam

    Can we talk about Jon?

    It's not popular opinion, but I feel Jon's character was ruined when he walked away from the Watch. Killing him was dumb, bringing him back was even dumber, but leaving the Watch ruined him. Jon begins as a guy very obsessed with who he is, and eager to be someone great. At the wall he learns humility and the importance of putting responsibility before self-satisfaction in a series of increasing tests. What is important is how he lives. This development dead ends when he is (narratively) prematurely made Lord Commander. That should have been the destination of his character development, instead it was a dead end. Leaving the wall completely reverses his growth. It turns into a journey of what he accomplishes and who he is again:Stark, King in the North, Targaryian, Prince that Was Promised. It should have been the opposite. The lesson should have been that those things don't truly matter. He doesn't need to be the hero to be the hero. Ultimately, it shows that the writers have the same shallow misunderstanding of what makes a man great that Jon started out with and originally grew out of!
  3. Why did everyone go on about Jon's trustworthiness and his commitment to duty? Shouldn't he be in most of their eyes a deserter? I get that he believes himself free from his Night's Watch oath, but does anyone in Cersei's party (or most people in Dany's) know anything about his death and resurrection?
  4. The problem I had is that nobody had to solve anything or put any pieces together. They were just spoon fed the truth from Branbot offscreen to wrap it up quickly. Contrast that with Sam and Bran each having half of the puzzle several episodes back and needing to exchange info to put the pieces together. That made for a more interesting scenario. In both we viewers already knew the truth, but in the latter we watched the characters unwrap it vs just being told offscreen
  5. I disagree. Years back, seeing my roommate watch a random episode got me hooked in minutes and I went back and powered through the whole thing. Of course part of that is taste. But for a season finale that sets up the final season, it was slow as shit. My wife's opinion highlights the fact that most of us are just riding on investment. As an isolated piece of media it was slow and boring. Good TV series should be comprised of good episodes should be comprised of good scenes should be comprised of good lines. And each of those should be able to be appreciated at their own level for what they are worth in addition to being enriched by the larger picture.
  6. Did we learn these facts in show or is this book knowledge?
  7. Poor Aegon 1. Imagine if your dad divorced your mom, disowned you, and then named his new kid your name on top of it. What a kick in the nuts
  8. Also what a super boring episode. Why so long? It was the first one my wife has ever seen and she was in shock that people watch the show. She thought it was insufferably boring
  9. So, this episode implied both that Bran cannot see the future and that the NK can. I wonder what the implications of this will be or whether it will never be addressed or straight contradicted. It's kind of disappointing for me that the way South of the wall was built on a self fulfilling prophesy. It's not my favorite plot device.
  10. So they were going to run around until they found a like with an island in the middle (or better yet one just pops up).... I don't really see the difference. It's easy to imagine a scene where the snow gives out under them and they fall into a deep valley/ canyon/mouth of a cave, and the snow barricades them in behind them. There are a thousand ways this could have been executed. Something similar to the entrance to the mines of Moria for example. Replace the squid monster with an undead Giant and the cave in with a snow in. No, I specifically said, they'd spend the time digging instead of... waiting like they did in the actual episode.
  11. They could have blocked themselves into a cave. Or the wight screech/horde approaching could have caused a mini avalanche that trapped them in a small valley. That would have solved the entire issue, because you also could have shown the wights working for "days" to dig through.